22 July 2009

got my mojo workin

Hey guys! So you might notice a new shiny weird/creepy/awesome thing in the sidebar. It's my t-shirt as part of the Blogger Collaboration! Me, Tavi, Uncle, Elizabeth, Laia, Jen (I miss talking to you girl!), Susie, Danny made our own designs for the collaborations with Karoline and Andrew. Thank you guys for being so patient with me.

Anyway, the creepy old guy is someone super super close to me, who I inherited my creepy and slightly asshattish humor from. My dad! Plus our pet monkey, Sybill. Actually, I wasn't alive when he had the monkey (or the parrot who cursed fluently) but I think he secretly loved it more than me. I also have a fascination with cyclops', so the mix of my favorite things in the world made a creepy and super awesome tshirt you should buy and wear proudly, creeping your friends out and upping your art cred.

Buy it! All the cool kids are doing it!

As a celebration of the fact, I made some polyvores of the tshirts in the collaboration. I'm also gonna bring out DA BIG GUNZ a.k.a the lucky packs (that I'm still getting emails about even though it's been like, six months?!) after I sell some of these shirts. I already have some amazing ones in the process of being packaged but I want to sell the shirts first. I doth am a cruel master, I do contend. Or something.

I haven't got time to do the others, but you get the idea. Shirts = automatic offers for Stella McCartney shoes personally offered by Kate Lanphear, or something equally awesome. Do it!

11 July 2009

青春就要不一樣* (in other words, i want to make this post impossible to hyperlink 2)

This was supposed to be all ~PROGRESSION OF AN OUTFIT//1DKJF but the pictures are out of order. Anyway. Let me explain it:

1. This is a really large dress! It was in the obese pajama section of goodwill, but I am both a sucker for stripes and zippers, so I had to get it anyway.
2. My room is kind of a hot mess right now (read: you could hide several dead bodies in here. Not that I've tried. Or anything. Um.) so I just picked up whatever was on my bed to experiment with. Including the shoes.
3. I don't like shirts, really. I wear maybe five shirts in revolving order, all tshirts. So I wore the skirt as a shirt in one of the outfits above.

ALSOOOOOOOO!!!! Let us take the time to watch my favorite asians in the entire world other than Matsujun. G-Dragon is my favorite person ever. Actually, no. It is Rei -> Tao -> Peters -> Ishiguro -> Matsujun -> G-Dragon, but I only like 15 people on the planet so he's VERY SPECIAL OKAY?! Be forewarned: the music is questionable, I actually like Epik High musically more than Big Bang.. but uum... yeah. Feel free to mute it and just stare at the clothes.

G-Dragon is the fashionably awesome rapper in the chair in the beginning. T.O.P is also hot, but in a vulcan-wow-his-eyebrows-look-intense kind of way.

03 July 2009

random post

I've always been super inspired by FRUiTS and Japanese street style, and it's the only inspiration I actively look to for any outfits. I do grab inspiration from all around me, and at the end of the day I can pick out what inspired the outfit, subconciously or not. It's funny. Even though I think Betsy Johnson isn't my thing, two weeks later I'll be wearing something froufrou and be reminded of her unintentionally? Anyway, if you're going to buy any magazine ever, it should be FRUiTS. If you are both 1) stingy and 2) lazy, I've uploaded some of my favorite outfits on my other tumblr. That way, if you miss my outfit posts, you can see BETTER outfits!

Here are some of my favorites, and they pretty much always inspire me. Some aren't from FRUiTS, but never mind that.

this look above is what i wear pretty much on an every day basis.
this look (below) is very number (n)ine... R.I.P bbz.

This is maybe the best outfit ever and if you don't think so you're not my friend.

Nothing in the world is more perfect than this picture. Nothing.

hi marit fujiwara i lurve you

Marit Fujiwara makes the most gorgeous.. I don't even know. Speechless. Of course Susie found her first. Hey Marit! I LOVE YOU.