30 April 2008

if you smoke grass does that make you more stupider?

Quick post, but it's another outfit post so does the un-entertaing-ness cancel out?

Apparently my reluctance to get up and my inability to form an outfit the night before has made me into 1) homeless fashionista and 2) from Denmark.

Hey, I'll take what I can get.

What am I wearing:

  • Junko Koshino jacket I mentioned in the earliest of posts. I used to be quite intimidated by it and it's skirt counterpart. I've made peace with it.
  • Checkered silk zip up vest from Hong Kong
  • Men's T-shirt from Uniqlo
  • Skinny pants from wetseal (not surprisingly they're too short and a piece of crap in general)
  • beat up docs slip ons
  • A frown
  • Beat up schoolbag (scoliosis is so my thing.)

Also, I've got $20 to spend and $20 only for an online purchase--what do you think I should get? I'm thinking about jewelery on etsy but I haven't a clue what, really. Maybe a cheapo jumper on ebay, maybe accessories on etsy....I dunno. Help please.

Edit: Why are all the cool kids styling their own shoots? If only, if only....

And now I will leave you with the family muse.

29 April 2008

open mouth, blah blah blah shovel in face

Oh shiiiiii- an outfit post? Yes. An outfit post, albeit a very.... questionable outfit. If you don't appreciate obnoxious tights & kid store vest from the dark past we know as the 90's, that is. I think I got it for $2 at the local Children's Place? It sticks to my hair but since the little sheep are so cute it's forgivable. The skirt is handsewn by my mother and I'm sure if I had one in every color I would never buy a skirt again. I don't like matching outfits so I made the tights a kick in the eyes.

I wanted to dress up as an obnoxious sheep herder flower loving girl who sits in libraries and listens to her mp3 player at minimum volume. Did it work?

Lately I've been getting more comments in real life about my outfits. As the year flies by (third semester report cards today, super asian parents + merit roll = KDJFSHFDSF) people ask me more and more about my outfits, and I don't mind that. I actually like negative comments in real life because they usually come from the most ghetto people in my city and think tube tops should be the uniform for 15 year old girls everywhere. This means I do not appeal to ghetto perverts. This means my target audience (read: my mirror and you lot) is satisfied with my appearance.

Some of the weirder comments:
  • "You dress like a gay actor. A really well dressed gay actor." [I can forgive you, Nate, for you have sexy glasses.]
  • "Why do you have condoms on your legs?" [Ah, Vinnie.]
  • "It's like the easter bunny made a pact with satan and made you."
What did you wear today? What are the weirdest comments you've recieved for an outfit?

27 April 2008

from art to A R T

I don't know their names, but I love them.

long long long long llalalalalalallong gone.

Boo, I've been a terrible blogger lately. >_>

Anyway, I've decided not to mention anything I'm going to do on the blog because I seem to have a curse by mentioning it, it never happens. Like, ever. So screw that and I'm just going to write whatever I have prepared so people don't have to wait for.....ever. Eheheh.

My friends and I go shopping a lot (well, mostly them, I'm a poor ho......) so it's only logical to have a few favorite places to go. Well, I've compiled them into a nifty list here. Credit cannot go to me--the majority of it is Riley's. I actually can't be bothered to remember the locations/names of my favorite places, I just go.

So. What do you do on typical weekends, ladies (and gentlemen, all 5 of you)? I like going through old magazine editorials when I'm bored. This is a little over a year old--nothings really changed trend wise for the season though. I think it still holds merit.

Truth be told, I haven't had a floral fetish unlike other bloggers. I guess I'm too picky or it's just not meant to be? I think I own about 5 floral things and not exactly a fan of any of them except the tights and the skirt.

Any suggestions as to how to bring more florals in? It's something I'm going to probably have to do with the new dress code policy of no pants*. I'll be stocking up on dresses and cropped pants like these for the duration.

This is what I think I'd get away with wearing to school, if you know, I had a million dollars:

I've been a minimalist groove lately. Black, structured shirts with my guy friends jeans and killer heels. I think I've been staring at Erin Wasson too long.

*no pants being no skinnies, no pockets, blah blah de fucking blah. Dresses and non-denim only.

23 April 2008

if you say girlfriend i'm going to say you beat orphans.

My legs are ded, my head is ded, my soul is pretty much on it's way as well. Today was exhausting.

Anyway, I ended up going shopping with Zoe. We've had it in the works for awhile, and despite some kinks we managed to go together and it kicked ass. Hell yeah.

All in all I spent $40 when under any other circumstances I'd be spending $170, at the very least. I want applause and possibly a medal.

Clockwise from left: Cheap Monday Jeans, $10; Shorts, Urban Outfitters, $10; Cheap Monday Jeans, $10; Hanes V-Neck 3 pack, $10

I love sample sales. The place was on the edge of SoHo, and we were delightfully under dressed which was actually good thinking because there were no changing rooms. I love long shirts.

It seemed that we weren't allowed to take pictures of the clothes there, which is such a shame because by god everything was so beautiful....and cheap! If I had $150 to spare I'd blow it all on the sample Vena Cava and Wayne they had there. But still, we came for Cheap Monday and we came out victorious. Prices ranged from $10-40.

We did shop around elsewhere; went to a few vintage places Zoe discovered. Nothing really caught our eye, and the one place Zoe wanted to show me ended up being closed. I might be able to swing by later this week by myself, who knows.

I'm really happy with my purchases, though. Perfect Spring shorts and wicked awesome jeans to boot! I'll be wearing these to the bone.....and off I am to go dance around dutifully as a start.

In other news, I'm on Teen Vogue. o_O
Famous for being a fashion pirate, ahaha.


not really an update, more of an obsession

Just a quick update for my faithful reader, nothing big. So, I'm still dazed and confused from my weekend and holiday celebrations (I did enough celebrating for the entire fashion blog circuit, methinks....maybe I overdid it, oh well) and silly me didn't bother asking Taylor to send the party pictures over. Eh.

Anyway, I don't think I really want to remember. Who the hell hooks up with a dude you have to refer to as Penguin? Let it be known his physical features were nothing like that of said animal. In fact, if his nickname should be anything it should be Goku or something, like an anime guy because I'm a sucker for asian hair. But Penguin. He can be the hottest piece of ass in the entire state, but no one is going to believe that if all you can remember about him is his nickname...Penguin. Fucking a.

Oh well. Parties are made for petty things, I love them that way.

I was reading a manga and this is the only thing interesting in the whole folder. I have been staring at these jeans for about half an hour. They're pretty much perfect. I imagine wearing them and becoming immersed in this lovely state of vertigo.....delight...and a world of photoshopped blue and orange goodness. Hell yeah.

Anyone know where to get them/lookalikes? They are the perfect shade of blue and delight. If you wear them, puppies will be born and hippies will throw flowers at you and coffee will always be freshly brewed..... utopia in denim, I swear it.....I'm kind of obsessed. Alright, more than kind of. I must have them yesterday.

18 April 2008


heads up on the next couple of days--actually, the entire week. it's spring break, after all. this is more for the weirdos at school who intend to bother me to get together than anyone else.

4/19/08 ; taylor's sweet sixteen insane thing in which i will probably die at. and school.
4/20/08 ; happy 420! celebrating accordingly.
4/21/08 ; volunteering again (finally). yay puppies!
4/22/08 ; brooklyn museum to check out the new exhibit and my friends piece in the permanent collection. sweet.
4/23/08 ; operation DeFatAssMe begins.
4/24/08 ; Thrifting with Zoe (?)
4/25/08 ; Thriftin' with Sarena (?) + Beach with Kirsten and Chrystine.
4/26/08 ; volunteering again, defatassation continues.
4/27/08 ; homework and blogging again. maybe the former.

This is going to be mental. I will try to keep you posted! And not bullshit posts, either. Legit photodiary posts. Because I know you want em.

Until next time....dance, because as my new addiction says, everybody's who's not dancing is a rapist.

17 April 2008

hypocrisy is okay, as long as I have Dirty Librarian Chains.

I want to drape myself in decadent, ridiculous strands of chains and crosses. Hear the jangling as I move, feel it on my collarbone and twirl my fingers in the gold. This is my favorite feeling. Couple it with a menswear inspired outfit or just straight up menswear, you're good to go to a party and the streets with no outfit change. Take off a necklace. Wax on, wax off.

My favorite necklace is long and Aztec esque, with Erin Wasson's LowLuv kind of length. Nearly invincible, until I yanked it too hard and off it went. I haven't gotten around to buying a new clasp for it, oh well. Now I wear my usual ice of an antique, 200 year old cocoa bead rosary handmade in Genoa + my gold ladybug watch necklace. Broken, but oh well. I like to fiddle with the wings.

Anyway, they are nothing, nothing, nada compared to these gorgeous pieces of heaven/hell/Bokonist otherworld. From the company Dirty Librarian Chains, every piece is made from vintage pieces so one is always different from the previous made. Frankly, I think they'd go with anything, so I made an anything kind of outfit for 'em. Nothing special, I wanted the jewelery to make the biggest statement. When in doubt, wear red. It's okay to clash.

Oh baby baby. However, I think they're a bit familiar.....


16 April 2008

beware of the rambling fashion sheep.

Fashion condemns us to many follies; the greatest is to make ourselves its slave.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Hi, my name is Belle and I am a slave to fashion. For a long while, I was oblivious. I went through a phase where I would dress only in luxurious and outrageous layers of petticoats and dresses--all floral, by the way. I would never leave the house without a bonnet. I still have the dress from when I was five, that I would refuse to eat for days because sometimes I wouldn't fit into it. If I had any chance in hell that I could fit into it today I would probably still be doing it.

Then, I went through a phase where I hated dresses. I mean, throw a dress at me and I would melt and writhe and growl and scream. This is also known as my ''emo bitch'' phase, in which middle school involved being a teacher's pet and applying eyeliner haphazardly because I thought it made my eyes look bigger. (What was I thinking?)

Looking back I realize I haven't changed much--I love dressing up, and I love dressing down. The middle ground is the boring part. But now, it's like I'm so aware of what's in and whats out that I sometimes I can't enjoy myself and what I'm wearing because I judge myself so critically. All I'm seeing is tribal prints (too bold? too frumpy?) and then floral (grandma chic or trashy ho?) and who I'm dressing up as (is that you, Kate Moss? is that you, Lou Doillon?). It gets tiring after awhile.

I'm not saying I don't love being around all of this, knowing what I know. I've come to really appreciate what people in the Industry do. There's something to be said for someone who can predict the trends and get them to print, organize photoshoots and style them and not go insane after years. Hell, I've only been obsessed for maybe a year or two and I can't even imagine what it must be like to be this crazy and get paid for it.

It's just that when I wake up in the morning, I don't want to be more aware of the trends than I am of school. Fashion and the people that deal with it have given me so much to smile about; I know it's the reason my parents are together still and the art form I am most likely to go into if any at all. Still, I'm a little scared at the thought of sacrificing my personal identity to that of what I'm told is what is in fashion right now. I don't want to care about that. I want to put on what looks and feels right on instinct, not by any persuasion.

The fact remains, though, that I am always going to be influenced by the words of others in the Fashion Industry. How could I not be? And I admit it wholeheartedly--I am a fashion pirate, after all. I don't think I'll ever be instinctively stylish like those I look up to so much; you either have it or you don't.

Maybe I do have it, but it's just buried underneath all the obsession over bullshit trends and it items. I've just got to breathe and look for it. I've got to try not to follow the crowd.

So, my mission indefinitely: embrace what I like and what I am for the right reasons-and don't put up with anything less.

15 April 2008

my cat is a furry projectile and HOT DAMN flail.

Can't wait can't wait can't wait can't wait
Dr. Who a.k.a William Beckett a.k.a me + Gossip Girl = never doing homework ever again woooo.

Post tommorow, for serious. Just spazzin' here.

13 April 2008

i like ralph's butt and i cannot lie


I have a fascination with manjeans and I don't care if everyone knows it. By god, Lulu has created a monster with a fascination with levi 501's and any nice pair of manjeans in between. But anyway, I didn't feel like editing the other post because it's already quite long (I talk too much, whatever). I will shut up now.

Why are you looking at a teenage boys butt? Oh, because I wanted to take a picture of it. Hey Ralph, I want those jeans. Also, GET YOUR 5 THINGS DONE FOR ME, MAN. Aha, I thought Abigail's arm was yours.

Crystal Castles pose in 3, 2, 1....

Would you let this 15 year old girl drive your car? With no prior experience?

Well Keane did. The little Mexican kid in the background has the right idea: run awayyyy.

Because I felt obligated to post a bad picture of me after Abigails. Fucking comb-over.

you are going to dance or by god i will make the lobster in your stomach stab you.

The below is true:
  • I am an amazing dancer. Fo realz. Breakdancing Belle, oh yeah.
  • The party I went to will never be mentioned and pictures of said party will never surface or by god I will strangle the sadistic bastard that posted them. I am no photogenic victim of the cobrasnake; my eyes are perpetually shut and squinty due to my hatred of flash.
The above is false, false, false.

There is a good reason I only dance with strangers, or under a pleasant, woozy haze. Awkward white girl is my middle name. Forgetting dancing is probably best for all parties concerned. Nevermind that. I would like to concentrate on the fact in the last few minutes all Ralph wanted to do was have me take picture of his outfit to put on my blog. My little Flip Model Wannabe, you.

He hasn't sent me any of the pictures yet, so. I'll edit them in when I get them.

Short post due to long weekend. Just wanted to put you on notice that for the next few weekends, I'll be busy with parties and with Spring Break coming up an itinerary is needed for all of the craziness planned. Head up and apologies beforehand; I will definitely try to get actual outfits pictures and chronicle my adventures! For these reasons I haven't been making really good posts lately, I'm just concentrating on getting all my crap together for the aforementioned social gatherings and you know, not fail miserably in school.

Also, counting down the days where my paypal account is nice and fat with a paycheck from sponsors. Woo money for online shopping woooo. To gather my thoughts, I made a quick polyvore of my favorite UK Vogue Spread. Comments and criticisms are always appreciate through comments.

Menswear post: Yes, I am still going to be making it. It's 2/3 there, don't worry. I want it to be nice, so it's going to be out soon.

Back to homework.

11 April 2008

he has come, the boy that posesses solar hands!

Thank god it's Friday night, and I just (just just just just) got paid. Not really. But I did dance to the legendary boyband as per usual on my bed for the past half hour.

So, I have many bookmarks. By many, I mean a pathetic amount that tells who I spend too much time on the computer. Does 200+ bookmarks seems like a lot? Pfft. I just cut out 300 of them over this past week to get to two hundred.

Things I am visiting daily:

  • Anything Patrick Demarchelier. He does no wrong. Truly. Fashion You has a wonderful post all about the genius, you should check it out. I stumbled upon another editorial of his and now I want to find my sequined magenta cape.
  • The Stephenson. Amazing jeans, I love the buttons so much. The white jeans don't look half bad and normally I twitch at white jeans. Seriously though, look at those shorts and tell me you don't want them.
  • Her and her home. Johanna is a modern day Queen Marie if only in the looks and whimsy. Her blog is an absolute delight, and her house is ridiculously awesome on all levels.

  • Agatha Ruiz de la Prada F/W 08.09 Madrid. When I thought of it....well, I'll let the pictures speak for me....

  • Things Asian People Like. Absolutely hilarious blog only because it's true. I live a life of cliches, Jewish best friends, and DDR. Nix on the math camp, though; true asians fly halfway across the world to their aunts illegal summer boot camp when they're six and do homework 12 hours a day. Just sayin'.

you guys eat santa claus, doesn't that make you some fucking cannibals

"Hi I'm Abigail and I have SOLAR HANDS OF BREAD POWER."

Ahaha, I love surveys almost as much as torturing my friends. I've done this before, but it's going to be fun to see how I've changed. Do not fret, I'll probably post enough actual material so that this post is well hidden come Monday. I just felt obliged seeing as my favorite blogger in the universe and intarwebs, Lulu, has tagged me.

8 Things I am Passionate About
1. ......hint: blog title.
2. harassing my friends. If they have the right to sing the Davy Crockett theme song every day I reserve the right to beat them to death with my wit and foul mouth.
3. jewlery, and shoes. I love accessories right now, I haven't got enough of them. I went through a bangles phase in 8th grade, eventually they accumulated to my elbow. I wish I still had some of them in non-rusted condition.
4. Foreign music. I honestly don't even know whats the new ''thats my song, gurrrllll" song of the moment right now, and nor do I care. My mp3 player only has Swedish rap, korean pop, Jrock, and British indie and rock acts.
5. Menswear. An unhealthy obsession. I made four of my best male friends to give me either their jeans or their soul. Two of them gave me their jeans. I am living in them.
6. Davy, Davy Crocket, king of the wild frontier~
7. Personal and family battles. I want all of the drama to be over before I'm a senior so I can publish a memoir on crazy ass asian households before I go to (enter ivy league here).
8. Being happy with myself. Harder and harder everyday, but I'm trying.

8 Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Koreans (I forgive you, kind of.)
2. Be sucessful
3. Dance on the grave of someone that has caused me grief
4. Go to Fashion Week (Zoe....)
5. Go through a to-do list
6. Make fun of hipsters, then make them show me where they get their clothes
7. Open up my own store
8. Do not fail

8 Things I Say Often
2. Goddamnit
3. Shut up
4. Jew
5. No
6. Wutevar
7. Ass
8. Failure

8 Books I Have Read Lately
1. Ethan Frome (*cutcutcut*)
2. The Importance of Being Earnest
3. NYTimes ("the best textbook in the world!!111")
4. I don't read anymore. D:

8 Songs I Could Listen To Over and Over
2. Paper Planes : M.I.A
3. Ta ta : Vivian Hsu
4. Zza Zza La : As One
5. Goodvye Mr. A : The Hoosiers
6. anything by the Smallfaces
7. Loop Troop Rockers : "The Building"
8. A Cause Des Garçons : YELLE

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

1-8: Me being able to post that picture up. And them paying for my shit. And also the fact I have made $50 from them, $75 from them betting on me, and them giving me their manjeans simply because I said I wanted some. I love you, Hymen, I love you, Johnstab.

Now I tag....

and you!

10 April 2008

they want us naked and possibly as transvestites.

Dear dress code,

You and I have a love hate relationship. Good times were had, experimentation came from you and of course, those lovely weeks of detention I received for trying to thwart your claws. Remember how in freshman year I used to wear band t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers every day and never got caught unless I was on the second floor? Good times, eh?

No longer. You have gone one step too far, my friend. I understand that you want my amazingly awesome body (ha, ha) but all these restrictions are, quite frankly, ridiculous. It's understandable about colored jeans. We aren't supposed to have jeans on in the first place. I get that. But...no tailored pants? What? I'm sorry, I don't like walking around in yoga pants / fat pants. Work pants? I think people who have jobs like to have their pants tailored. Straight legged? Give me a break. I wear straight legged pants and you say they're skinny. Sorry my calves are fat...? This pains me. Pains me so hard. I have one pair of non skinny pants. And they're a piece of crap. I REFUSE TO WEAR FAT PANTS. You saw me in last period when I heard her smug mouth note tailored pants were unprofessional. I was foaming at the mouth. I wish I was lying.

No studs. I get that. I can get around that, I suppose. Buttons are ok right? Oh, wait, cords aren't allowed either. Pockets? What? I can't expose them? Eh? What did my pockets ever do to you? Are they streakers now? Does looking at them make you ill? Pockets aren't some obscure reference to gangs. The school is like the anti-gang gang of Jersey. What the hell.

It's obvious you don't realize my monetary situation. Actually, the lack of the money. I am not going to buy a whole new wardrobe of fat pants, long sleeved shirts, more fat pants, and generally failure-made-in-pants pants. You're too cruel.

You leave me no choice. I shall just have to order this--or the transgender (anatomically correct with holes included!) bodysuit before school ends so I am prepared for the next school year.

Hey, if I can't wear any of my pants, skirts, or leggings, I guess I'll just have to go naked or the next best thing.

I want a divorce. No, I don't--I want you gone. I'm hiring a hitman on your punk ass, dress code policy. A HIT MAN OF SPANDEX, JEANS, SKANK SHIRTS AND TAILORED PANTS.



Many middle fingers and rude gestures,

An extremely stubborn and pantswearing Fashion Pirate.

09 April 2008

YamaPi, I hope the crazy korean stalker girls did not take your soul D:

Outfit for Monday? I like making fun of hipsters. Note the dollar store raybanzzz from my 6th grade birthday party. They have cheap cartoon mouse stickers on them. Hardcore.

I wore moccasins later. Note the wicked awesome Davy Crockett-esque jacket I found in my closet. I don't mind being called (enter varius hunter/indian/frontiersman here) because this jacket is made of epic win and it's in perfect condition for being 40+ years old. Also, we watched Davy Crockett movies today so I felt very well prepared.

I hate you, Zoe. You are one lucky asshat. That is all.

edit: apparently not so. YamaPi, one of my favorite idols, has been mobbed by thousands of people on his return flight. Hair pulled out, clothes ripped....disgusting. I have no love for Korea right now. You hurt my feelings and you hurt them hard.

07 April 2008

do you know the muffin man oh what the hell the brain is moving?!

Mr. Monday knocked on your door, did you beat him with a shovel or ask him in for coffee? I think I was pretty courteous. I didn't throw my alarm clock out the window this week, which is a huge improvement. Anyway, my scanner isn't working at the moment, but I will scan in the sketches eventually.

I love models. On the off chance I do mingle with them, they're just normal people except infinitely prettier. And well paid. And skinnier. And....well, mostly I like who I meet in the modeling industry. They're good at their jobs, and these lovely ladies make me ache for Summer and Spring hasn't even gotten halfway through!

Rich textures, heavy jewelery, crazy socks, this is exactly my kind of thing. A well-hemmed hippie skirt and a patterned shirt with some strings of jewelry and you're set. If you can't pull off multiple patterns at once, concentrate on one portion of your body and choose colors to complement or offset that pattern depending on the quirkiness you'd like to show. Of course, the socks are my favorite part of most of the shoots; layered or just plain eclectic socks with sandals really bring these shoots home to me.

So I present, from dark to light. Different settings yield equally beautiful results.

First on the table:
Magazine: Vogue Russia Issue: March 2008
Title: Sea Princess Photograher: Paolo Roversi
Verdict: Natalia + Paolo = unreal.

Really, this is such a beautiful shoot. It's such a shame that Natalia is going to be retiring soon (or so I hear); she's easily one of my favorite models. She very rarely disappoints me and quite frankly, I think she must be some really pretty alien creature because
  1. She's popped out babies and LOOK AT HER,
  2. Have you seen her underwear ads? She could stop traffic with that gaze
  3. She makes me feel better for having a bad hair today because it looks cool in this shoot.
  4. She gets the point of the shoot across wonderfully. These are just my favorite pictures from the spread, but in every picture it's just spot. on.
Magazine: Vogue UK
Issue: May 2008
Title: Desert Rose
Photographer: Venetia Scott
Verdict: Hot Americana....model could easily be a 5 year old though.

I love, love, love the styling of this shoot. I'm not very fond of yellow besides my pale yellow cardigan, but this really makes me want to go out and buy several yellow dresss and heinous shoes to clash with my already huge mountain of ugly socks. I've already taken the hint from this shoot and worn odd socks with shoes, and I like it quite a lot. The only thing I've got to say I don't like about this shoot is that Siri could have shown some more energy. It's the desert, you have Prada/Zac Posen/etc. on and a really cool trailer behind you. What the hell are you grumpy about?

Magazine: Vogue UK
Issue: May 2008
Title: The Sheltering Sky
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
Verdict: asfdghgh;glkh everything about this shoot is perfect.

Oh. My. Everything about her is amazing in this....her eyes are so amazing, and she's not giving a model pout emo face like every other model I see now. She seems genuine in the photos, it's like everything she's wearing is a ball gown. She's stunning in every shot...and once again, shoes and socks! I love the combination here the best. I'm sure Abigail will appreciate the huge amount of jewelry in the third shot, too.

But this is my favorite interpretation. Jane from TFS. Zoe, if you think my wardrobe is ridiculous I'm pretty sure you're going to weep when you see hers.

Just. So. Cool.

click to enlarge the pictures! scans from foto_decadent and mixologies, many thanks.

05 April 2008

why yes I am Charles Dickens and I have Prince Albert in a can.

LOL @ Karlie Kloss.

Next post will be some gorgeous editorials and how to essentially 'pirate' the look. Tee hee hee. I'm working on a menswear post with you know...actually guys commentary and hopefully some scans from mums old sketchbook from when she worked in menswear.

pizza place and thrift store don't look the same, unless you're me.

So, this has been in the back of my head for as long as I found out the Japan Fashion Week Website was working again. That was like a week ago, so I apologize for the really crappy timing seeing as JFW has been over for a fortnight and some change. Nevertheless, I decided I'd waste some life and hone my crappy photoshop abilities to summarize what I liked from the runways! I hope you'll like it.

The pictures are grouped by similarities. I didn't intend for this to happen at first but then I noticed I was doing it without noticing so I figured I'd follow through. Note that I did not include every show, and only one or two outfits from the shows I did mention--and only the outfits I really liked.

Group 1: .....Light? Ahahaha. It's girlish. My poor use of adjectives will have to do.

Click to enlarge.

Group 2: Badassery. Walk into a room in one of these outfits and watch people kneel.

Group 3: Particular favorites. These outfits are things I would love to wear, or the entire collection is just on it more so than the others. Very strong presentation from the beginning to the end.

The last group has little similarities, obviously... but it didn't feel right to group them elsewhere. h.NATO might not appeal to people who don't like lots of costumey attire, or don't appreciate Visual Kei and/or Vivienne Westwood. mint designs appeals to the spazzy side of me in which I take it upon myself on weekends to dress up in the most clashing outfits I can find and go buy chocolate at the corner store. As for HISUI, this is the kind of fashion that leaves most people staring. I think it's funny right now but also that if toned down could really be cool. For the time being, though, I'd rather poke smile at the ridiculousness. Fashion can be fun and serious, and as in this case, outrageous.