05 August 2009

Lucky Lucky Lucky Packs + More

Ok, here is the deal: I have a lot of clothes I buy on impulse (I'd rather buy it than regret it later. I regret long and hard and lose sleep and have nightmares about clothes I regret not buying, so you understand my situation.) and I really don't have the need for them. I also have a lot of clothes I don't wear often, and even more that are too big/small for me to wear, so I just kind of stare at them longingly. So you guys can have it!

The prices per pack will be $55 + S/H, as they were on ebay last time. Shipping will be less than before: flat rate priority, no matter where you are in the U.S! You'll get it days faster this way. For International Buyers, just email me beforehand.

As always, I don't put in clothing I wouldn't wear; in fact, most of the clothes that will be in the packs are things I've worn or at least posted on the blog before. But, I can't satisfy everyone and I know that. These are called Lucky Packs for a reason: you might get lucky, you might not. But because I don't like bitching, you'll probably get lucky (har, har, har). But if you don't: sorry dude, you can always resell it.

(Dress Sizes 2, 4, 6) Blazers S-M Shoe 7 1/2