01 August 2008

if you only knew two ways to wear plaid....

here's a hundred more. Now you have no excuse to throw on a plaid shirt, a bandage skirt and call it a day because if these don't inspire you to branch out just a leetttleee then...well... tear.

I'm trying to wean myself off of Fops and Dandies by drowning myself in FRUiTS, but that is just not going to happen. Am I the only one who is saving every outfit post of hers to my computer, or am I just being particularly stalkerish?

Anyway, I think if you want to be an ass and categorize, a formula to epic outfits such as these would go as follows:

Asian Genetics + Plaid + Belly Button Shoes + Wicked Styling + Better Than Everyone Else at Everything Possible = Outfit

Because this isn't too far from the subject, the awesome people at SHIFT.jp emailed me and now I am so stoked (reading gnarlitude religiously = ripping off your word, please don't set your dog on me Jen) for the Pictoplasma NYC exhibit in September. And the 1000 girls snap is also tres awesome. Do check it out. Hey Abigail, we can go to Pictoplasma and pretend we're culturally active! Hell yeah!