31 January 2008

come to think of it, you were never normal.

outfit of the day. i just can't get enough of this shirt, man. These tights are pretty funky too. Yay, childrens store tights and yay short legs!

Shirt: ANMT, $10
Skirt: H&M, $5
Tights: Children's Place, $3
Shoes: Grandmothers
'The Hat': Some closet.

Today a lot of people kept on mentioning my style, in random conversation and even in class discussions in English. Something came up about the meaning of avant garde and fashion and the like and how avant garde means 'ahead of it's time'. People suggested kids in the school who dressed 'avant garde' and I came up. I don't get it, actually. I dress literally like my parents, so I'm pretty much behind in times, aren't I? I guess fashion comes full circle that way. At one point in your life, you will love something so much you can't really leave it behind when times change and trends move forward--so what if it's not 'in' now, it suits you and it's fantastic. Besides, in a few years it'll be in again, and your coolness will be redeemed.

So I guess even 'unfashionable' people are fashionable at one point in their life. Fashion cycles.

But then I disagree with the whole idea of who's unfashionable and who's not. It gets confused with personal style, doesn't it? Alright, some things just aren't forgivable, like mom pants and maybe tucked in Kiss T shirts (with ugly jeans. I like Kiss T Skirts with rad jeans. Speaking of Kiss T Shirts, I want one.) but who is to define whats fashionable and whats not?

Is there some sort of club that writes the rules?

I say break them. Break them all, maybe not all at once but enough to change the way you see things and how people see you. Fashion and style are wholly different things, I'd prefer to have style than fashion sense because fashion can change and truthfully, be a bit ugly, but if your style suits you than it's fabulous. It's unique. It's something only you can get away with, your style is your second skin.

But break the skin occasionally. Don't get too comfortable, because then you can get lazy and then that just leads to trouble. My friend Gabby sad I have 'personal style--set in stone, things I like and things I don't, and you can get away with stuff that makes other people look insane'. I don't know If I like that or not. I love being able to be unique in a crowd but being predictable in my style kind of miffs me. It makes me feel like I'm expected to wear the 'weirdest' thing in the room, because it's 'me'. I want to try a little bit of everything, and being pressured into wearing something because it's 'my style' isn't my idea of a variety.

I guess what I'm trying to say if find your personal style and work it, but don't be stuck with it. You change and evolve, and your style should too. I don't want to be known as the girl with the 'bowlers hat' (thats actually what I'm known for, I wear that hat everywhere) but just the girl with some style, you know?

I don't care much about trends and fashion unless it's something I can really incorporate into my style and make it my own. So next time I go shopping, I'm not going to pick out the first thing I see that I like, I'll go for something out of my comfort zone, that makes me unsure. I need to break the skin.

I really just want to explore and develop my own style, but make it something unpredictable even to myself. Everything I wear is too calculated, spontaneity is lost on me and that's kind of sad. I want to be stylish on a subconscious level--and that is a lofty goal, indeed.

EDIT: And my blog title is fashionpirates. Hahaha. Shoot me.

this is a very amusing mannequin. I would like to name her Sir Bobby.

30 January 2008

give me that ferrero rocher and i'll give you some babies.

Break out the pinatas babyyyy.
Or just give me spring. I would probably like that much better, and the risk of people getting hit in the head with a bat would be much lower.

Anyway, I've been browsing sites and blogs and have come to the conclusion that grey, green, and flowers are the best things in the world. Currently, I'm coveting these items:

1) Oxford wing tips, size 7/12 on ebay
2) seattle based jewelery artist with amazing, diverse pieces. i especially love the dangle earrings, although this necklace is an outfit maker in itself. there's something for everyone. check out vesper jewelery.
And I haven't found a lace dress I like yet. Meh.

I found this amazing coat. Tell me you haven't seen lookalikes on foto decandent. On Facehunter. Go on, tell me. Maybe in a different color, but still the same amazing silhouette.

I'm going to go find a lookalike somewhere when I go thrifting, I will. I love coats, especially crazy ones. Eighties coats especially, they're always crazy colors and patterns.

The random urge to buy a lot of suitcases has come over me. Not necessarily vintage, either, just cool suitcases. I'm really disappointed in the lack of nice, inexpensive suitcases and bags for my laptop (17" widescreen), and the ones I like usually have a high price tag or they're just an inch too small for my laptop. It's frustrating. So, suitcases. I like suitcases, they can do no wrong. And trunks too.

When you think of trunks, don't you think of Hogwarts or traveling the globe? Maybe that's just me. I remember I was coming back from Taiwan last Spring and I saw these two kids with the coolest trunks ever. Not suitcases, trunks. They were this amazing teal color with brass or gold handles and lots of old, retro stickers and I remember stalking them for about a half hour before I got lost and had to ask the guy in starbucks in mandarin where all the Americans were.

On a random note (do I sing any other?), I was browsing through my favorite shops on ebay and I happened upon this dress:

I could really see myself in it, but I have enough dark clothes. I love ebay clothes, they make them seem so much cooler than going to the store. But anyway, Toady, I think you'd look pretty good in this. Maybe it's just the ascot ("ascot!") and the tights that remind me of you.

Anyway. I only had 5 hours of sleep so I'm going to catch up now.

Nice small band that made my day. =]

28 January 2008

is that aztec gold or are you just happy to see me?

Long time no talk, huh? Anyway, I've got to keep this short because four lovely midterms are awaiting me and their nice shiny big red pens of failure are just itching to write all over my papers. Sorry I haven't updated--life has been hectic, and until thursday it'll remain that way.

Outfit of the day:
Shirt: Charlotte Russe; $15
Skirt: Thrifted, $15
Tights: random sock store, $3
Shoes: vintage
Jewelery: The usual gifts and thrifted.

Proportions. High waist, high neck, low rise, vneck. The eighties slouch, the god-knows-when manly shoulders, the skintight and the um-your-crotch-is-where? Proportions can make or break an outfit and define the times. Sometimes, though, the proportions that are 'in' aren't necessarily for you. Take for example babydolls. Geez, some girls just shouldn't wear babydoll shirts and dresses, and then others make it look fabulous. I like high waisted stuff, personally, because it makes me feel taller. And trust me, I need those few imaginary inches, I'm practically a midget. What are your favorite proportions? Can YOU rock shoulder pads? (I would give you my children if you could and not look like an idiot.)

Also. To Toady: IF YOU GET THAT SCOTTISH KILT THING I DEMAND YOU WEAR IT WITH ALL THE PLAID IN YOUR WARDOBE. So I can get you a bagpipe. And also maybe some sheep. Yes, sheep. Like that mattress commerical. Yes, they'll talk. They'll talk all about your kilt thing. All. Day. Long.

I want a job. And to pass my midterms. So on that frantic (you can hear my voice go up an octave for every minute I procrastinate, I swear on my nail polish) note I will go to studying/wailing that I'm going to fail.



23 January 2008

that necklace reminds me of the mummy, in a pimp, 80's way.

alright, first off my internet connection is a peace of shit, and my camera is also made of fail. let me just say that right now, and I apologize for the foul language, but dfdkdjshfsdf. You know how long it took to actually finish this post? Too long. TOO. LONG.

The sweater I'm wearing; to you recognize it? Yes, it's one of the sweaters I'm selling off. It's actually so much more amazing than I originally thought; I've already got a lot of requests as to where to buy them. Woohoo. I only have three or four, so I'll put two of them up and sell two locally. The necklaces I wore today are my usual gear: antique

I'm also going to put up the jacket set I talked about last post up for sale as well; I just don't think I can pull it off, but I'm confident someone else can. Also, in response to Zoe's 'perfect boots', I disagree:

Ohwut. I've got plain white boots too, but the zipper is busted. A lot of my favorite shoes tend to be in abysmal condition, I've got to do something about it. I have to get new soles for the Ralph Lauren buckle boots and my oxford pumps I got for $20 bucks last month. Hmmmm.

Also, I just want to tell you a little about a book I got for my birthday; it's all about Japan's fashion (the book is called "Style Deficit Disorder") and it's an advanced copy and I absolutely love it. Thanks, Toady. It delves into the start and development of Harajuku and fashion in Tokyo in general, with interviews and stories about the top designers in Japan and (my favorite) pictures and collages of street fashion in Harajuku. I promise to scan some of the amazing pictures for you guys sometime this week, but until then, I just wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite designers I discovered because of the book:

Hysteric Glamour
. Oh my god, even the name is amazing.
Hysteric Glamour is a quintessential Japanese fashion brand. The basis and inspiration is American culture (primarily the 60's and later), but what makes it what it is is the Japanese twist on everything. The line is primarily t-shirts and isn't sold in the U.S (notice the tears in my eyes), but the second it is I'm on it like white on rice.

I've got midterms and two tests I'm going to crash and burn and then crash and burn again in tommorow, so I'm going to cram until I sleep tonight. I don't want to turn into Toady, after all:


Anyway. Point and laugh at her, she deserves it. xD The test was on the Bill of Rights. Good god, woman. If you don't remember the founders of the constitution at least remember to WRITE YOUR NAME.

Yours always;


22 January 2008

i miss my brokeback knight and these pearls represent my tears.

Wutsup nukkas. Sorry for the absence yesterday, it was a long and overall very irritating day which consisted of me having my hair in a towel most of the time and sleeping under swimming bags in my pajamas. Oh, and swimming. But mostly me sleeping, and I don't think that merits a whole post to itself.

Today was colder than usual and relatively boring, with mid-terms coming up everyone is either a) rushing to make excellent cheat sheets b) rushing to study c) not caring and pretty much failing at being a McNerd (the lovely name given to students that attend my high school.)

Me? I'm partaking in all of the above, in a way. Eventually I'll get to studying. But for now, i'm content with looking at pretty pictures in class. Not much to blog about today for me; I'm going to try to scrounge up some money to go thrifting with Toady again sometime this week but most likely I'll just tag along and make puppy eyes and whatnot.

When I go, I'll be looking for these staple items for my spring wardrobe:

  • Bright, vibrant colors in hectic patterns! I have plenty of dark colors, I need to lighten up my wardrobe for spring.
  • Floral. Preferably a floral high waisted skirt or maybe a dress, but I want it to be either very crazy and out there or very delicate. There may be no. compromise.
  • Jumpsuits and more high waisted pants, shorts, etc. I have about two pairs of high waisted pants and a lot of 'eh' high wasted shorts, they're on the baggy side and not really my style.

I want more skirts, since I've got plenty of tights of all textures and colors, so Ill probably be focusing on more interesting items for the waist down my next thrift. Mostly 80's stuff most likely, I'm an 80's whore.

The sweaters I mentioned in my previous post are nothing short of amazing. I'm definitely putting at least one up for auction on ebay this week, the other one to the thrift store when I go with Toady.

Sorry for the lack of substance in todays post, in return have a little of the Hoosiers to get you by this week. I have them on rotation. They're not letting me embed it, but I trust you can click on the link. =]

"Goodbye Mr. A" by The Hoosiers

20 January 2008

koshino junko and my cat intimidate me.

Everyone that's commented so far, thanks for reading and your comments! That's so much for the support, every comment makes my day (and my ego that much larger. woohoooo.). I love the feedback, and so far it's been nothing but good. Except for Toady. Go to hell, toady, or I will pour salt all over your sorry ass, my friend. I know how to throw shoes and I'm not afraid to do it.


Toady's my friend Abigail. The sidekick, the archnemesis, the Semitic, etc etc. The one which I get my blog titles from. Our conversations are never dull.

Anyway, I spent today being lazy in bed and eating graham crackers, and being extremely glamorous like that. The highlight of my dad was sitting on the pile of sweaters in my moms closet and then seeing blinking, glaring eyes staring at me a foot away, and then falling out of the closet and screaming and waking my mom up.

It was the cat.

*intense glare*

Moving on.

It was beautiful outside today, a wonderful day to go out when the wind wasn't acting up---so of course I stayed inside and watched 'Rome: Season 2'. Fun stuff, blood and Marc Antony.

Skirt: gift from my aunt
Belt: $2 dollars last spring at a garage sale
First Jacket: mums Second: dads
Tank top: Lvl. X for $10 bucks
Tights: (not pictured. Gah i never manage to get the tights in there...) $2 bucks
Shoes: Ralph Lauren buckled boots, picture here, vintage thrifted. I didnt want the outfit to be too femine.

I don't recall giving you a proper picture of the shoes from my last outfit, so here they are.


They're too small for my feet so I can't wear them comfortably for an entire day, so I'll probably put shoe horses in them for awhile. I can't bear to part with them. They're so pretty....

Have you ever had a major shoe disappointment? Of course you have, so tell me about them if it's not too dull a request. =]

I've got this amazing jacket-skirt set from the 80's (not nu wave eighties, the....interesting.....eighties) and it's a yellow and black thatch pattern. it's a very strong pattern and it's designed by koshino junko! That's an absolutely amazing designer from Japan, I'm amazed I found it. I can definitely see it in my head on the runways, but I can't actually find a picture of the outfit right now, but I'll try tommorow. I might wear the jacket or skirt to school sometime this week, but the pattern is so strong and I'm a bit intimidated. xD' I might sell them off to someone with more fashion-cajones then myself.

I'm also in a dilemma about the shoes I put a deposit on (see last thrifting post.) I don't actually have the money i need to pick up the shoes.... Heh. Should I sell two vintage sweaters to the local thrift store, get 1/4 of what they'd sell them for, or wait it out and sell them on ebay?

Only reason I'm hesitating is that I need the 21 bucks by feb 15, and if I were to sell them on ebay they'd be the first things I'd be selling in my store. xD I dunno..... opinion, please.

They're very nice, actually, but I have them in multiple colors so I think that's a bit excessive and I have way too many stripes in my wardrobe as it is. =] Do you like 'em?

Anyway, off to dinner. I'm a growing girl, you know.

Thanks for reading;

Belle (sneaking a picture of my mom. she's like, 'get the heff away. so i will. see you tommorow!)

19 January 2008

global warming and that kill bill flashing light feeling.

Ok, winter, you have failed me as of today. I understand the whole global warming thing--I'm sorry about keeping my light on for longer than necessary this week, I'll make up for it somehow, okay? But there's no need to be all huffy. Give me so snow or move on to spring, please. Don't dilly daddle in between with some random cold fronts and then slush and then cold-but-not-cold-enough-for-my-really-cool-jackets-but-not-warm-enough-for-light-ones. I want my spring fashions! Florals! Crazy fabrics! Vibrance! Now now now!

*Raises a fists and shakes*

Anyway. While we're in this awkward slump, not quite in the middle of winter fashion but not quite in Spring, I've been getting sneak previews of new collections, new (or old, depending on your perspective) trends.

Lately i've been seeing a lot of vintage inspired bags popping up everywhere--actually, vintage inspired pieces are everywhere, they've reached the mall outlets. I'm not exactly surprised, and I'm a bit excited to see how one of a kind vintage pieces can be translated into mass produced products again.

F21 has caught onto the lace, ultra-feminine fad and I'm delighted with the black lace shirt i picked up from there. They have these gauzy ruffled shirts that are pretty nice, but I try to
shied away from F21 for most of my shirts, because I'd hate to walk down the street and see another girl in the same shirt. The horror, really. I especially like this clutch, although I don't think it's as endearing as the vintage pieces it's inspired by.

I've seen quite a few bloggers toting the true vintage ones, and every one of the bags are just doll.

Liebemarlene, for example, is seen with one and looking adorable to boot. But then when doesn't she? And then there's the snail and the cyclops, looking amazing and setting girls to ebay for anything like her stuff.

It's not that bad of a choice on ebay to find them (bags) either, although it really depends on how big you want it. The local vintage store has them for around $25+, depending on how large. I'm quite happy with the one I already have, though. I got it for free, since it was my grandmothers.

Front and back view. Sorry for the terrible lighting and whatnot, it was the middle of the hallway and probably the only blank wall in the whole house. We're a bunch of packrats.

But anyway. Moving on from the vintage bags (ebay search: needlepoint vintage bags), I'd like to make a point on black leather jackets.

They're amazing and every person in the world should have one. Not necessarily real leather, but just a nice looking leather jacket because they can make an outfit likethat. Mike & Chris have an amazing collection of jackets (and everything else for that matter.....I would like to own at least one article of clothing from them eventually, check them out)

Here's a few jackets I'm digging for spring, and all year round for that matter:

1) luisaviaroma.com ; € 1248.00
2) mike & chris at rarechic.com ; $889
3) JBROS leather jacket at yesstyle.com; $495

Zara's has got great leather jackets as well, but I can't seem to find any decent pictures of their inventory right now.

The thing is about quality leather jackets is that they're very expensive.... (no shit, right?) I, again, have a reason why I don't need to buy one because:

  1. my mother designed a green leather bomber jacket specifically for me, and it fits me like a glove. if only i knew where i put it. >>;
  2. i have plenty of vintage leather jackets due to the neverending expanse that is my mothers closet.
  3. i'm poor.

Anyway, it's getting late and I'm going to content myself with some late night Asian dramas, because I'm cool like that.

! (aware i'm totally american, thanks for that eyeroll)

18 January 2008

you're looking particularly tappy today.

Just wanted to wear the stooges shirt today (don't you just want to wear something immediately after you buy it? I do, in any case). It's kind of a boring alternative to a full skirt, but I was running late. Nevertheless, I think I looked pretty swell. I tend to wear jeans on Fridays and skirts or dresses every other day because I go to the mall and pro it out on the ITG machines or go into Chinatown. This week, I was planning to go back to ANMT (the local thrift store) to buy a shirt for a friend but things came up.

second pic: here
Shirt: vintage, AMNT, $10
Leather Suspenders (not entirely visible): my dad's design
Jeans: Wet Seal, $20
Checkered vest: Adam Douglas, mothers
Jacket: dad's design
Shoes: Joan & David, mothers
Sunglasses and jewelery: thrifted and gifts respectively.

I got a new lace shirt today. It's black, delicate, and very gothic lolita. It's got a small tear of the lace on the sides, but I'll fix it over the weekend.

Hmmmm. Selling vintage clothes on ebay. I'm wondering, how do you get started? I know you can always list things and whatnot--the bare basics, yes, but I'm a bit clueless as to everything else. Liebemarlene, you make it seem so easy! And you too, Sally Jane.

It fascinates me how a skirt can go for $60 + shipping in an ebay shop and if you were to find one like it in a thrift store it might cost $40. What's more, ebay shops vary so much, from their presentation of products (mannequins? models?) to the final prices their items sell for.

What do you look for in a ebay vintage store? What makes it different from a regular thrift store? Presentation? How much would you pay for an item you've never tried on before? What turns you off and on? Experiences, anyone?

On that note, I bid you goodnight. Have a little Three Stooges.

17 January 2008

my sidekicks rebuttal.

A Rebuttal to Belles Slander

I am “The Sidekick”, and I want to shed some light on what actually happened the day we went shopping. First off, the glasses. It began simply enough, with us shouting at each other like we normally do. Mostly her saying I'm an asian failure. For some time, it has been an unspoken agreement between us (or so I thought), that no matter how many bitchy things I said to her, she would not do anything, because Belle is passive-aggressive; always has been. So, imagine my surprise when she vicious and barbarically attacks me, out of nowhere! No where my foot, you insulted my jacket. No one insults my jacket. Only I can insult my jacket. I admit, she had been threatening me with bodily harm for some time now, but I dismissed them as empty threats, as they usually were. Because I'm that nice, I don't want you limping and leaving blood all over the place after I'm finished with you. Not only does she attack me with a soda bottle (how uncouth!) my poor glasses fall off and break. So the screw came out. Woo. The frame came loose, and the lens fell out, in one piece thankfully. I now have half a pair of glasses. You look like John Lennon anyway. I spent the rest of the day looking like I just broke out of an insane asylum. So you mean there was no actual difference in your appearance, then. However, does she feel a speck or remorse? No, not a smidgeon, not even a pinch.

"Say you're sorry and it's entirely your fault!" "I'm sorry and it's entirely your fault." "YOUR FAULT." "YOUR FAULT." etc. etc. etc.

Now, the dress. I am no Yosemite Sam, no Daffy Duck, to tricked and connived by some cleverer animal. I got the dress because I liked it, and I need a dress for an upcoming event. I was initially willing to lend the dress out, but not anymore. The blurry pictures will be all of it you’ll get.

Psh. You will lend it to me and you already said you forgave me.

o now that’s I’ve had my say; I bid you adieu. Perhaps, if I am deemed worthy, I will be back. But, for now remember: I am no ones sidekick.

Except mine. =D

(ok, i'm sorry about the italicized writing. But really. You love me anyway. for new readers: see post before this, i guess? abigail, my best friend, is the unitalicized. )

crack. whore. (but lookin' good)

I am just that cool. The one time I'm not looking at the camera, the self timer goes off and give me this lovely picture. Actually, its pretty ace considering 1) it shows my outfit of the day and 2) i look suitably insane. I am not the cool, quiet girl lounging in the corner, no sir, I am in fact the girl you see in the picture most of the time. Without the crack whore floating above me, of course.

The silk shirt: tagless, it's amazing actually. I'm planning to wear it as a dress in the future.

The skirt: Oh me, oh my, how this skirt brings tears to my eyes. I gazed upon it one night ago when the moon was shining bright (actually, it was six p.m yesterday, but moving on.) and I decided I simply had to have it. It's a Claude Montana original, it's worth more than my soul at $940 dollars.

Now, as my legs were cut off in the picture, I would like to present to you the shoes. (That I wore with the shirt alone) They deserved an entire picture just for them. There are lookalikes in Topshop, and the lovely Aggy Deyn seems to wear a pair of similar design in quite a few pictures. Just now I happened upon these as well: from Elle.

The heels are a killer and they're a tight fit, but with the joys of shoe horses I will make them bend to my will.

16 January 2008

thrifting for the curtain monster.

My Wednesday was amazingly productive, just as I'd hoped. Not only did I: 1) not pay attention at all in class, thus ensuring that I will have to rule the world armed with my wits, style and good humor alone (intelligence is unnecessary, I am that good) but 2) i went thrift shopping very happily. oh yes. i grabbed up some good finds and conned--i mean, persuaded my sidekick and nemesis into getting a lace dress. it's fabulous, this picture does it no justice. rather, it makes it look kind of like a curtain monster but thats ok. you'll get a picture of me in it eventually.

but not only did i get her to buy the dress, i broke her glasses. not in that order, but during one of our intelligent, civilized conversations, i just happened to hit her over the head with a soda bottle and the flimsy thing appeared to break under my brute force.

needless to say, my telling of the story is a bit biased so you'll have to excuse me. i'll be staring at the shoes i'm drooling over in the corner.

the picture to the right is a blurry, but relatively accurate picture of the dress. as you can tell, it's a strapless number with lace. the lace detailing is roses, and it has wiring on the bodice with really makes it amazing. i'm so glad i found it, and it was only $24 bucks.

the shoes i'm shoving into the picture are the ones i'm coveting, it irks me that they cost more than the dress itself ($30, i've got them on hold because i didn't have enough money at the time).

they're dark green and velvet, a modest heel and extremely comfortable. i can't wait to get them. another, close up picture: here.

anyway, a short list of what i got from the trip:

vintage tee of The Three Stooges (I'm ecstatic, I've been looking for a shirt like this for months) and a funky red leather purse. I'm going to be looking around for a vest and jeans accordingly, although i'm sure I have some high waisted rainbow pants somewhere.

All in all, it was a great trip (and healthy for my anorexic wallet--in total it was 18 bucks, and 14 of it was from Zoe as a gift). I'm all full of smiles, especially because I'm going back on Friday to buy for a friend.

cheers from your friendly fashion pirate (and sidekick, shown in her natural habitat of being the object of mockery);


15 January 2008


link list!
i know these people personally. please do not ask to be added on, however polite you may be I will decline.

favorite people:


must read blogs:


and my favorite ~artists~ who provide endless inspiration to me in the best of times and the worst of times. buy from them!

Angie Montreal
Danny Mansmith
Kate Doodle's

14 January 2008

happy birthday to meee.

okay well, it's my birthday. =] i'm not a huge party kidd--at least, my own. as for going to others.... hahaha, another story entirely. but this year i'm staying in and having cake, in part because i'm grounded for this month (long story) and also because i'm incredibly lazy.

i'm disappointed in the weather though; all the weather reports were whispering me sweet nothings about a snow day today and then i wake up and all they really said were sweet nothings -- not an inch on the ground.

cruel, cruel weathermen. how dare you raise our hopes.

anyway, here's my outfit for today. sorry you didn't see my face, i just personally think this was the nicest picture of both me and my outfift.

i had gold and black threaded sparkly stockings on as well, and a golden skull ring.

sweater: vintage thrifted, 5 bucks
red tank: childrens department in kid's city, borrowed from friend like 3 years ago.
belt: vintage, mothers
tights: wholesale store for 3 bucks
ladybug golden watch necklace: somewhere in my jewelery box. doesn't work. :x

13 January 2008

why hello there hot stuff.

why hello there stranger. the names Belle and i'm a high school sophomore kid with an unhealthy obsession of all things fashion--lest it be vintage, designer, or that really cool 80's jacket the friendly neighborhood hobo might be toting.

occasionally i'll have my lovely friend Zoe guest blogging with me about the latest trends and cool shops we discovered, and if this blog actually you know, survives, i'll ask other blogs to write something up as well. =]

but for now, a little bit about me:

i'm belle, a sophomore in a new york/new jersey high school and i first got into fashion because of... surprisingly enough... my parents. they were at one point in their lives fashion designers and consultants for some major labels and worked with Vogue for several years. They are infinitely more cooler than me and the majority of clothes i wear are from their own personal designs.

anyway, i'm off to find actual substance for this blog and to pray that it snows tommorow (my birthday!).

with love and misbehavior;

belle. =]