30 August 2009

buy POP and be cool and cultured and indie and shit and win the hipster olympics (not really, but you should really buy it)

So you probably found out already on Mizz Lightning's blogthing but my favorite people in the whole world -- Elizabeth, Laia, Fake Karl, and Tavi, and Eden got together for this little magazine called POP. I worked on the very beginning brainstorm ideas with them but I couldn't go, because well, my mom is a complete heartless demon woman, etc etc etc. But the issue is awesome and you should buy it and revel in their hard work because then the issue will sell well and then I can kill my mom for revenge for not being able to go. Kidding! Maybe.

But seriously thank you Dasha for everything and the gang, the magazine came out great. I'm proud.

one of the best runway shows ever to be put on ever

Uncle Karl and I were on the phone a long while ago talking about our favorite shows, books, and his past session of book club with our mutual favorite bunny. He mentioned this show, and seeing as fashion week is just around the corner (are you going, ladies? I'll keep you updated but it would be nice to meet some of you!) I thought it'd be fitting to show this to you.

One of the top... five best shows ever to be put on ever.

It is amazing. One of the (many) instances I've cried is when I first watched this. TBQH I suck at reviewing things.. the more I love something the more I curse about it and say "oh my god jesus baby kawakubo lanvin taooooooooooooo" and make odd gutteral noises and clawing motions.

08 August 2009

i am not your personal dr. phil, note the non balding scalp and the lack of beer gut and sense of duty


HI, CLOTHES. I KINDA LIKE YOUS. Why don't you kinda just get on my back, you know, lets get to know each other a little better, yeah?

On a less creepy, Joey-type pickup line, It seems like something Marlene Dietrich would wear, the last look. She was so ahead of her time, it's kind of ridiculous. Pants on women? Yeah, she was up on that first. Better respect.

05 August 2009

Lucky Lucky Lucky Packs + More

Ok, here is the deal: I have a lot of clothes I buy on impulse (I'd rather buy it than regret it later. I regret long and hard and lose sleep and have nightmares about clothes I regret not buying, so you understand my situation.) and I really don't have the need for them. I also have a lot of clothes I don't wear often, and even more that are too big/small for me to wear, so I just kind of stare at them longingly. So you guys can have it!

The prices per pack will be $55 + S/H, as they were on ebay last time. Shipping will be less than before: flat rate priority, no matter where you are in the U.S! You'll get it days faster this way. For International Buyers, just email me beforehand.

As always, I don't put in clothing I wouldn't wear; in fact, most of the clothes that will be in the packs are things I've worn or at least posted on the blog before. But, I can't satisfy everyone and I know that. These are called Lucky Packs for a reason: you might get lucky, you might not. But because I don't like bitching, you'll probably get lucky (har, har, har). But if you don't: sorry dude, you can always resell it.

(Dress Sizes 2, 4, 6) Blazers S-M Shoe 7 1/2