20 January 2008

koshino junko and my cat intimidate me.

Everyone that's commented so far, thanks for reading and your comments! That's so much for the support, every comment makes my day (and my ego that much larger. woohoooo.). I love the feedback, and so far it's been nothing but good. Except for Toady. Go to hell, toady, or I will pour salt all over your sorry ass, my friend. I know how to throw shoes and I'm not afraid to do it.


Toady's my friend Abigail. The sidekick, the archnemesis, the Semitic, etc etc. The one which I get my blog titles from. Our conversations are never dull.

Anyway, I spent today being lazy in bed and eating graham crackers, and being extremely glamorous like that. The highlight of my dad was sitting on the pile of sweaters in my moms closet and then seeing blinking, glaring eyes staring at me a foot away, and then falling out of the closet and screaming and waking my mom up.

It was the cat.

*intense glare*

Moving on.

It was beautiful outside today, a wonderful day to go out when the wind wasn't acting up---so of course I stayed inside and watched 'Rome: Season 2'. Fun stuff, blood and Marc Antony.

Skirt: gift from my aunt
Belt: $2 dollars last spring at a garage sale
First Jacket: mums Second: dads
Tank top: Lvl. X for $10 bucks
Tights: (not pictured. Gah i never manage to get the tights in there...) $2 bucks
Shoes: Ralph Lauren buckled boots, picture here, vintage thrifted. I didnt want the outfit to be too femine.

I don't recall giving you a proper picture of the shoes from my last outfit, so here they are.


They're too small for my feet so I can't wear them comfortably for an entire day, so I'll probably put shoe horses in them for awhile. I can't bear to part with them. They're so pretty....

Have you ever had a major shoe disappointment? Of course you have, so tell me about them if it's not too dull a request. =]

I've got this amazing jacket-skirt set from the 80's (not nu wave eighties, the....interesting.....eighties) and it's a yellow and black thatch pattern. it's a very strong pattern and it's designed by koshino junko! That's an absolutely amazing designer from Japan, I'm amazed I found it. I can definitely see it in my head on the runways, but I can't actually find a picture of the outfit right now, but I'll try tommorow. I might wear the jacket or skirt to school sometime this week, but the pattern is so strong and I'm a bit intimidated. xD' I might sell them off to someone with more fashion-cajones then myself.

I'm also in a dilemma about the shoes I put a deposit on (see last thrifting post.) I don't actually have the money i need to pick up the shoes.... Heh. Should I sell two vintage sweaters to the local thrift store, get 1/4 of what they'd sell them for, or wait it out and sell them on ebay?

Only reason I'm hesitating is that I need the 21 bucks by feb 15, and if I were to sell them on ebay they'd be the first things I'd be selling in my store. xD I dunno..... opinion, please.

They're very nice, actually, but I have them in multiple colors so I think that's a bit excessive and I have way too many stripes in my wardrobe as it is. =] Do you like 'em?

Anyway, off to dinner. I'm a growing girl, you know.

Thanks for reading;

Belle (sneaking a picture of my mom. she's like, 'get the heff away. so i will. see you tommorow!)