14 January 2008

happy birthday to meee.

okay well, it's my birthday. =] i'm not a huge party kidd--at least, my own. as for going to others.... hahaha, another story entirely. but this year i'm staying in and having cake, in part because i'm grounded for this month (long story) and also because i'm incredibly lazy.

i'm disappointed in the weather though; all the weather reports were whispering me sweet nothings about a snow day today and then i wake up and all they really said were sweet nothings -- not an inch on the ground.

cruel, cruel weathermen. how dare you raise our hopes.

anyway, here's my outfit for today. sorry you didn't see my face, i just personally think this was the nicest picture of both me and my outfift.

i had gold and black threaded sparkly stockings on as well, and a golden skull ring.

sweater: vintage thrifted, 5 bucks
red tank: childrens department in kid's city, borrowed from friend like 3 years ago.
belt: vintage, mothers
tights: wholesale store for 3 bucks
ladybug golden watch necklace: somewhere in my jewelery box. doesn't work. :x