Photo by Julia Chesky for W Magazine September 2014

Hi. I'm Arabelle Sicardi, a fashion and beauty writer and blogger based in NYC. I've been blogging for almost 8 years now -- just crawl through the archives if you want to laugh at the baby beginnings. I made my start as one of the first teen fashion bloggers around, and stuck around to become a multi-media artist and writer who focuses on the intersection of feminism, queerness, and fashion. My agenda has been covered in The New York Times, Lucky Magazine, Teen VOGUE, W Magazine, Fashionista, and over a dozen other international print and online publications.

 I'm a staff writer at ROOKIE Mag, and also contribute to Teen VOGUE, Refinery29, Autostraddle, FutureClaw, Capitol Couture, xoVain, The Daily Beast, ADULT, and more. I also edit The Style Con, a platform for writers to talk about sex, love, fashion, and pop culture. We focus on talking about popular subjects through marginalized and unexpected perspectives.

Besides freelance writing, I'm makeup theorist, which is why I put together a show called MOST IMPORTANT UGLY at American Two Shot in NYC in 2014, which was covered by PAPER, VICE, and BUST Magazine.

You can reach me for consultation services, general business inquiries, etc, at arabelle@fashionpirate.net. I love working with rebels in fashion and beauty. My forte is intelligence discourse on frivolous things. Let's talk makeup, lingerie, fashion and feminism.

If you're not too chicken, that is.