29 April 2008

open mouth, blah blah blah shovel in face

Oh shiiiiii- an outfit post? Yes. An outfit post, albeit a very.... questionable outfit. If you don't appreciate obnoxious tights & kid store vest from the dark past we know as the 90's, that is. I think I got it for $2 at the local Children's Place? It sticks to my hair but since the little sheep are so cute it's forgivable. The skirt is handsewn by my mother and I'm sure if I had one in every color I would never buy a skirt again. I don't like matching outfits so I made the tights a kick in the eyes.

I wanted to dress up as an obnoxious sheep herder flower loving girl who sits in libraries and listens to her mp3 player at minimum volume. Did it work?

Lately I've been getting more comments in real life about my outfits. As the year flies by (third semester report cards today, super asian parents + merit roll = KDJFSHFDSF) people ask me more and more about my outfits, and I don't mind that. I actually like negative comments in real life because they usually come from the most ghetto people in my city and think tube tops should be the uniform for 15 year old girls everywhere. This means I do not appeal to ghetto perverts. This means my target audience (read: my mirror and you lot) is satisfied with my appearance.

Some of the weirder comments:
  • "You dress like a gay actor. A really well dressed gay actor." [I can forgive you, Nate, for you have sexy glasses.]
  • "Why do you have condoms on your legs?" [Ah, Vinnie.]
  • "It's like the easter bunny made a pact with satan and made you."
What did you wear today? What are the weirdest comments you've recieved for an outfit?