26 November 2009


This was originally going to be a test video -- which is why I felt free to be awkward and lame for the first minute -- but a special guest visited me and I figured it was too good not to post. This shit really happened; I only regret that he didn't come into the frame.


I thought he had left when I took this (hence me looking around to make sure) but he ended up being like around the corner in his cruiser and drove by VERY SLOWLY which is why I cut it short. Hopefully the audio swap works by the time you guys see this. =___=

Happy thanksgiving, readers!

23 November 2009

yokoo's asian secret brother happens to be fabulous

This should be Yokoo's new campaign model you know? Just imagine, this dude in a chain necklace. Unstoppable fabulousness, girlfriends. Unstoppable.

P.S If you're too stingy to buy from her (shame on you! her stuff is always perfect) at the very least very least least enter her giveaway. How can you deny free stuff? You can't.

22 November 2009

made for tv moment: "all the cool designers either died of aids, or went broke, or BOTH."

I had an outfit post with this picture scheduled this week but I deleted it by accident because I'm lame and technology hates me. I guess blogger was scared by my creeper pose in this picture.

Notice anything ~different? My shirt, ya'll! The one in collaboration with Borders & Frontiers along with the other bloggers -- Tavi, Fake Karl, Elizabeth, to name a few.

Ha. Yes that is my shirt you see -- wrinkled because I basically sleep in it as well because it's so soft. I'm so excited I have it finally, I wear it with everything. And Tavi's, too. It's perfect for everything, particularly awkward first dates.


Like, go on a date and if the girl or guy across from you is being a tool, be like, "Oh, this shirt? It's my DAD. He went to JAIL FOR KILLING MY EX BOYFRIEND FOR BEING A TOOL. The one-eyed monkey on his shoulder was his deadly weapon. The monkey was excellent at throwing bananas in people's eyes. So, yeah. What are we ordering for dinner?"

Man, I haven't done it yet but I'm pretty sure that would be the best date ever.

Top: Mine! Buy it on the sidebar when Drew puts it back up because I (yet again) fail at technology and accidentally deleted it when I was editing my layout. Speaking of, how d'you like it guys?
Everything else: not important.

19 November 2009

take off your skirt and strap on a pair of balls, nikul

I have a collection of film cameras I've had since I was little. I love film, but you know how lazy I can be -- so naturally I have film from like ten years ago I haven't bothered getting developed, and liiterally boxes filled with unorganized "new" photos.

I scanned some ones in I liked I took in various stages of my life -- infancy (man, pooing in your pants is a luxury long gone now, huh), toddlerhood (when i thought i was god's gift to man, as you can see), and elementary school years (i never really grew out of the "i am the shit" phase as you can probably tell). And my mom's old pictures of her hot boyfriends. Why did she get all the hot ones and I'm stuck with watching soap operas to get my fix? LAME.


Arabelle: sarcastic buttface since 1993.

goodbye sweetheart.

Rest in peace, baby.