23 May 2009

i sex up morals with my bodily organs and lack of dignity.



A while ago I got these jeans from Kill City for a campaign they wanted me to participate in -- 100 Stylish People Around the World. Super fly. These are the only jeans I wear. This shirt is from Jen, it's a Brian Lichtenberg shirt and it is maybe the coolest shirt ever? Yes? Yes.


I also got this amazing, amazing pair of sequined harem pants from Gilda (a.k.a my twin. Not to be confused with my soul, Tavi, or my many wives. You see, I have a fashion harem. We all wear high heels and discuss HGTV and our favorite collections, while listening to the Beastie Boys and have grapes skinned and fed to us by Cole Mohr and Matsumoto Jun.) from a contest a few months ago.

For ye old faithful readers, you may remember this video I did.

I certainly do. My dad used it as a holiday greeting card. I would be mortified, but then I remember my soul died long ago.


I didn't get a chance to get a decent outfit picture of them today, maybe next time I wear them. Here is what I have, though. Use your imagination? USE YOUR IMAGINATION~ CHARLIE~ THE UNICORN~ ETC.

the shining

but here ya go. The care tags are hilarious on the pants, dudes. I love them. They say "for skinny bitches" and it makes me feel like eating cupcakes is a reward for not swimming for several months. Or. something. Anywaymovingonawkwardturtle

paul ka

HOW FUCKING PERFECT IS THIS? A WHOLE LOT, IS HOW MUCH. Indescribable. So good. This was Paul's FW collection, not his spring summer, which was pretty bare and typically.... springy. I really hate the resort and spring/summer collections of a lot of designers. It's an excuse to just do safari and beige for the umpteenth time. Blerg.

I think the only designer I really dig for whiteness other than the givens (mommy and daddy Kawakubo and Yamamoto, obviously) would be Calvein Klein Collection? I have some CKC from the eighties and shit is still divine. Sometimes I fondle it at night. In a non sexual-deviant kind of way.


Okay, ta ta for now! I must go on to do homework a.k.a watch more Secret Diary of a Call Girl while sitting on my textbooks.

20 May 2009

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This may be the best thing ever written about me. Ever. I love you Anna! God, ontd star trek memes and me? Stop it. You know me too well.

12 May 2009

New favorite poem!

Fame, like a wayward girl, will still be coy
To those who woo her with too slavish knees,
But makes surrender to some thoughtless boy,
And dotes the more upon a heart at ease;



new shoes!

New shoes! And new photographer (my girl friend's boyfriend! Hi girlfriend, I love you.). And new setting. I could tell you where it is, but is is probably obvious to like 25% of my readership (nosy nerds! boooo).

And new shoes. Say hi to my new shoes.

because i don't want to be a cocktease: jacket, shirts, goodwill. tights are from the sock drawer ($5) and i made the skirt. i pretty much just wear tablecloths and linens now all the time. it's a neverending toga party. shoes are from a local jersey chain store/sweatshop.

03 May 2009

back to the future

Click to enlarge.

One of my favorite internet budz Aly (whose tumblr is fucking epic, I'm pretty sure she shares my brain) was going through FP's archives and came across this colalge I made awhile ago. Funny how life doesn't change at all, I'd still kill for any one of these things. And when I look around, I notice the trends haven't changed at all, either? We're seeing the same things in stores we saw last year, literally. Nothing new. Maybe I'm missing something.

Have you noticed any new trends and the like so far this spring/summer?