25 December 2012

StylelikeU Interview


StyleLikeU visited my home awhile ago, here is the result. There are more pictures and captions and things on the site - it was a pleasure having them over and talking about things I don't usually get to. Thank you for visiting. :)

And happy Christmas.

22 December 2012

leaves and wood and home

Vintage jacket, my mom's handmade leather wedding corset (previously seen here), Zac Posen for Target Skirt (thrifted from Beacon's Closet), Feminine & Masculine Shoes c/o previously seen here.

Finals are officially over and I'm back home, hanging out with my friends and eating all their food, and wrapping my own presents that I got myself because I'm the queen of #treatyoself. I don't take XMas very seriously at all, I have lights up year round in my dorm room and a talking Christmas Tree that borders on terrifying. The only Holiday thing I do religiously is drink a lot of wine and try to find excuses to wear my (Great) Ugly Christmas Sweater. Anyway, I hope you're safe, happy and whole in the wake of the recent events this month and that everything is ok with you. Happy Holidays, from my very pretty neighborhood to yours. 

Last series from my previous shoot with Kimi of Tan Camera

19 December 2012

the science of imaginary solutions

Finals suck, this outfit, however, does not. Sorry, I'm too grumpy to be witty. I look mad cute though so there's that.

I think all of these pieces are blog repeats -- I may have a vast closet but it's obvious what I'm into. The jacket was previously seen here. I've definitely worn this shirt before on the blog, but years ago... I'll be surprised if you can find the post in the dark and endless cave that is the blog archive. The velvet skirt is a find from Goodwill. I found some similar options for you though if you want your own. These frames are actually from Coastal, I got them for like $20 total with my prescription -- they're the brand Derek Cardigan if you are curious. I quite like them but I wear my vintage frames more.

Above photos by Kimi of Tan Camera, bottom one was using my phone and FxCamera (my current favorite app. So good.) The photos were in just a nondescript section of the park from the last post -- right behind a church, which is suitable for such a witchy outfit, I suppose.

17 December 2012

shopping moments

I'm not a huge holiday person (strange considering my love of sequins) and I guess I'm pretty hard to shop for. I'm putting together a wishlist of things I'm lemming for. Strangely, Bona Drag sells it all. I hadn't visited the store in awhile but they have so many good brands right now.


15 December 2012


I'm in the midst of finals so I'll just be showing you snaps from the last shoot I had with Kimi. If you follow me on instagram you saw snapshots already but these are the finished photos. I'm really happy with the way they all came out. Kimi is really talented and taking photos with her wasn't awkward at all. The rest of the photos from this batch are under the cut.

12 December 2012

empty spaces

Two weeks ago -- geez, time is running away from me -- Kimi of Tan Camera came over to my digs and we explored my little city suburb of gloom and dog parks. I don't really know my own neighborhood as well as I do Manhattan, there's nothing to do here and it's not the safest, but it's my own and I have a lot of old memories here. Not many new ones. I took Kimi to my old haunts from when I used to play with the neighborhood kids, most of who have moved away, gone to juvie, or are just running in different circles now. We've all changed so much, but funnily enough, the landscape? Not so much. Same state of perpetual and grand decay.

You can click the photos to enlarge. They are all taken by Kimi (@tancamera).


 This is actually a prom dress my mom made from when she was a teenager, or for some event similar to prom. She told me the story when I was in middle school when I asked, and I'd never worn it until now because the shoulder pads. I never went to my senior prom, but every party I go to is a better version of prom than the real thing could have ever been anyway. No regrets. This fountain has a lot of memories too. I got stuck in the snow around it with my old dog during a blizzard once for a few hours. Another time, I was playing on the ice in the fountain over break, and the cops yelled at us and chased us out (three times).

And other times, other moments.



I'll see you soon.

02 December 2012

Fashion Book: Alexander McQueen Evolution

McQueen was and remains one of my favorite designers. I remember the day he died, everyone at the tents (shows were still at the tents! Lincoln Center say what?) was in a state of shock. I don't even remember what shows I attended, just that I felt perpetually scared -- I guess shell shocked, and grappled for my friends arms in the dark on the way back home. In the taxi cab back from Milk Studios with Tavi and Elizabeth we passed by the McQueen store and were quiet since the first time we got into the cab, and I don't remember anything else. Just that moment. A sense of loss.

Since he's died I've spent hours and days poring over fashion books about him to be disappointed in what they've offered; I've guess it's because I'm always trying to understand him in a profound way so I feel more at peace with the fact such a genius ended his life so early. I don't begrudge him and I'm not angry, I'm just constantly wondering where would he would be now. He was so good -- so, so good. And now he's gone, and we'll never know. And more than anything else, I find that frustrating, and when I read fashion books about him, I'm usually left frustrated because they just relist what he's done, without offering any real insight on his relationships or the mood of the seasons he presented, and it all feels so shallow. That's why I'm so appreciative of the new release by Katherine Gleason.

Gleason sets the mood for each show and provides beautiful description of both the audience reception, the inspiration behind the collection, McQueen's life and relationships at the time and how it all connects. She also doesn't paint him as a perfect person, and takes her time to describe him in all his complexities, and for that he had plenty. I've included some of my favorite parts of the book -- but not all, and not in their entries because duh copyright, but I hope you enjoy them and you buy the book so we can share the experience.