29 June 2008


kahdasdaskdjh? what? thrill happy horror wonder?!

more at the moment.

but more importantly....


i shall have to ponder on this subject tonight/morning.....while i watch anime about bread, vampires, and really hot catboys. oh shit, my nerd is showing.

27 June 2008

and then damnit the falafel exploded

Hi guys! A few emailed and commented on how I studded my new shoes, and it's really quite simple! I followed Flying Saucer's DIY but used Gorilla Glue. I used very little, because the glue tends to foam--use wisely! Better to put on less than have to wipe away later on. The shoes are manmade, cheapo material so the glue works fine.

Since summer is here I have more time on my hands (until July 5th, whatever) but there's a sale going on for these shoes and I have studs left over so if anyone would like, I can do it for you! Just drop me an email at letsbeninjas@gmail.com I'll let you know. I'm looking for some already studded shoes as well.


I hung out with Maddy today! (We never made up codenames, gah!) Along with my friend Peter, we limped I mean frolicked in the nonexistent City breeze, ate falafel, and shopped. I have also come to the realization I should never be in charge of directions, because I am semi-retarded at all things important.

Anyway, we walked around East Village and St. Marks and I showed her around my usual haunts, discovered new places. You'll see the pictures of that soon enough. Until then, here are my finds. Again, camerea phone pictures, blah. I think I'm getting the hang of it, my little dit above is pretty fly, no?

I love love love my buys lately, in part because 1) Most of them were gifts and 2) Not one of them was over $10. Am I pro? I am very pro. You could almost consider me awesome. Oh wait, I already am. Teehee.

And omfg (yes i went there) how cute is Tavi with her new haircut? Seriously, total girl fawn/crush/squeal. Best cut ever I do believe.

"Oh I see you thar, envi'n mah do. *preen eyelash bat preen preen*" It's okay to look in the mirror very time you pass by one, it's a total epic haircut. Squish!

Speaking of epic, I dreamed about TAO Comme des Garcons F/W Paris last night. My favorite so far, and I've gone through three pages of collections so far.

After seeing the collection I've been on the hunt for lots and lots of textures and ruffles and general disorder to add to my wardrobe. I enjoy my style as of now but I really think there's some experimentation to be had! Maddy and I were considering buying petticoats/tutu's, and I WILL get one by the end of the upcoming month, mark my words.

I have celebrating to do tommorow (congrats my senior bitches, you're freshman again and have entered the school with the highest amount of STD'S IN THE COUNTRY! HAVE PRIDE!)


25 June 2008

Epik High and Pretty Flowers

Four things I should probably say:

  1. I don't have a camera anymore, or a photographer. Abigail is out in Israel for two weeks roughly, and took the camera(s) with her! So for a while, you'll be seeing shitty Sidekick pictures. My apologies!
  2. My friends spoil me--they bought me breakfast, lunch, headbands and shoes! I'm going to miss them when they graduate next year. Blah.
  3. I put the studs on my (new) shoes. Hot.
  4. Sorry for being lame and not posting/commenting!
So my lovely, eternally beautiful Mary tagged me for the 7 songs tag thats been going around.
  1. Epik High: Fan. I am a total weeaboo.

  2. The Small Faces: Tin Soldier. This is my life anthem, this is my dad's. Some kids are like EW MY PARENTZ MUZAC R LAME, GTFO. Screw that, I absolutely love my dad's taste in music and I steal his iPod sometimes...ok, I've adopted it but whatever.

  3. One Republic: Say (All I Need).
  4. Coldplay: Viva la Vida + Violet Hill.
  5. Duffy: Mercy. I'm begging you for mercy ~
  6. The Virgins: Rich Girls. I am slain.
  7. Enter Shikari: Ok, Time for Plan B. What I would give to be in a mosh pit to them.
I'm not as into music as I was before, so I haven't been paying attention to the indie scene at all. Boo on me, I suppose. My hipster level has suffered immensely!!112121.

As a result of not having a camera anymore (believe me, I've asked around) I've taken to carrying around a full length mirror everywhere I go. I'm not kidding. This would be more impressive if I actually left the house.

My favorite jacket that has a hole in it. It's so ridiculously versatile I'm going to have to sell my soul to find a way to fix the hole.... must...wear..to...death.

And another. I am going to put a self-imposed ban on cut offs for a week to make up for my uniform lately. Blah. I went shopping the other day and corsets / Opening Ceremony has taken over my mind.. I saw all the F21/TwelvexTwelve stuff when I went shopping with Gabby, and some that wasn't on the website. Things that caught my eye:

I want it I want it I want it

I've been wearing yellow a lot lately ut I think my new color is bloody, cherry, violent red.


edit: my photobucket account's bandwidth is all used up (100 gb? really? i didn't know i was so popular.) but it should be fixed at the end of tommorow. excuse the uglyness.

22 June 2008

i might be going to hell but i'll have jonas brothers and chopstick numchucks by my side

AHHHHHH if I tilt my head I'm afraid my brains will come spilling out and attack me for putting it through the torture of ABC Family ''Rock Camp'' and bitchslap fights with Abigail in the car. By the way bitch, my head STILL HURTS.

Summary of days thus far:
You have no idea how hard I laughed taking these pictures....I would totally kick butt on ANTM. Yes? Yes. Random animation. Blogger points if you know who I was honoring with my jump.

The day before today, what I wore and what I did:

I also slept in a tree for two hours. It's my favorite spot, twenty feet up and a panoramic view of the park. I'll take a picture of it soon.

I get emails from readers about blogging and whatnot and I'd like to say to those who've asked: I love comments, but I love knowing my readers just as much! It's cool that some ladies get 50+ comments plus, but I'm happy with the ones I do get. I just like making people smile and being narcisstic and blogging about myself and fashion seems to work. It's a win-win situation, you know? Don't get put down by looking at the number of comments, just concentrate on the enthusiasm within those and go with the flow. You'll get what you earn. It's not a popularity contest unless you make it. Have fun! That's the point.


19 June 2008

abigail owes me 7 dollars and i think she has tourettes

HIIIII GUYS. My exams are over and school is unofficially over! I only skipped twice! Be proud. Guitar hero and skating down the hallways, oh yeah. I would like to take the time to give my thanks to my study buddy. Consistent, warm, kind, furry...

In other news.... my favorite black silk windbreaker has a tear in it! It's not huge but substantial enough I don't want to wear it anymore if the hole gets any biggger....and oh, you've never seen it. I'll take a picture before it goes into the abyss of my closet again.

I've been wearing all black lately, kind of like Stephanie. Most definitely because of the Queens brainwashing me into wanting their lives, but not biggie. I also have my favorite fash book to do the inspiring. Example:

Minion gave me this book early in the year, it was a pre-release copy her dad brought home from work. Style Deficit Disorder, it's all about Japanese style. I'm thinking you should buy it and ogle with me. Yes? Yes? Yes.

Not Japanese Street Style, but each and every one of them holds their own. I just spent 2 hours on Lookbook.nu....

  1. Despite the blatant Crystal Castles (a.k.a Doucheband extraordinaire) I totally want to beat her up and run away with her outfit. I'm afraid she'd beat me up first though. Click.
  2. I LOVE THE CUDDLE POTENTIONAL. The guy's nice too. Click..
  3. The reason I chose this was because he is the identical twin of this guy in one of my old swim teams. His eyes hurt my feelings. I'm pretty sure he's the only reason why I tolerated that team. Pretty, pretty eyes..
  4. ......I need it. Click.
This is actually a pretty good way to grasp my own style... I've worn my own versions of these outfits once or twice. I want another granny sweater now....

16 June 2008

no, douches are not an endangered species, you're just an idiot

I think Picnik just made Photoshop obsolete.... for serious. I love messing around with my pictures to make them more arty, it's so fun and useless. Anyway, my two finals for today went pretty well, I am completely fucked for my next two...or four.... oh well. At least I have new shoes...

I went into my dads closet yesterday because I didn't feel like groveling to my mom and I found this jacket and two others I'm adopting as my own. They make my life ~complete~.

When I found the leather jacket I went through my usual "HOLY SHIT" motions and called Abigail and dry heaved/moaned into the phone. If you didn't realize "ohhhh myy godddd" and "its so big and black" meant in my conversation there would be so many misunderstandings.

Anyway, this is what I've gotten in the past few days. I'm going to force I mean ask my mom to tailor in the jackets, yeah like that'll ever happen.

Abigail is getting a new camera which is both good and bad for the blog: I'll be in college/jail for most of the summer and she'll be volunteering so outfit photos are going to be scarce but when I DO borrow the cam, they'll be better.

I've been in very dark mood for the past few days....the Queens are amazing inspiration.

Most likely I won't be posting until exams are over, so see you on Friday. Back to failing...

15 June 2008

oh but you're just as big as little africa! bahahahaha

I hate my internet connection! Sorry for the long wait, and no outfit pictures this time around! Studying is killing me....anyway.

I've said it before, I'll say it again... The Science of Sleep is one of my favorite movies ever (Gael Garcia <3).

With a sister like Lou and a mother like Jane Birkin it's only natural to have an amazing personal aesthetic, methinks.

This is my favorite editorial with her for November Elle, so easy to wear. Another one for Vogue Paris, styled by Carine herself.

Moving on to me, because I'm more important! The other day I went to my friends house and we um, studied and did scholarly things.

Sorry I forgot to give you back your bangle, Minion.

Also, before we settled down to study we went on our weekly shopping trip and I got new-old black vintage grandma boots and a new ring. I'm eyeing an all lace tiered dress over there because it's completely impractical (you'd need a full slip) and magnificent, and there was a vintage Balmain dress for $6 but I didn't have enough money!

So, pictures tomorrow if I can manage. Finals start on Monday, and my brain is liquid. I'll be back soon, but wish me luck! Im still reading your blogs from my sidekick (also this is a post from my sidekick) so sorry if I'm not commenting.

11 June 2008

printer butt > shelf butt, at least you're biodegradeable.

It was 104 degrees yesterday. 104. Or whereabout, at the very least 99. I be dead.

Silk Tracy Ellis Shirt, My Morbid Necklaces, Her Mom's leather belt, cut off One Tuff Bitch jeans (best name EVER), ghetto slippers.

After that we went this little cobblestone road under the street and took some pictures of my outfit. I've been wearing these jeans I destroyed religiously whilst dreaming of Emmanuelle Alt in a totally non lesbian way. One french movie and I can't get them out of my head. Actually, 7. But who's counting?

Oh look, she smiles.

I have nothing to wear for summer besides cut offs, vintage tees, and my boots. I miss tights. If I didn't need to actually eat I would spend all my money on dresses and skirts...

Or a way to become this person. I know she's trippy, I want to be her and glare at people from my little corner in the room....

Whenever I see ruffled like the first dress, I think of FIERCE TRANNY. Whats up with him, anyway?

BTW: My internet is being an asshole (I would apologize for the language but it's just really being a prick) and I have finals next week so sorry in advance for lack of posting.

09 June 2008

it's so effing hot i think my sweat is sweating

Yesterday it rained at night, a welcome change from the utterly retarded weather we've been having. I went outside and danced in the rain. In heels. After this wonderful moment of stupidity and freedom, I threw them off and just sat down on the curb, letting the rain shower down upon me. It was wonderful.

Don't ask me about the weird tones, I have no idea...

My dads reaction to my outfit today was pretty funny.
*prior to seeing my shoes* "Wow, don't you look All-American."
*sees shoes* "....an all-american hooker."

My dad is my favorite douche in the world.

Speaking of daddy, he found jewelery my Uncle Henry made. It's wonderful, really, exactly my taste in jewelery: morbid!


The shoes were recieved really well by people in school. If they didn't kill my feet I would wear them every day. SO glad I got them.

Speaking of shoes... since I know my little spree was well recieved (thanks guys!) there's a little contest going on in game-form. Check it out, you might win a $250 spree at Marshalls! Tell me what you think of it.

If all goes well tommorow I'll have another small bounty to show you guys next post. Look at these until then.