14 June 2012

Marc Jacobs Resort 2012

I don't really talk about my favorite collections on here (only my faves!), that sort of off the cuff stuff I tend to do on my Tumblr if at all, but I felt like this one was deserving of a post.  I can't get it out of my head, it's so good! We all know how into color I am, but also my obsession with the often monochromatic and dark looks that come from CDG. I have a discombobulated fashion sense, really. I am more attracted to the ideas behind collections than any certain aesthetic I think, and the thread that weaves all my favorite designers together is a sense of camaraderie between the foundations of their design methods and what they are inspired by. They might not be similar kinds of clothes color wise or pattern wise but they might be inspired by the same kinds of things -- a powerful woman who doesn't give a damn what her husband thinks (a Rei Kawakubo quote), a powerful woman who has flipped her lid and is pushing against domestic life (a la J.W Anderson Pre-Fall).

This collection is right up my radar because it's inspired by Cindy Sherman and it's so obvious to me when you compare it side by side by her work -- her clown series and series of portraits (well, all of them are portraits really, I'm sorry I can't be more specific). It also reminds me of my childhood, though. The long floral skirts in the first picture reminds me of the first 'fashion' thing I really did for myself, my tablecloth skirts. Before I mucked up with them, they'd fall just like these Marc Jacobs skirts. I was initially really embarrassed by how different they looked compared to 'normal' clothes like jeans and the stuff I was wearing before I got into fashion, but I decided to embrace them and make them my own and seeing a high fashion version of them brings back a sweet nostalgia. :')

What I also like about this collection is the more is more youthful mentality I see -- it could easily be too old lady-ish (not that I'm not into that, HAVE YOU SEEN ME) but there are little things that make it really fresh to me. I enjoy how fresh and.. not minimal it is. Minimalism is lovely but I've never been a true fan of it, I'm a fan of more is more. I enjoy the different textures at play, being able to sit down and drown in fabric, to pool it around my legs, to clutch wads of tulle in my hands on the subway when I'm nervous, to see my body sparkle in the sunlight because I'm head to toe in sequins. It's fun. It's an experience, it's innocent. Minimalism doesn't give that to me, not really. It's too cool and removed when it is being fresh and clean and simple. I want warmth and safety and happiness in my clothes and this collection reminds me of that.

Okay, enough fangirling. I just wanted to record my sincere fondness of a high fashion collection because very often I look at them and forget them immediately afterwards because I see no emotional connection to them and I have no way of attaining their looks myself. This is different though and I see everything here are approachable and it makes me really happy inside. 

Hope you're all well and safe and happy my sweets. Stay fly.


C.A.R. said...

Love this! The shoes, the colors, the prints, materials! <33333 :D


liluratu said...

urgh YES. i posted about this collection too. such a standout!

Dominika said...



Magnet said...

I can definitely see how all your thoughts match this collection. Oh and I completely agree with you about more being more. I've never been a fan of minimalism either, not for the clothing I wear or for my design style. Minimalism in general just doesn't suit my personality. I can definitely appreciate people who pull it off and make it look awesome, but yeah, it's just not for me. Anyway, great post yet again.

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

So amazing! Love the collection! x


Marcia said...

Ahh, I know what you mean. Whenever I look at a collection I just feel so sad because I have no way of affording them even if I save up fore months. So awfully depressing.


☆☾☆☾☆☾☆☾☆☾ said...

that last dress especially ★___★

Delia Salsabila said...

so inspiring!


Low Couture said...

The Marc Jacobs resort collection was totally brilliant because he stayed true to his design aesthetic while still giving his take on the current obsession with resort wear.

x Peter @ http://low--couture.blogspot.com

Cosmas said...

I absolutely love this looks!

Anonymous said...

Random, but this just occurred to me. Do you per chance watch Criminal Minds? If so, you remind me of Penelope(Garcia)