30 November 2011


Into that black dress, and it's affordable. I just want a bagillion black dresses you guys. A BAGILLION. The sister duo behind Bhon makes super comfortable jersey blend outfits, it's exactly the thing I've been wanting to wear. Lately I've just been in jersey black things with chunky red knits and tweed, I love it. Into what they've been doing.  

Wither Dress $180

28 November 2011

secretary of witchcraft and solitude

Just a quick update to let you know I changed my hair. I hadn't cut it in a year. Feels much lighter. I think my style will probably change accordingly, my makeup routine has modified a lil already! But we'll see see. Here is a pointless video for your time. 

23 November 2011

meow mix

God you can really tell how badly I need a haircut, can't you? Lions mane of frizz and uneven layers from when I thought it was a good idea to chop off the split ends myself. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to hair. I do like how strangely the color faded though. It's a dye job that doesn't know what it wants. 

Another page in the "Arabelle only likes to wear black and pretend she's a cat" book that is my life. When I saw this cat skirt on Emerging Thoughts I screamed IRL at my computer. Obviously it had to make its way into my wardrobe, and I am very glad that it did (thank you ET!!). I paired it with my favorite black fuzzy close cut sweater and a blouse my girlfriend and I found at Goodwill in October. We mostly got it for the collar, which is beautiful, but I actually like the blouse itself so haven't had the heart to cut the collar off and use it individually. Maybe later. 

I'm really into all of the designs from Vivetta (the brand this skirt is from), it's super cutesy but not in a one dimensional saccharine kind of way. 

Love Lace Shirt. I want it sooo badly you guys. 

Lamp Skirt. Reminds me of my favorite Luella collection. I wish it came in a red tartan and black lace, that would go so well with my current wardrobe of goth lolita wednesday addams schtick. 

Since this is going up Wednesday, you're probably getting ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. What are your plans for BF? I don't think I'll brave the crowds, but there are some mighty fine deals at Sephora I'm kind of contemplating. What about you?

21 November 2011

diamonds and pearls

Been wearing this outfit pretty much nonstop because I'm lazy and it seems misleadingly complicated. I think if I had a pleated leather skirt I would probably wear that with it, switch out this dress for the skirt, but you know, I don't really need any other article of clothing right now.. don't need much at all. Just some nice films and friendly conversation with people I love and miss. 

Did I tell you guys I'm getting contacts? I spent like the entire week last week trying to put my sample ones in and gave up until like, a few hours before my doctors appointment, and then I got my sample ones in!! They're ordering my new ones so I should have them by after Thanksgiving break. I still prefer glasses over contacts -- these just suit me, I think -- but it will be a nice change I guess, for when I want to wear super OTT makeup looks. 

Speaking of makeup, thank you so much for the warm reception powder doom has been receiving on tumblr! Chi-Chi and I are so so thankful everyone loves the blog, and we're trying to figure out how to say thank you properly for the Holiday season. ♥♥♥ Thank you twenty thousand times. 

19 November 2011

I haven't been thinking about my style lately, just how to keep warm, and thus there haven't been many outfit posts. I am kind of just watching a lot of movies -- I watched Stealing Beauty last night, and was reminded how my ideal person is Liv Tyler mixed with Eva Green, but then that ideal person would be too perfect to even acknowledge my existence probably. Anyway. 

Now that I'm thinking about how to dress for when the weather gets colder, I'm kind of excited for the challenge. I mean it would be really easy to dress in dark velvet and tights and big chunky scarves, and I will probably do so a lot, but I am very happy with where I am style wise, with a restricted palette of white and red and black and silver, leather and white cotton and black mohair. It's my favorite thing, really, that limited selection of texture and color. I'm going to try to find a way to make only a few pieces last me the entire winter, in different combinations, and I'll have to go hunting for good basic things that will match what I already have. Finding perfect basics at a thrift store is hard!! I guess that's what Zara and H&M is for, but I don't really shop anywhere but Goodwill and I don't feel like making the trek to a mall to deal with the bustle just for a shirt, you know?

And I'm about to chop my hair off and/or bleach it, I haven't really decided what I'm going to do with it, I just need a change. I haven't cut my hair in over a year and it's just ridiculous. Toying with the idea of bleaching it and being all purple again, but I dread the upkeep and don't mind roots ... I'm  just not ready to let go of purple, which will probably happen if I just chop it off the way I kind of want to do. There is something liberating in cutting my hair drastically, it just shreds up the femininity in me. The prettiest thing about me is my hair I think, and when I cut it off the very first time and dyed it I felt like a new person. That is one of my favorite things to feel, like I have a new start. But I can't decide if I want a new start or not. I like where I am, I am happy, it is a quiet happiness, but it's still something better than boredom.  Sometimes I can't tell if I'm happy or not or if I'm just waiting for something else. You know that feeling?

ss01 olivier theyskens

Anyway, I hope your Thanksgiving week is super awesome and you gorge yourself on cranberry jelly (MY FAVE THING ABOUT THANKSGIVING YOU GUYS). Keep warm and stuff! I will try to update more because blogging makes me happy and all that. X.

11 November 2011

wishlist version: me but more

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - all from farfetch
Another page for my wishlist series. Things that I've been staring at lately. Of course I can't afford a sleeve of anything of these things, but it's a good jumping off point for hunting for things. I think I do a good enough job translating my dream wardrobe into my real life, though, and what is funny about this wishlist is that it's really just more expensive versions of what I already have in my closet. Just goes to show you what you have is more than enough. Here are some blog versions of these pieces for reference, you should be able to click the photos to see the original posts:


This shade of green is my favorite color, though I have only one item in it. Naturally I gravitated like a moth to a flame when I saw this ODLR dress. I think people who don't know me as well wouldn't think I'd like this dress -- or anything Oscar, but I do follow his collections pretty closely and one of my biggest vintage regrets is not swiping up this plaid ODLR dress when I should have. Still haunts me. 

Not a direct translation of the CDG half-jacket, but I think it is quite similar and it is also CDG so maybe I cheated but WHATEVER OK. 

I don't have $5000+ to spend on that perfect Valentino dress, but this vintage dress is one of my favorite items of clothing and was the first ever vintage dress I really obsessed over, and it was a gift from my favorite local vintage shop when I first started blogging. Meika (one of the owners) just had a birthday the other day, I've got to drop by and wish her a happy birthday. :) 

So what are you obsessing over right now? Any splurges lately? 

09 November 2011

keep breathing and breathing and breathing

Another day of armor. It feels very fall, yes? I wanted to take this out before it got too cold to wear. 

Vintage Tulle Peplum Jacket @ Goodwill / Comme des Garcons FW2008 Dress / Thrifted Striped Shirt / DIY Halfassed Facial Expression

I like this jacket because it reminds me of that iconic Yohji jacket.

 I think I would wear my jacket much more / like it more if the shoulders weren't so weird -- they're kind of bulbous because of shoulder pads but even if I removed the shoulder pads, the actual sleeves are cut strangely and I'm not good enough at sewing to feel comfortable taking the jacket apart. I am no Luxirare. I DIY things like sweater skirt and whatever but I hardly ever sew things into being permanent, I tie up, I clip, I button in such a way that things can always be moved back to the way they were before, I like it better that way. I am terrified of DIY disasters!! Do you have any stories to validate my fear?

04 November 2011

this is my armor and you can't chip it


 Sooo a change in scenery seems to be in order! I love the basement but the lighting completely sucks and the dorm maintenence crew likes to creep by and judge me a lot so I moved for today. I like it! Reminds me of my bedroom back home but I have way more room here. I noticed how much my last couple of outfits on the blog kind of blend together, and IRL they don't, but my favorite outfits usually are in this palette and with variations of this jacket or that skirt and that top. My roommate has more clothing than me in the dorm! No one understands it but it's because I have narrowed down my clothes. I mean I have an obscene amount of clothing, like, 4 closets technically, but I decided to only bring what I love and can't live without and it's surprisingly very little. And I haven't been compelled to buy anything recently, because what I want is very specific and I don't want to buy anything less than my dream items.


I actually get into arguments with my roommate (in a good way, we're very good friends from High School. I think she was one of the first people I bothered telling I was homo? I was never in the closet I guess if you were to think about it, because I never realized being straight meant you couldn't think about girls....derp) about clothes a lot. Like, she has so much more of it at our dorm -- her closet is twice as full as mine -- but she dislikes it more and doesn't wear probably 80% of it. The way she gets dressed is a lot different from mine, and the way she approaches clothing is much different than how I approach it. Granted, I approach style, fashion, and just getting dressed differently every day because I don't feel like the same person on a day by day basis. I used to use it as a means to purposely differentiate myself and have fun and get around my school dress code and just revel in direct translations of my inspirations, but now I don't think so much about it.


 For the first few years that I got into fashion I used to scorn people who wore really basic, black outfits, etc, and swore I'd always "be ~unique~" and whatever that shit but now I think I feel most myself in simpler compositions and palettes. I mean, I am totally happy wearing colorful outfits (I am a color queen, let there be NO DOUBT) but whenever I feel very unsure of myself or even just very happy, just in general very something -- I always return to the sentiment that my favorite clothes are my armor and my friends. They will never fail me. And most of my favorite clothes just happen to be darker and have richer textures and are very delicate and strange. Clothes give me agency where talking often fails. I've become very introverted and introspective in the past few years and my favorite films and my favorite songs and my favorite clothes got me through. I can be a feminist and also love fashion because I believe that your style and how you approach the industry and dissect and create the media can give you agency, give you a voice, give you strength. Passion in any form, like getting dressed (even if that is a simple form), just says that I am here and that I exist and I am not ashamed.