29 June 2009



Heyyyy dudes, I'm not going to bother apologizing for my absence, 'cause technically I have not be internetz absent, just blog absent. I hate summer (no lie? teenager? hating summer? PHONE THE PRESS!) purely because even though I might have the time to think up some epic outfits -- albeit, all of my favorite outfits include a crinoline or hooker heels -- it's just too damn hot to wear them. I sweat like a pig, and yes you needed to know that, so pretty much even if I ended up with an outfit suitable for Rei or Uncle, I would

(my favorite LP! i love how his package is skillfully flashed out. I'm pro.)
  • Have to sit in sub degree temperatures in my basement, thereby not showing my outfit to anyone, getting it dirty and also probably catch pneumonia
  • Attempt to leave the house and thereby melt into a puddle of sweat and spleen, thereby ruining my outfit with blood and yummy juicy things like that, probably catch.... deadness
  • I like using bullets and thereby! Thereby I say thee areth very swelllike yeeeeee octupi


Anyway if you follow me on twitter, which you probably do because I post on it more than blogger, you know that these shoes are the next giveaway! I have already sent out the winner packages to the previous giveaway so it's about time for a new one eh? It is actually between these shoes and the sneaker heels in the other outfit post, in orange, white, or hot pink, but I'm not certain the winner will have the shoe size available so yeah.

Anyway! I'm you know... testing the giveaway heels out, you know, making sure they're UP 2 PAR 4 U// but next time I get computer time I'll fill you in on the contest details! Hint: sign up for twitter!


In other news, I was in a few publications without really getting interviewed for them, but people email me about them so if you have seen them (I'm not sure what their called, but know that they're out there....?) can you just scan me the articles? This is to the Australian, Korean, and Swedish readers I think? Maybe London too?

Blahhh london blahhhhhh insert violent battle royale gif to fully explain my angst about not being with my wife and uncle blahhhhhhhhhh

08 June 2009

outfit outfit, insert funny and intellectual and insulting header here

08June 126

08June 115

(Before you say it: Why yes. I do use my phone like it is an additional appendage. )

Anyway! This is a jumpsuit thingamagijggy I got from my friend Zoe awhile ago. Since summer is kind of not quite here, I wear it pretty often with the harness I got from Angie as part of my prom dress (which you should not expect pictures of for well.. ages, because we all know how I am with showing you things on time.) I wear the harness probably way more than I should. It is kind of the best thing in the entire world, except it does not give me money on whims or speak in tongues. If it did, I would probably be fondling it instead of typing this... hehehh.


Pretty old outfit, but one you guys probably haven't seen. This jacket is actually a handmedown from my English teacher, from when she was a student thrifting? Funny stuff. It's so pretty.

Anyway, I'm looking through the comments now! You guys still have a few days left, so keep posting!

so. first outfit: gifted jumpsuit, Angie harness
second outfit: gifted vintage jacket, vintage vest, thrifted blouse, vintage skirt, vintage belt.
the reason i don't typically post outfit information is because everything is vintage or thrifted!

02 June 2009


Giveaway Summer!




Eryn briniĆ©, which is a label I think you'll all love. I think with summer, I'm going to be dressing in a lot of easy pieces with some epic tailoring, and Eryn has some stellar pieces that would go with pretty much everything. Eryn briniĆ© is actually a fictional character; a young fashion designer in her early 20’s living in Paris who loves art and culture, frequents museums and is constantly inspired by the beauty around her. Sounds like pretty much like what I'm going to go to do in summer, except I'm not as awesome.

Anyway! The girls at Eryn have been awesome enough to send me some accessories and a gift card to give away!

Pretty much all you need to do is comment in the post below with your email, name, and one sentence about what kind of girl you'd want to be in the summer. Travel the world with only a pair of shoes? Write it down.

You're limited to one sentence. Make it worth it!

You can enter once only. This will be going on until June 12th. Good luck, girls!