17 June 2014

a combination of new and old

God, I haven't done an outfit post in so long! Had to fight several spiders and skeletons in the closet to get the tripod out. Now I remember why I stopped doing them, taking your own pictures is a pain in the butt. But I did want to share this outfit agenda!

I actually just got this Comme des Garcons skirt yesterday-- for less than $100, too, happily enough. Like I said in my old budget/dream wardrobe series, it seriously pays to have friends in retail who are looking out for you. This still has the tags on it! I love good, random fortune. I'm wearing it with an Express jacket, which is plain and boring and lovely. I like to wear things that are either far too much or very plain. When you wear those two agendas together it makes for a good time. I wear my Margiela Tabi's every other day and they've broken in perfectly. 

Oh yeah, I'm a redhead now. Surprise? It has most certainly changed my beauty routine, I don't wear blue lipstick anymore (for now...) because I look a thousand percent like a clown (and not a Cindy Sherman one) with it on, but I am appreciating Lady Danger by MAC a whole lot. I've been testing out different skin finishes, also, trying to get my #robot look down. Still working on it. I'll keep you posted.

Anyway. Yep! Now I must go back to work. I'm a full time freelancer now (woo) and it's keeping me very busy, delightfully enough. See you around!

11 June 2014

Cash Money Clothes

Long time no talk, bubs. By now most of my work is on my tumblr -- I'm undecided how to deal with this lil blob of space. Anyway, Bib + Tuck had me over to film an episode of their super cute Cash Money Clothes segment, here's mine.