09 April 2008

YamaPi, I hope the crazy korean stalker girls did not take your soul D:

Outfit for Monday? I like making fun of hipsters. Note the dollar store raybanzzz from my 6th grade birthday party. They have cheap cartoon mouse stickers on them. Hardcore.

I wore moccasins later. Note the wicked awesome Davy Crockett-esque jacket I found in my closet. I don't mind being called (enter varius hunter/indian/frontiersman here) because this jacket is made of epic win and it's in perfect condition for being 40+ years old. Also, we watched Davy Crockett movies today so I felt very well prepared.

I hate you, Zoe. You are one lucky asshat. That is all.

edit: apparently not so. YamaPi, one of my favorite idols, has been mobbed by thousands of people on his return flight. Hair pulled out, clothes ripped....disgusting. I have no love for Korea right now. You hurt my feelings and you hurt them hard.