02 April 2008

rasputin and pooka and falling faces, oh my.

Alright, so my lovely, wonderful, fantastical friend Peter as mentioned in the post previous went to Hong Kong. I blackmailed I mean asked him to bring me back some magazines so I could fangirl properly over my favorite celebrities. Unfortunately the issues of Anan that I have been obsessing over online were pretty old so he couldn't find them, but he did get me a huge magazine with lots of pretty fashion supplements. Ahhh! Asians and fashion! He knows me so well. And Song Seong-heon, my lovely celebrity gracing the cover... you make me cry like a little girl every time I watch He Was Cool. *flail*

Hey Arabelle. Look you have a menswear supplement, a random watch catalog supplement, and the actual magazine which is the size of a small child and oh look a shiny pirate skull bag that came with! It's ok that it's tacky and shiny and cheap because it's a supplement and therefor it's awesome and free and has skulls on it. Oh yeah.

It's pretty cool when you can read another language. It's like you're Indiana Jones and the commentary on Miu Miu is my Holy Grail....or something.

So. After kindly telling all of my friends not to touch my magazine(s) or a bloody end was to be had, they of course proceeded to paw (and I mean literally paw, bark bark arf arf kind of thing) at the pages, pointing out this and that who was gay for dressing like that and who was not. After awhile I got irritated simply because they were so off and making fun, albeit with good humor, of the thing I really love.

Being well dressed does not mean you are gay. It means you're well dressed, you have a sense of what looks nice on your body and what does not. It means you take note of patterns, fabric, shape, and form and you combine these to make an outfit that you feel comfortable in and would like to be seen in. This, my friends, does not equal homosexuality. This equals taste. Also, all the models in the magazine probably have equally beautiful girlfriends and chain smoke regularly. Just letting you know.

Speaking of taste....look at the absence of it in today's outfit! Woooo tacky skirts wooooo.

I felt like a self-aware fashion victim and it made me happy.

The tuxedo jacket it my current favorite; if it were a little bit longer I'd get away with wearing it alone as a dress. Ah well; you have leggings for a reason I suppose.

I've been looking through my random folders and I thought I'd share a menswear outfit I love.

Understated. He doesn't need a rainbow of colors to kick your ass. Dior homme much?

[Oh..... next post I can't decide whether to make it all mens fashion or japan fashion week. Also, I'll reveal the mysterious designer behind the previous post sketches. Aren't you excited? Comments on my next posts topic below, please. Thanks! ]