30 August 2008

definition of:

this is what made me love fashion. A girl with practically no clothes on!

I am constantly drawn to people and labels that are probably hard to understand by some people-- or rather, just understood poorly. Fashion is art to me, as lame as that sounds; I didn't start to like it because I saw a really well dressed person at any point in my life, or because my parents were designers, or because I liked shopping. I saw a culture that lived through clothes and the history behind it.... and I got curious.

I am more interested in the people behind it and their mindset than their clothes. I like what the clothing represents. I like to make up a personality that the person has that explains the clothes. Haute Couture and the upper echelons of fashion in the "material" sense gets to the bottom of that mindset, and makes it into something tangible, exaggerated.

Yes, easy to wear, off the rack clothes can be worn fabulously. But tell me you can pull off Rodarte, or TAO, or Nozomi Ishiguro.....

it's the intensity that I love the most. The personality that is shown through the clothes. Dissecting a story without saying a word. I want to understand the concept of an outfit, the reason someone chooses to wear it over another.

If that's ~shallow~ to like...

man, being deep must suck.