05 April 2008

pizza place and thrift store don't look the same, unless you're me.

So, this has been in the back of my head for as long as I found out the Japan Fashion Week Website was working again. That was like a week ago, so I apologize for the really crappy timing seeing as JFW has been over for a fortnight and some change. Nevertheless, I decided I'd waste some life and hone my crappy photoshop abilities to summarize what I liked from the runways! I hope you'll like it.

The pictures are grouped by similarities. I didn't intend for this to happen at first but then I noticed I was doing it without noticing so I figured I'd follow through. Note that I did not include every show, and only one or two outfits from the shows I did mention--and only the outfits I really liked.

Group 1: .....Light? Ahahaha. It's girlish. My poor use of adjectives will have to do.

Click to enlarge.

Group 2: Badassery. Walk into a room in one of these outfits and watch people kneel.

Group 3: Particular favorites. These outfits are things I would love to wear, or the entire collection is just on it more so than the others. Very strong presentation from the beginning to the end.

The last group has little similarities, obviously... but it didn't feel right to group them elsewhere. h.NATO might not appeal to people who don't like lots of costumey attire, or don't appreciate Visual Kei and/or Vivienne Westwood. mint designs appeals to the spazzy side of me in which I take it upon myself on weekends to dress up in the most clashing outfits I can find and go buy chocolate at the corner store. As for HISUI, this is the kind of fashion that leaves most people staring. I think it's funny right now but also that if toned down could really be cool. For the time being, though, I'd rather poke smile at the ridiculousness. Fashion can be fun and serious, and as in this case, outrageous.