16 June 2008

no, douches are not an endangered species, you're just an idiot

I think Picnik just made Photoshop obsolete.... for serious. I love messing around with my pictures to make them more arty, it's so fun and useless. Anyway, my two finals for today went pretty well, I am completely fucked for my next two...or four.... oh well. At least I have new shoes...

I went into my dads closet yesterday because I didn't feel like groveling to my mom and I found this jacket and two others I'm adopting as my own. They make my life ~complete~.

When I found the leather jacket I went through my usual "HOLY SHIT" motions and called Abigail and dry heaved/moaned into the phone. If you didn't realize "ohhhh myy godddd" and "its so big and black" meant in my conversation there would be so many misunderstandings.

Anyway, this is what I've gotten in the past few days. I'm going to force I mean ask my mom to tailor in the jackets, yeah like that'll ever happen.

Abigail is getting a new camera which is both good and bad for the blog: I'll be in college/jail for most of the summer and she'll be volunteering so outfit photos are going to be scarce but when I DO borrow the cam, they'll be better.

I've been in very dark mood for the past few days....the Queens are amazing inspiration.

Most likely I won't be posting until exams are over, so see you on Friday. Back to failing...