16 January 2008

thrifting for the curtain monster.

My Wednesday was amazingly productive, just as I'd hoped. Not only did I: 1) not pay attention at all in class, thus ensuring that I will have to rule the world armed with my wits, style and good humor alone (intelligence is unnecessary, I am that good) but 2) i went thrift shopping very happily. oh yes. i grabbed up some good finds and conned--i mean, persuaded my sidekick and nemesis into getting a lace dress. it's fabulous, this picture does it no justice. rather, it makes it look kind of like a curtain monster but thats ok. you'll get a picture of me in it eventually.

but not only did i get her to buy the dress, i broke her glasses. not in that order, but during one of our intelligent, civilized conversations, i just happened to hit her over the head with a soda bottle and the flimsy thing appeared to break under my brute force.

needless to say, my telling of the story is a bit biased so you'll have to excuse me. i'll be staring at the shoes i'm drooling over in the corner.

the picture to the right is a blurry, but relatively accurate picture of the dress. as you can tell, it's a strapless number with lace. the lace detailing is roses, and it has wiring on the bodice with really makes it amazing. i'm so glad i found it, and it was only $24 bucks.

the shoes i'm shoving into the picture are the ones i'm coveting, it irks me that they cost more than the dress itself ($30, i've got them on hold because i didn't have enough money at the time).

they're dark green and velvet, a modest heel and extremely comfortable. i can't wait to get them. another, close up picture: here.

anyway, a short list of what i got from the trip:

vintage tee of The Three Stooges (I'm ecstatic, I've been looking for a shirt like this for months) and a funky red leather purse. I'm going to be looking around for a vest and jeans accordingly, although i'm sure I have some high waisted rainbow pants somewhere.

All in all, it was a great trip (and healthy for my anorexic wallet--in total it was 18 bucks, and 14 of it was from Zoe as a gift). I'm all full of smiles, especially because I'm going back on Friday to buy for a friend.

cheers from your friendly fashion pirate (and sidekick, shown in her natural habitat of being the object of mockery);