04 June 2008

hippie hipster gypsy caught a pidgeoto, oh shii~

Man, I am sopink.

Talking about my previous years as a hippie on a beach and a long, thought provoking conversation with Tavi about weird leggings, I woke up and decided to combine both. The scarfband caused somewhat of a sensation in school. I lost count of how many people asked if I could read their palms/see their future/defeat them in Pokemon battle.

By the way, I can do all three. I was also wiccan at one point so I learned palm reading and fortune telling and how to con people out of money using a glass ball. Also, I kick ass at Pokemon Crystal. Just sayin'.

I think this outfit (at the very least, the bottom half) was inspired by Disney Roller Girl's campaign for 'more is more'. I'm not very good at 'keep it simple', despite my infinite love for understated and clean. Simply put, I can't dress simple.

And also, I can't be bothered to brush my hair. Why would I waste my time with that when I can stare at Marc Jacobs 2009 Resort Collection? I love the dropped crotch and the accessories...and...yeah. Thats it.

I do see YSL influences in the piped robes but truly, they remind me of nightslips I have, and not in a particularly agreeable way. Dunno, he just isn't making me love it. Not to say I don't love him, anyway....a flower for the shoes.