16 June 2012

leeloo's sidekick

Mom's wedding leather top, Vera Wang for Kohl's Shorts c/o, Wanted Shoes c/o

Quick outfit post of what I'm wearing today before I head off for dinner with Kristin & Tavi. My hair looks strangely colored but it's really just the coloring of the photo - it looks way better irl.  Anyway, I'm off to dinner 'cause I want to spend quality time with my favorite people before I head off to Taipei for the next two months. I was actually in the midst of packing when I found this top! Backstory: it's my mom's wedding top, she designed it and wore it when she married my dad. I didn't know about that until I came downstairs and my dad told me about it. It's been in my closet ever since I can remember but I've never been able to fit into it until today. 

It's definitely a more revealing outfit but considering I'm completely flat int he butt and boobs department it's not like it matters. I just find it uncomfortable to walk around in public because of catcalling but I really like this outfit so I'm just gonna do it anyway. I'm not wearing it for other people, it's just really comfortable and I feel like I belong in the Fifth Element. ^___^