17 April 2008

hypocrisy is okay, as long as I have Dirty Librarian Chains.

I want to drape myself in decadent, ridiculous strands of chains and crosses. Hear the jangling as I move, feel it on my collarbone and twirl my fingers in the gold. This is my favorite feeling. Couple it with a menswear inspired outfit or just straight up menswear, you're good to go to a party and the streets with no outfit change. Take off a necklace. Wax on, wax off.

My favorite necklace is long and Aztec esque, with Erin Wasson's LowLuv kind of length. Nearly invincible, until I yanked it too hard and off it went. I haven't gotten around to buying a new clasp for it, oh well. Now I wear my usual ice of an antique, 200 year old cocoa bead rosary handmade in Genoa + my gold ladybug watch necklace. Broken, but oh well. I like to fiddle with the wings.

Anyway, they are nothing, nothing, nada compared to these gorgeous pieces of heaven/hell/Bokonist otherworld. From the company Dirty Librarian Chains, every piece is made from vintage pieces so one is always different from the previous made. Frankly, I think they'd go with anything, so I made an anything kind of outfit for 'em. Nothing special, I wanted the jewelery to make the biggest statement. When in doubt, wear red. It's okay to clash.

Oh baby baby. However, I think they're a bit familiar.....