19 January 2013

los feliz and the stoner babes

Outfit: Hunx Painted Vintage Denim Jacket, BITNB Jane Birkin + Serge Tank c/o, Dusen Dusen skirt from Emerging Thoughts -- and on sale for $45, too! 

Spent the day driving around L.A with Mitra (founder of BITNB, the dopest t-shirt company around. I'm in the latest issue of the zine if you see it around). I've been in LA for almost 3 weeks but it's only like this week that I've really begun warming up to it and I will miss it when I'm gone -- so many weird places and so much great vintage. If I had more of a budget I'd have purchased more and there are things I miss but I can't be going berserk when there are textbooks to buy and stuff for school. 

Of all the hoods I've visited, Silverlake and Echo Park are definitely my favorite. So pretty! The store fronts! People walk around! The malt shakes are swell and there are actually bookstores! This excites me because in my hood there are zero bookstores, not even B&N. I love indie bookstores and the one I went to sold the Rookie Yearbook (my heart swells with pride) but also a lot of zines and a beautiful film and fashion book selection that I drooled over. Everything was mellow, it makes me feel very calm being here. 


We went to a bunch of different vintage stores, The Dog Show was my favorite though. Not necessarily in terms of selection (though this denim painted jacket was super dope and is still available for I think $75 if you're inclined, I left it behind because I'm not made of money -- go for it!) but because it has a gigantic unicorn and they were watching something hysterical on Netflix on their big purple television.

Will probably return to the Silverlake / Echo Park area on Saturday to hang with some friends and explore more. If you see me around say hi!

Also, I haven't been carrying around my DSLR on my travels because it's just like, so heavy - so all of these L.A posts have been on my Samsung Galaxy SII. CRAZYTOWN!!!

16 January 2013

retro row

I hung out with my friend Mai, a beauty blogger I've known for awhile today. We went to Retro Row, a small line of shops in Long Beach. Very cute area, though there seems to be like, a serious shoplifting problem and every single storefront had a stern warning? I guess there's been like a series of shoplifters, what a bummer. Regardless, it's a super adorable area with affordable vintage.

Dress is by Blue Pepper (alternative to the Lover dress I want), Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini , Nicole Miller Tights, Clear Creepers by Demonia (similar here)
I didn't pick up anything besides this vintage red leather jacket, but I'm happy with my purchase. I've been looking for a leather jacket that fits for years and I stupidly passed up on the perfect black one a year ago in Goodwill because it was a little too pricey for me ($50...I WAS BROKE!) but this one will do just fine (It was $125, I'm considering it a birthday present to myself, since I'm returning my  impulse purchase Furla bag). Trying to only buy things I can see myself using for years and years and years.

I've only a few more days here -- strange to think I've been in L.A for almost 3 weeks. Not that it feels like home or anything (VERY keen for my dirty Manhattan) but time slips I suppose. I'm happy to have finally hung out with some of my favorite people like Mitra and Marie and Mai and Coco though. I plan to travel a lot this year. I want polaroids for every friend and every nice memory.

K, I have to get back to writing (gotta make the guap). See you soon.

14 January 2013

it's my birthday, i'll buy dior if i want to

It's my 20th birthday -- and also, the blogs 5th anniversary! It's strange that this blog has not actually changed my life, but actually gave my life direction? I don't know what person I'd be without fashion, and I wouldn't have fashion and the family I have within it if I didn't blog. It's given me so much, and I am so incredibly grateful. It gives me drive, it gives me family. I feel at home in it and discussing it and worshiping it and dreaming about it. I don't have an outfit post or anything for you today because I'm out and I don't have a tripod (or any photographer friends who can help me take photos without me spending ten minutes instructing them how to use a DSLR) but I do want to share some of my favorite things at the moment. I'll probably #treatmyself and pick one to get for my birthday, I haven't decided what.

1. Y's Yohji Yamamoto Harem Pants 2. Comme des Garcons Dress (from 2007, my fave era of CDG!) 3. Kaal e Suktae Line Detail Sparkly Skirt 4. Jil Sander Lace Up Brogue 5. Shourouk Ring 6. Valentino Sheer Trenchcoat 7. TBA Sheer Etta Dress

Birthday outfit!! 

   Birthday crown.

Snaps from my Los Angeles adventures so far. Disneyland (and dead birds) with my darling friend Lolita.

And my favorite happy music video on youtube. I'm going to bed now -- full day later on in Santa Monica, perhaps I'll see you around. To another year in blogging. Let's see where it'll bring us both. 

07 January 2013

urban decay, l.a

Hi! I hope your New Years and Christmas celebrations were wonderful. I decided to take a true holiday from all responsibilities and stop blogging for a lil' bit too but now I'm back -- and in Los Angeles for most of this month! I'm here for IMATS, mostly, with photoshoots and meetings and exploration sprinkled in. Of course, exploring LA is a little hard when you don't drive... but I'm making it work.

Today I visited my friends at Urban Decay for the afternoon with my cousin. If you follow me on insta -- still undecided if I'll keep it after the new TOS go into effect, are you? -- you'll have seen a few pictures already.


I'm wearing a Romwe dress (seen here), handmade sweater (also seen there), Rebecca Minkoff Mab Mini c/o, Bedazzled shoes from Nordstrom Rack (I can't remember the brand right now).



The Urban Decay offices are incredible -- Wende and the UD team designed it themselves from scratch really, including the color schemes, the chairs (custom made) and wall detailing. It's really magnificent. I didn't take many pictures because there were a lot of to-be-released products sprinkled everywhere and I can't spoil the surprises. Know that the upcoming releases are going to be rad, though. You can see pictures of the office on Refinery29 though.


The lighting fixtures in the Women's bathroom are the most perfect things ever? In case you were wondering, they were Alice & Wonderland themed.


When you enter, there are a few different displays. When I asked they explained it was because they want to see what displays look like before they enter Ulta, Sephora, etc so they can decide how to modify them. This is the UK display.


The wall mural in the bathroom hahaha.


 The lighting fixtures and the chairs in general were my favorite parts of the whole visit.. besides visiting the product development area, the product closet  and visiting the Hotbox (a really old UD product since discontinued, not THAT kind of hot box). We also went out to lunch at Pizzaria Mozza and had the most AMAZING desert I have EVER had --- still drooling about it. Will perhaps visit Newport Beach again just to re-experience.



Anyway, those are the photos I took that I can show you guys -- for your own tour you can visit the refinery29 tour link above though. I'll show pictures of what I grabbed from the product closet (thank you again for your generosity, UD) on powder doom, my makeup blog. Over the past few days I've been poking into stores with my aunt and fast accumulating new things to try, so maybe it will just be one big megapost of makeup and clothes!

See you soon.