27 February 2011

we are helpless and poor and gluttons and happy

So yesterday I hung out with my bff Scott Park. Yes, that Scott Park! He moved to New York recently -- probably the day after NYFW ended I think, and we've been inseparable ever since. Yesterday we had all of these huge plans, but none of it panned out and we ended up eating at this horrible hole-in-the-wall dumpling place with the worst service ever and a screaming baby and me freaking out over holes because I have trypophobia (if thats how you spell it, idk. Google shows me a bunch of triggering images whenever I want to look up the history of my phobia so it's obviously not very helpful.). We did go ice skating though, that was fun.


On the way to Walk for Choice / Rally for Planned Parenthood -- which we were hideously late for, because I had a blood test and had to sit in a waiting room for three hours because the American Healthcare system is fucking horrible and I would prefer to live in Canada bc they have an awesome system -- we ended up in like the most deserted part of New York City. It was freakishly empty. There were no cars or people and it was like, deathly quiet. I was honestly terrified we had walked into the Twilight Zone or something. I have never seen the city SO DESERTED.


So of course we took the opportunity to take pictures. I haven't had time to touch up my hair at all for the past two months so  forgive heinous hair situation. It's weird though because I get more compliments on my hair with horrible roots and streaking than I do when I freshly dye my hair. I think it's people being nice.



Vintage dress, blazer. Peacock tights - on backwards because I was groggy in the morning and couldn't tell which way is which - courtesy of Modcloth. Sneakers are Nike I think. Coach backpack courtesy of Coach when I collaborated with them.

I would post pictures of Scott but he prefers to be faceless for his brand because he wants to be like Margiela. So, boo.


Anyway I have to finish my paper on Freudian dream theory and rewatch the Big Bang Show (GDRAGON 4EVZ) now. Bye.

22 February 2011

lady porn day

(todays pictures were taken by my friend Valerie using my camera. Obviously she isn't very good at manual focus camera lenses but I like it) (this is my "are you kidding me why are you so dumb face btw)

Okay you guys. Let's get serious. Today is Lady Porn Day, and Rabbit Write asked me to participate. I don't talk about sex much on this blog (ever)? But I wanna talk to you guys about sexuality, exploring it, and sex toys. BECAUSE THESE ARE ALL VERY IMPORTANT AND YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT IT! Also, dad, I know you read my blog, so if you don't want to be scarred, you should stop reading right now.

16 February 2011

i can't think of anything funny to say sorry


This is what i wore today. I wore a variation of it for some fashion week day except with a beige jacket with a ton of vintage  brooches covering the front (I did an outfit post awhile ago with it, if you care to go searching) instead of the gold batwing thing.

I am wearing some Nylons kindly send to me from Tights Please (hi Lauren!) which I am obsessed with actually. Out of randomness I wore Lolita and white thigh highs for my birthday and I've been a convert ever since. These don't move at all which is pretty impressive considering I've worn them a couple of times. I like them.

Anyway I was flipping through some old outfit photos the other day and if you're new to the blog I thought you'd like to see my style from awhile ago. And my hair. Ha.




I would make such a qt asian boy wouldn't I??? Anyway, bye .

13 February 2011

polly pocket pals in comme des garcons


Fashion week... hrrmmmm. Even with any bullshit that is standard with guest lists and seating politics, I will put up with a great many things to see my favorite people. I don't get to do it often. I think Friday was the first time I saw the old lady (it is my nickname for Tavi) for more than five minutes in like a year?? Crazy times. It's weird though. When you are really good friends with someone it doesn't matter how long it's been since you've last seen each other. We fall into the same habits of creepily staring at each other and poking each other to make sure we're actually in front of each other and make indiscernible noises loudly for no reasons at all in public. Such is life as telepathic twins.

lol i sound so annoyingly random in the beginning. It was probably the momofuku truffle balls we were eating like gluttons before i pulled out my camera. They are beautiful inventions.


We had breakfast together and a handful of other bloggers -- Zana, Carolina, Greta, Lucrecia (hiiiii I love you) and Keiko  and  Mr.Bloglovin (this is my nickname for him) with the kindness of Hudson Hotel and Urban Decay.  UD provided us sweet gifts which I still cannot get over. UD is hands down my favorite cosmetics brand besides indie label Aromaleigh -- which unfortunately shut it's doors in December but not after I ordered a ton of eyeshadows -- and Sugarpill Cosmetics, which I am dying to try. I am a big makeup nerd even though I don't wear a ton of it on a day to day basis.


I have a lot of UD stuff at home -- some of which I haven't even opened!! I'm really bad at denying myself UD, especially when it's on sale on Hautelook -- but I have been dying to try out their new palettes and trust me that they are fabulous in person.

this is her normal face you guys!!!!!111

Anyway I spent a good half of the day with Tavz being creeps in her hotel room and attending the Ann Yee presentation together and taking prom date-like photos of ourselves on the streets before we split for our own things. I hung out with the needy bitch Kristin  (HAHAHAHA) and Mark and Toni and Veronika the rest of the day. Or was that the next day? I don't even remember man. Fashion week is a big daze. I'll post pictures from the actual presentation some other day. See ya!

09 February 2011

we accept you one of us

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Well this is kind of an outfit repeat but I didn't intend to do outfit photos today anyway. I didn't go to my morning class today (rebel!!) and decided to test out my new camera+lens combo.

Dress, necklaces, and scarf are from godwill, tights were a gift and the shoes are from online at 4.AM when I was in a very delirious state of mind.

This is the face I make when I think my camera is going to fall off my tripod because my tripod sucks. I am glaring threateningly at it as if to dare it to fall off apparently.

I am kind of irritated at the fact my camera (d3100) doesn't have a remote feature?? I looked for it but I didn't find any. It probably has one but I'm just too stupid to find it because I am pretty bad at technical camera stuff. I just do whatever really. It has worked out well enough. The d3100 has easier to use features than the d90 though, so I'm happy I got it. I dunno what the hell I'm doing when I use the d90. D3100 is much more friendly.



My hair has finally stopped bleeding color at the very least! Shit it only took a month. It keeps color well but I'm not using this specific hair dye again I think. Back to a lighter purple (and cheaper). I like Adore better than Special Effects.

Goldfish face.




Anyway I'm done. Gotta go eat food and watch anime and do important stuff like that.

good vibes




My style has changed a bit because I have stopped reading fashion blogs (whelp?) and have returned only to FRUiTS and my beloved tumblr. I've been the busiest I've ever been so I don't have a lot of time anymore to do much but homework and watch Kaichou wa Maid Sama (I HAVE MY PRIORITIES.) 

 My style used to be very much influenced by the fashion collections I would peruse online and personal style blogs but now I guess I'm more attracted to attitudes and reds and yellows and greens than any particular look. Angry and happy colors... my vibe. A good collection of prim and proper buttoned up shirts, leather cage situations and retro mixed in is an ideal outfit.  But really, I am more into the suggestion of a particular attitude than anything else. Style is suggestion of something more, right? Trends are distractions from a style that can be used in style but don't make it. 

I'll be blogging about fashion week this season probably! I never do so I figure I will this time around. See ya around. 

07 February 2011

But I'm A Cheerleader!

So ages ago my bossman Bobby at FutureClaw (Hi bossman, you are the greatest bossman ever!!!) recommended the film But I'm A Cheerleader! to me after I gushed about Repo: The Genetic Opera (another GREAT FILM OF GREAT PROPORTIONS OF GREATNESS) and basically it was the perfect recommendation because it is a great film also of greatness and greatery. Here are some screencaps!! I am so in love with this film!! Gratuitous exclamation points are necessary to describe my love!!!! They aren't in order because Blogger is stupid but I think if you want to watch the movie (WHICH YOU SHOULD) it's better that way anyway.

Do I really need to go into the ways this is great? No? Okay I didn't think so.

Cateye situation 2010-Forever

Pink PVS Trenchcoat. I mean. I MEAN.

You know the Victorian in LIFE? The board game?? I always cheated to get that house and this house is the BETTER version of that house only it EXISTS which makes it even BETTER.

 Dreamboat Barbie 

So in love. SO IN LOVE

Room inspiration vibes from 2011 into forever