15 June 2008

oh but you're just as big as little africa! bahahahaha

I hate my internet connection! Sorry for the long wait, and no outfit pictures this time around! Studying is killing me....anyway.

I've said it before, I'll say it again... The Science of Sleep is one of my favorite movies ever (Gael Garcia <3).

With a sister like Lou and a mother like Jane Birkin it's only natural to have an amazing personal aesthetic, methinks.

This is my favorite editorial with her for November Elle, so easy to wear. Another one for Vogue Paris, styled by Carine herself.

Moving on to me, because I'm more important! The other day I went to my friends house and we um, studied and did scholarly things.

Sorry I forgot to give you back your bangle, Minion.

Also, before we settled down to study we went on our weekly shopping trip and I got new-old black vintage grandma boots and a new ring. I'm eyeing an all lace tiered dress over there because it's completely impractical (you'd need a full slip) and magnificent, and there was a vintage Balmain dress for $6 but I didn't have enough money!

So, pictures tomorrow if I can manage. Finals start on Monday, and my brain is liquid. I'll be back soon, but wish me luck! Im still reading your blogs from my sidekick (also this is a post from my sidekick) so sorry if I'm not commenting.


Wendy said...

Good luck on your finals! Your new ring is so cute.

bewkworm said...

gahh, i didn't even notice you took my bangle! i can feel my textbooks slowly suck out my soul- god, i can't wait for school to end. see you on monday, i'll bring your boots.

Urban Audrey said...

Oh I am such a Charlotte Gainsbourg freak it's not even funny. Border-line stalkerish, i would say.

good luck with your finals! I'm done with school mwahahahahaha

The Clothes Horse said...

Great bangles--they're awesome.

Tavi said...

That ring is awesome. Good luck with your finals! Hope to see those grandma boots.

mary said...

I can breathe!
Exciting, eh?
So this Thursday I'm going to find you some stuff now that I have time and I'm really really excited. I already have two things for you yayaya!
Uhm? What do I want? I like dresses and flowers and flat shoes and really high heels and super cheap thrifted things and headbands!!! And anything you send me, really.

She's Dressing Up said...

I love, love, love the ring!

Ida said...

I LOVE that ring, and the bracelets. I am crazy about bracelets lately!

Good luck with the finals!!

Fashion Is Poison said...

awesome ring

ed said...