23 November 2011

meow mix

God you can really tell how badly I need a haircut, can't you? Lions mane of frizz and uneven layers from when I thought it was a good idea to chop off the split ends myself. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to hair. I do like how strangely the color faded though. It's a dye job that doesn't know what it wants. 

Another page in the "Arabelle only likes to wear black and pretend she's a cat" book that is my life. When I saw this cat skirt on Emerging Thoughts I screamed IRL at my computer. Obviously it had to make its way into my wardrobe, and I am very glad that it did (thank you ET!!). I paired it with my favorite black fuzzy close cut sweater and a blouse my girlfriend and I found at Goodwill in October. We mostly got it for the collar, which is beautiful, but I actually like the blouse itself so haven't had the heart to cut the collar off and use it individually. Maybe later. 

I'm really into all of the designs from Vivetta (the brand this skirt is from), it's super cutesy but not in a one dimensional saccharine kind of way. 

Love Lace Shirt. I want it sooo badly you guys. 

Lamp Skirt. Reminds me of my favorite Luella collection. I wish it came in a red tartan and black lace, that would go so well with my current wardrobe of goth lolita wednesday addams schtick. 

Since this is going up Wednesday, you're probably getting ready for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. What are your plans for BF? I don't think I'll brave the crowds, but there are some mighty fine deals at Sephora I'm kind of contemplating. What about you?