16 June 2012

leeloo's sidekick

Mom's wedding leather top, Vera Wang for Kohl's Shorts c/o, Wanted Shoes c/o

Quick outfit post of what I'm wearing today before I head off for dinner with Kristin & Tavi. My hair looks strangely colored but it's really just the coloring of the photo - it looks way better irl.  Anyway, I'm off to dinner 'cause I want to spend quality time with my favorite people before I head off to Taipei for the next two months. I was actually in the midst of packing when I found this top! Backstory: it's my mom's wedding top, she designed it and wore it when she married my dad. I didn't know about that until I came downstairs and my dad told me about it. It's been in my closet ever since I can remember but I've never been able to fit into it until today. 

It's definitely a more revealing outfit but considering I'm completely flat int he butt and boobs department it's not like it matters. I just find it uncomfortable to walk around in public because of catcalling but I really like this outfit so I'm just gonna do it anyway. I'm not wearing it for other people, it's just really comfortable and I feel like I belong in the Fifth Element. ^___^


Emmie said...

I adore the shorts~ Very cute!

Anna said...

You look so sweet! The shot's gorgeous.

Maggie said...

I love your outfit! By the way, while you're at dinner with Tavi please tell her to do a new post. She hasn't done one since May twentieth! I need more Tavi! Please check out my fashion blog Style Walrus.


Allison said...

I love it when clothes have a story behind them, like your mother's top. I'm sorry that catcallers prevent you from wearing revealing outfits in public. I wish we could all wear hotpants and crop tops and not worry about jerks thinking it's for them. Anyway, your outfit is great, and I hope you have fun at dinner!

Delia Salsabila said...

love the shoes!! <33


Maxens M. Finch said...

Wow, catcallers sucks. I'm sorry you or anybody really have to endure them!
I really like how that outfit looks so innocent? virginal? (words I'm using are really cliché) because of the white and material, but your hair makes it look badass...

Maanii said...

Cool outfit. Catcallers suck, but it's cool you're still going to wear it! The top is gorgeous! have a good dinner!

Maanii said...

Cool outfit. Catcallers suck, but it's cool you're still going to wear it! The top is gorgeous! have a good dinner!

Marcia said...

Your hair is too fabulous for its own good, I'm too jealous. Have fun in Taipei! The food is amazing..

everyday-armour said...

you are genuinely like a ray of light in this world that at times can be perpetually boring. there's nothing more refreshing than seeing someone using their imagination to be entirely original and put their own spin on things. i truly commend you for that. without people like you sometimes i think i'd lose faith in fashion entirely!

Ginger said...

I definitely almost wore exactly this today, but darker... complete with an old wedding top, but the ninety-degree weather got in the way of my black velvet shorts realness.
(Reason summer and my closet don't get along #37: Velvet is seldom an option if you don't want to be screaming and tearing at your clothes in heat agony thirty seconds after leaving the house.)

Yajaira said...

love the shorts


maggie said...

I love your top!

And have fun in Taipei, it's such an amazing place -- make sure to stop by the night markets! And have fresh grass jelly and oyster pancakes. (The list goes on and on!) Ahh I miss Taipei.

xx maggie

Izumi said...

god, this is so cute

Dominika said...

i just LOVE this photograph!
very retro!


Magnet said...

I completely.. just ADORE this outfit. Those pieces, together with your hair, create a stunning combination. God damn people ruining amazing outfits with their disrespectful ideas.

Sarah said...

You look lovely, as always! I love the retro feel to this photo- and don't even get my started on the perfection that is your hair. I think you're one of my biggest girl crushes right now (I hope I don't sound like a creepy stalker- I'm not, I promise!. I just think you're a genuinely awesome person and I love how you're avid about feminism and everything you stand for xxx

Rosalie Green said...

Hi! I love this soooo much! And your shoesss! I saw you on Rookie for the first time and I think you are really good in what you do. Xxx Rosalie from www.rockslita.com

Ria said...

Love this outfit so so much! You totally look like Fifth Element. I hate how people love to ruin outfits with their catcalling.

I'm in love with your hair too. So sick, hope you had fun at dinner.

Hvit said...

Sucks about cat-callers, otherwise I'd wear so much more weird-stuff, but GO YOU AND IGNORE THEM you're far more rad than they are anyway. Obv.

The mum's wedding top is really cool- that she made it- and that it has a new wearer- I love inheriting things with history. Plus it looks awesome.

Fashion babel said...

You look AMAZING!I've been reading you a lot lately, and made my own blog, so, yeah

t00ts said...

That top is beautiful! I love finding bits of old clothing I never knew I had and reinventing them :) Your hair looks incredible too! Have an amazing time in Taipei!

And if catcallers give you trouble then scream your cute butt off x


Violet said...

love the shorts! Vera never misses

xo Violet Grey


diane said...

You're beginning to remind me of Kate Winslet in ......crap.....what was that movie with what's his name?, Jim Carey? She colored her hair a lot in that movie, and it always looked great. So does yours.
Your parents are awesome, but you already know that.

Giovanna Vieira said...

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veera lyydia said...

you are just too cool! :-)

C said...

Hi! New blogger here! Nice blog!


Sophie said...

Come check out my blog please! Thanks! <3

Lydia said...

Wow the fact that that's your mom's wedding top is amazing. It's so pretty. I sometimes want to dress like this too, but I have big boobs and a huge butt, which are cat-call magnets. Sometimes because my body looks so sexual it makes me want to dress more modest because men like to interpret scanty clothing as an invitation. Which sucks, because I just want to dress how I want to dress.

Bella Rose said...

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT. It is kind of Lolita meets laundry day. That's a huge compliment, btw because that's the look that I try and fail to achieve everyday. As always, I love your hair.

morganvsmorgan said...

This is cool - and I love the fifth element, so i love it even more. Cool that its your mum's wedding top & that she wore leather at her wedding :D

Coffee & Vogue said...

LOL.. the green hair is pretty crazy!

Cute blog :)

Eva said...

Love your outfit! Your Vera Wang for Kohls shorts are amazing and so cute! Your hair looks really nice, the green is rockin'. And I know what you mean about cat callers. Even if guys aren't whistling, I'm always paranoid to wear super revealing shit because I always get so uncomfortable when I catch guys staring at my boobs or my butt. They need to just stick to their porn and leave me alone.

xx Eva

Valium Princess said...


LB said...

Your blog is amazing, I really like the way you dress. You've got the vintage spirit :)


Hannah Materne said...

I love the story behind top, it is so beautiful!
I love your blog as well so individual and refreshing

whitekey10 said...

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Anonymous said...

Du är så vacker, seriöst! <3

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Jenna Gordon said...

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