23 May 2009

i sex up morals with my bodily organs and lack of dignity.



A while ago I got these jeans from Kill City for a campaign they wanted me to participate in -- 100 Stylish People Around the World. Super fly. These are the only jeans I wear. This shirt is from Jen, it's a Brian Lichtenberg shirt and it is maybe the coolest shirt ever? Yes? Yes.


I also got this amazing, amazing pair of sequined harem pants from Gilda (a.k.a my twin. Not to be confused with my soul, Tavi, or my many wives. You see, I have a fashion harem. We all wear high heels and discuss HGTV and our favorite collections, while listening to the Beastie Boys and have grapes skinned and fed to us by Cole Mohr and Matsumoto Jun.) from a contest a few months ago.

For ye old faithful readers, you may remember this video I did.


I certainly do. My dad used it as a holiday greeting card. I would be mortified, but then I remember my soul died long ago.


I didn't get a chance to get a decent outfit picture of them today, maybe next time I wear them. Here is what I have, though. Use your imagination? USE YOUR IMAGINATION~ CHARLIE~ THE UNICORN~ ETC.

the shining

but here ya go. The care tags are hilarious on the pants, dudes. I love them. They say "for skinny bitches" and it makes me feel like eating cupcakes is a reward for not swimming for several months. Or. something. Anywaymovingonawkwardturtle

paul ka

HOW FUCKING PERFECT IS THIS? A WHOLE LOT, IS HOW MUCH. Indescribable. So good. This was Paul's FW collection, not his spring summer, which was pretty bare and typically.... springy. I really hate the resort and spring/summer collections of a lot of designers. It's an excuse to just do safari and beige for the umpteenth time. Blerg.

I think the only designer I really dig for whiteness other than the givens (mommy and daddy Kawakubo and Yamamoto, obviously) would be Calvein Klein Collection? I have some CKC from the eighties and shit is still divine. Sometimes I fondle it at night. In a non sexual-deviant kind of way.


Okay, ta ta for now! I must go on to do homework a.k.a watch more Secret Diary of a Call Girl while sitting on my textbooks.


ipopheart said...

I remember that video.
I would watch out because im kind of tempted to take a trip to the hollund tunnel and ransack your house for those harem pants.

diane said...

I remember that video too. I loved it the first time, and love it even more now. You are hilarious. xo

super_cactus said...

That Paul Ka stuff is insane! I love the play on shape and silouettekjdkjgd I can't spell.

Also love the video. I've been there. I think we've all been there... *looks into distance*


Emlyn said...

you are kind of too awesome

Alexandra said...

That shirt is amazing, as are the leggings and video!

style-magnet said...

That shirt is BANGIN.

laia. said...


leilani.e said...

omgomgomg secret diary of a call girl... so good.
maybe as good as those pants!
(ps. lovin' the blog, I just got here... it's on the feed!)

Shila Ghaisani said...

I like that shirt a lot.

Amelia said...

I love that collection! The shapes and textures are perfect.

lucille said...

I love your Tshirt ! You look great !

zhuhuajun said...

after seeing that video again i decided i will visit you at school if you give me a live performance of that :D

glitter-beads said...

Awesome dancing!

aindrea//fashionista du jour said...

am i one of your fashion wives? haha :)
i think i creamed my non-sequinnedharem pants *cough* trousers.
they're hot hot hot.
secret diary of a call girl <3

that video is the single most awesome thing in the history of ever.

cavaán said...


tiltumaria said...

love love lve the sequined harems! and the vid is hilarious!! xxx

Camilla said...

That was the best, funniest video I've ever seen in my 16 years of life and I love that your dad used it as a christmas card

Isabel said...

Sigh, I live for your outfit updates Arabelle! Those sequin pants are nutty in an excellent way, and Cole Mohr is hot in a hot way.

Johanne said...

Hahaha, I still can't get over that video! And yaaay for sequined harems. Shininessssss<3

kimvee said...

That is an awesome shirt, I love it!
Aww your dancing is so cute in the video :P

Snow White said...

Those are very nice jeans. I too only wear one pair of denim pants, which are pefectly fitted and a lovely straight legged cut. Worth the money I spent on them.

Kat said...


Erina said...

awesome harem pants, awesome tee shirt, and i LOVE secret diary of a call girl! seriously good.

SimplyAin said...

MATSU JUN *gush* =D

Nikyta said...

the video is great especially the dacing + i love the outfit too

Ty Ty said...

aw the video :)
luv ur jeans! u should wear jeans more often! but i love the harem pants more... haha skinny bitches...
and luv the paule ka stuff! keep posting! xoxo
Ty Ty

AFitz said...



No im kidding i am happy with this.

gilda said...

how did i visit your blog a couple of days ago and miss this? i rewatched your video and omg i still think you are hilarious. plus, the fact that your steps could be heard :D i'm sorry they took forever to arrive but i'm glad you like them sequined biotches!

Melting Fabric said...

i love sequin leggings! and your blog is so cool! you have such a unique style :D

Serena said...

That vid reminds me of my own silly dancing!! Seriously you are soo cute!! i love your blog btw... and i can't believe you don't wear jeans often! They're practically chemically bonded to my skin!

A Jewel Bandaid said...

Gaaaahhhh--Matsumoto Jun?

He's tooooooo skinny. Like a child, lol. Oguri Shun or Matsuda Shota [ESPECIALLY Matsuda Shota] = PHWOAAARRRR...!

I'm on your facebook, by the way. Lol.

rubie_xoxo said...

ahhhh swoon-worthy jeans.

Vanessa Jackman (Street+Style = StreetStyle) said...

OMG, I LOVE the video, Arabelle!!! I also love how your Dad used it as a greeting card- hilarious :)
And those sequinned harems are divine....

Laura. said...

love the pants!



Little Bo Peeep said...

all hail to the shirt

keisyaa said...

hahaha funny video. great idea

Courtney said...

this is my first time on your blog, but... that was a beautiful mix of dance moves and pictures. i'd try to recreate it, but obviously it wouldn't be as beautiful.

La Pavoni Coffee Machines UK said...

Nice video... great post... keep it up!!!

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