25 March 2010

if someone killed you, they would dump your body but use your jacket as a picnic blanket.

Couldn't stand being mostly platinum blonde so I added more colors in.



Just wanted something comfortable to wear. My version of the sweatpants look, if you will. Albeit in five inch wedges BUTTTT whatever.

Jacket: Another Mans Treasure, Vintage, $9
Cardigan: Rodarte for Target, gift
Shirt: Cheap Monday, gift
Jodhpur Pants: Zara, gift (I think I need an intervention for jodhpur/harem pants... I have way too many.)
Shoes: vintage, Beacon's Closet (?), $15
Accessories: Vintage

College admissions notifications start coming in on Friday ugdfkgdfjgdfgkjh head to desk incoherent thoughts sob sob sob

When I saw this jacket I basically screamed. I love anything patterned as you well know, and this will go so perfect with my recreation of the Spring/Summer 1997 Comme Des Garcons Collection (YES, THE CANCER BULGE ONE). I already have the checkered dress-suit and this will just clash perfectly. I'm still getting the guts to wear it outside my house though. I mean god, that collection was the reason I got into fashion, the introduction to Kawakubo for me, but I am still petrified of wearing basically cancerous bulges intentionally. One day I shall do it though. And I'm sure it will be awesome.

Ok back to listening to Phillip Glass and sobbing dramatically about how my life may spiral out of control more than usual this week.

21 March 2010

it's a beautiful day outside


How has your year been going so far? 2010 has been treatin me damn well. Maybe that will change soon (April 1st = when I get all my college acceptances... and inevitably, denials) but I'm pretty much in Nirvana right now.

I mean, not in totally Nirvana. I can't front: I honestly don't have too many friends! People have told me I'm scary to approach in school, and everyone I used to talk to nonstop-- we barely acknowledge each other. The ones that I do or used to consider friends, well, aren't. That's high school I suppose: in fact, it's probably going to happen for the rest of my life.

So most of the time I go to school, I do my work, and I leave and do what I really want to be doing. And thats fine with me. I used to rely on friendships to validate who I am, and that sucked. Really: I would have a super busy schedule just filled with hanging out with people but I was also the most insecure person ever. And now, well, I'm busy with fashion related shenanigans and teaching myself things and I've never been happier. I am happy in my own little world, and every connection I have is meaningful -- if scarily tenuous.


A few days ago my mom asked to see my resume. (Naturally all of it is fashion related, therefore I am freakishly unprepared for any other career, which is scary) And she looked at it and edited it for me and then handed it back to me, and said, "You're going to go into fashion, no matter what I say, just like I did with my mother."

And it was cheesy to say and I felt the deja-vu in the room and it was wonderful, and then that moment was gone and we haven't spoken about fashion ever since. But I dunno: my parents have never ever supported the blog, ever -- I would have to sneak out to go thrifting, or to showrooms, or to fashion shows, or to meet up with bloggers, everything I do related to the blog, they'd go out of their way to get me to do something else.

And now, I mean, they'll still yell at me for staying out too late because of something to do with fashion but they won't try to bar the doors either. And that... I don't know? Resignation? Acceptance? That's really awesome.


That being said, even though I'm doing a bunch of stuff right now in fashion (and you will see none of it until it is properly published and you can buy it, thank you very much) I'm not quite sure how to approach the situation. I mean, how can I make this my life for the foreseeable future? But anyway: I know I will only be happy if my life is somehow intertwined with fashion: but now that I know it, how will I survive in fashion?

I guess that's the next step. Fingers crossed. Hopefully I don't eat my own words.

11 March 2010

awkward turtles in the rich ghetto

shes a brown skinned woman but i love her just the samee~~

OH MAN GUYS LOOK YOU SEE MY FULL FACE FOR ONCE, HOLY MOLY. Too bad this was the one day in like two weeks where I did not actually style my hair (hence the hat) and also I had maybe 2 hours of sleep because people in other time zones control my social life now. Anyway. Introducing Kat! She is one of my favorite commentors and twitter buddies and she came down to Jersey City for the day to hang out. I took her around Hello Again and for some bubble tea.



I really like her shoes. Also, I have the same pants as her. I have multiple pairs of harem pants, and multiple pairs of sequin harem pants. I am a big believer in surplus okay? I think I have harem pants and tablecloth skirts to last me a month.


It sucks I can't take outfit photos all that often but whenever a blogger comes to visit or we meet up we're both stoked: we know how awkward it is to stand in the middle of a street and pose while also flipping off bystanders who walk by multiple times veryyyyy slowllyyyyy

awkward shuffle shuffle pose

detail shot

I think this jackets been on the blog quite a few times, and this skirt too. But anyway:

  • Jacket: Vintage gift from old teacher (she got it vintage when she was in school)
  • T-shirt: Mine! Buy it on the sidebar and be my bff forever.
  • Necklace Scarf Ball Thing: Vintage mink balls of mink balls that are of mink and are in the shape of balls
  • Skirt: Vintage Junko Koshino! It's my moms, part of a suit. It's ankle length but I folded it up for this outfit. I've been wearing it floor length in most cases though.

Junko Koshino was one of the first Japanese designers to make it "big", from Tokyo to Paris. Really a first wave designer, even before Yohji and Rei in Paris. I feel very fortunate to have a suit-set from Junko. I don't know where I put the jacket though. If I lost it... >_________> I didn't lose it, because that would mean I am a horrible person who is going to vintage-designer!hell where there will only be terrible mullets and ugly crocs. /denial denial denial denial

05 March 2010

i can't decide if minho is an axe murderer or if he DOES have flaming charisma and it is hurting my feelings

Ok perhaps it is the fact I have not gotten sleep in a couple of days and just got the most insane gift in the mail (which deserves it's own post, video, song and dance WHICH I WILL DO BECAUSE IT DESERVES IT!!!) but I'm looking at all these collections (and by "all" I really mean, like, 5, because I never go through every collection during fashion month because I would die at the computer and all I see are MOVIES! This is in part because film is my other girlfriend, besides fashion and besides my huge (imaginary) harem of kpop idols I keep in the basement. And of course, my boyfriend Orson Welles and my husband Anthony Perkins.

That was such an illiterate paragraph. I feel sorry for you if I read that. ANYWAY MOVING ON. FILM IS EQUAL TO FASHION IS EQUAL TO THIS POST. OK. SO.

Say, for example, Christian Dior:


If you've ever seen Top Hat (Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers) you must have seen Ginger in this collection! I am not crazy right? Equestrian and Feathers and Girlishness? SO GINGER. SO SO GINGER. Here is Ginger and Fred, in the gigantic ostrich outfit that made me laugh the entire sequence because feathers were going everywhere:

I mean this isn't my favorite Dior collection and I don't think it was even //new, it was mostly a continuation of the Couture collection but I don't really care, I still like it. It had personality. It was, I guess if you want to nail it down to something... "equestrian-boudoir chic"? I like the hair, I like the makeup, it reminded me of some of my favorite films. It wasn't innovative by any stretch of the imagination, but it's going to be sellable and it's fun, and I suppose that is the aim of a lot of houses right now. Also, I like how it still had a taste of crass, because Galliano is kind of crass (not an insult! I love him. He is my favorite fashion pirate.), so though the clothes can be classy, they are also a little messy. And that is okay.

And Lanvin! I like this collection more than the last one. Oh he is so cute, isn't he? Mr. Bowman. Lanvin was very Cleopatra wasn't it? Liz Taylor's Cleopatra. Aka reeking of sex and empowerment and she's gonna rule your men and your money AT ONCE.


I loved Cleopatra, but I like Liz Taylor in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof better because Paul Newman is in it and anything associated with Paul Newman is ten million times better than anything else ever. Paul Newman is the ultimate film boner. But anyway. Yes, Lanvin was wonderful. Thumbs up.

So anyway. Here is a peek on what goes on in my mind. I think about film a lot... and this post is pretty indicative of it. I hope you aren't freaked out by it. And if you are, that is ok, I am sometimes too.

So what other collections remind you of a film? Come on, it's not that hard.