13 April 2008

you are going to dance or by god i will make the lobster in your stomach stab you.

The below is true:
  • I am an amazing dancer. Fo realz. Breakdancing Belle, oh yeah.
  • The party I went to will never be mentioned and pictures of said party will never surface or by god I will strangle the sadistic bastard that posted them. I am no photogenic victim of the cobrasnake; my eyes are perpetually shut and squinty due to my hatred of flash.
The above is false, false, false.

There is a good reason I only dance with strangers, or under a pleasant, woozy haze. Awkward white girl is my middle name. Forgetting dancing is probably best for all parties concerned. Nevermind that. I would like to concentrate on the fact in the last few minutes all Ralph wanted to do was have me take picture of his outfit to put on my blog. My little Flip Model Wannabe, you.

He hasn't sent me any of the pictures yet, so. I'll edit them in when I get them.

Short post due to long weekend. Just wanted to put you on notice that for the next few weekends, I'll be busy with parties and with Spring Break coming up an itinerary is needed for all of the craziness planned. Head up and apologies beforehand; I will definitely try to get actual outfits pictures and chronicle my adventures! For these reasons I haven't been making really good posts lately, I'm just concentrating on getting all my crap together for the aforementioned social gatherings and you know, not fail miserably in school.

Also, counting down the days where my paypal account is nice and fat with a paycheck from sponsors. Woo money for online shopping woooo. To gather my thoughts, I made a quick polyvore of my favorite UK Vogue Spread. Comments and criticisms are always appreciate through comments.

Menswear post: Yes, I am still going to be making it. It's 2/3 there, don't worry. I want it to be nice, so it's going to be out soon.

Back to homework.