13 January 2008

why hello there hot stuff.

why hello there stranger. the names Belle and i'm a high school sophomore kid with an unhealthy obsession of all things fashion--lest it be vintage, designer, or that really cool 80's jacket the friendly neighborhood hobo might be toting.

occasionally i'll have my lovely friend Zoe guest blogging with me about the latest trends and cool shops we discovered, and if this blog actually you know, survives, i'll ask other blogs to write something up as well. =]

but for now, a little bit about me:

i'm belle, a sophomore in a new york/new jersey high school and i first got into fashion because of... surprisingly enough... my parents. they were at one point in their lives fashion designers and consultants for some major labels and worked with Vogue for several years. They are infinitely more cooler than me and the majority of clothes i wear are from their own personal designs.

anyway, i'm off to find actual substance for this blog and to pray that it snows tommorow (my birthday!).

with love and misbehavior;

belle. =]