28 October 2008

that new book from that guy from that fashion show

I've had it for like, three weeks? Thanks Mr. C. I heard it came out today. I don't remember most of it but it's got some handy dandy tricks like "Stylized Fashion Croquis" and "Setting Up Production" and and interview with "Tim Gunn". And yes I am "using" these "signs" too much but it makes me feel "powerful", so "shut up".

In all seriousness, here is a tiny excerpt from the book. From the great and wise Gunn, natch.

What elements do you think distinguish fashion from clothing?

Well, I say it all the time: We need clothes; we do not need fashion. We want fashion, we desire fashion, but we don't have to have it. We could navigate the world in really basic items of apparel, things that are just a front and back. Fashion for me is born out of content, and it's one that's societal, cultural, and historic, certainly, and it's economic and political -- and because it's born out of a context, it's constantly changing by definition. Clothes don't need to change-- they can just be the same season after season after season -- but fashion will change by definition. And there are people who are very good clothing designers, but they aren't fashion designers. Then there are people who really understand the pulse of fashion, and they're able to gauge it.

I think he's like the fashion Oprah. God, I love Oprah. Oprah and Korean Soap Operas and Chuck. Not the nerd chuck, the steaming loaf of SEX Chuck. Unlike Jenny. TV Jenny should just go away in her bubble of BAD SCRIPT and FAIL.

Also, this is mostly for Abigail. And for anyone who heartz Italian Vogue. Which by god, YOU SHOULD.

*mobile blogging from the doctors office. I did good, no?

26 October 2008

there's a fine line between being awesome and being a reckless idiot, it is called being a teenager

Abigail and I had a debate about fashion and its practicality today. Of course, she won, because when you think about it, fashion isn't very practical. It's fundamental base is luxury and frivolousness, yeah? I could go on and on about how the biggest and oldest brands we know of today have survived by becoming commercialized, but I don't like being cynical. I talk about how fashion has changed (I'm not certain the word evolved is so much the word, right now, anyway) with my mom and dad all the time. The conclusion of the conversations are that they don't give a shit about fashion anymore (my mother wears crocs now) and quality isn't what it used to be.

I agree, but I think in order to survive in a fast fashion world the Houses had to change. What makes Marc Jacobs so brilliant is that he made the change suit him and his business mind is just as brilliant as his fashion mind. He survives because he thrives in the current world where a business mind is just as important -- if not more so -- than your artistic endeavors. This fact makes the longevity of Comme Des Garcons all the more brilliant; Rei has very seldom (and only very recently) thought more about business than she did her design aesthetic. Even then, the H&M collaboration is all CDG in the design. It's not very mass-market, which makes the limited edition aspect of it all the more covetable.

Again, which bring me back to practicality. I will not lie to you and say that fashion is practical and by loving it, I am researching a cure for cancer nor am I solving world hunger. I love clothes. I love even more than clothes, thinking about clothes and how they came to be and what they represent. I love thinking about clothes and analyzing them. It is genuinely fun to me. I love the people who make clothes, style clothes, talk about clothes, sell clothes, wear clothes, and dream about clothes.

Fashion isn't practical. You don't go into it as a career for the money; there can only be one Anna Wintour.

You go into it because you love it, you breathe it, and you are willing to live in a shithole 250 sq ft apartment for an obscene amount of money and juggle 2 jobs and an internship because you love it. You want to be surrounded by it and you feel offended when someone does not love it as much as you do. Deep down inside, you might even pity them for not being graced with the knowledge of fashion. You want to out-fashion everyone else.

It's not practical. But either is love. And where would we be without the irrational, kind of annoying and absurd thing we call love and happiness? Abigail says she'd rather live in a world where everyone dresses the same and feels comfortable in themselves (they would all be wearing jumpsuits, apparently) and I am glad she is not God because I would hate that world.

Anyway I definitely sound pretentious and maybe possibly deluded. Also maybe you shouldn't take me all that seriously because I like to dress like a hippy llama herder in my spare time. Going back to mandarin homework now. Bye.

24 October 2008

just another reason to fling my hormones at your eyes, no bigz

Mmmm G-Dragon mmm. Mmmm thoughtful readers mmmmm.
Did I ever tell you about the second time I was in Taipei? We were staying at one of our apartments and I went out to the night market near the hospital. It's pretty amusing being the only white person in an city. Everyone says how PRETTY and GORGEOUS you are and then tries to add a zero to the price of every purchase. Hahaha So anyway, I went into one of the underground malls (god thinking about them make me drool) and at one of the shoe boutiques, there was this guy who was so FREAKISHLY beautiful and stylish and still I thought he was a mannequin. And then he blinked staring at me staring at him and I kind of died inside.

And then I bought a jacket from his girlfriend who owned the store and died inside some more.

This has nothing to do with these photos sent to me by Joo Jin (<3333 thank you dear) other than said hot man mannequin live person thing looked like G-Dragon. And then on the way after said humiliating event, I got lost on the subway there (which are by the way, glistening white with glowing lights, it's kind of like heaven) for 3 hours and ended up at the most expensive boutique in Taiwan, riding up and down the escalators and annoying the salespeople.

Man I am such an American sometimes.

23 October 2008

Prints balanced with black, knits balanced with leather, bondage heels (Beckham showstoppers, anyone?) and ugh... I really have a gigantic craving for American Apparel. It's all Tavi's fault.

22 October 2008

i can't get no satisfaction no no no (which means i just broke up with your mom through text message)

Top: Hello Again Vintage (gift),
Mom's high school skirt she made (which makes it vintage!),
Vintage leather satchel , Vintage Glasses, Estee Lauder Red Lips

I'm missing summer's long days already, taking pictures outside / with natural sunlight is becoming more and more of a pain in the tush. Haha, the words tush and heiny make me feel compelled to speak in a Palin accent.



Palin and Stalin rhyme.*


21 October 2008

for the demode ones: a lesson from the ultimate narcissist

KL: I don't have people I don't like around me ever.
MKO: You don't have to.

I bet he sits around thinking of crazy shit to say and makes his assistants do all the designing. I love it.

19 October 2008

roses are read, violets are blue, you shouldn't allow him/her feel you up until the fourth date.

Actually I really hope you have more self-restraint than the fourth date. Anyway. Hi guys! I'm not dead yet! Awesome, right?

Prada skirt, Hot Topic Leggings (I am in need of the AA ones, these fail), Cutesygirl shoes, Vintage Blouse & Vest

This is what I wore to school today. Note how I completely bite off Moohoop, and badly. I love you Moohoop. You are welcome to join the marriage between Tavi and I. Nigel Barker is our manslave, and Tim Gunn is our butler. It is a world in which Katie Holmes does not get the H&MxCDG collection before us (ASKJHSD?!), and in which my wallet is always full.

I have decided rather than compose blog posts in my head every day, I'm going to just post designers and non-outfit related stuff for you guys more often. I got out of the habit and there are so many great designers (ahem ahem Antoine Peters ahem ahem. hi dear.) I haven't yet introduced you all to yet.

oh hi mr. van beirendonck, and mr. beard

For now, I'll leave you with Walter van Beirendonck's designs. They amuse me greatly, and I'm quite fond of the sheer pieces in the first look. Maybe if my Anatomy & Physiology teacher wore one of his designs last year, I would have paid more attention....

16 October 2008

Hey you. I won't be able to post for awhile because I'm going to the hospital tomorrow for some tests. Whatever happened on Saturday just got worse, and my parents aren't allowing me my phone or laptop until the doctors figure out what's wrong with me. This means no email responses, twitter, etc.

Love you.

12 October 2008

i will kick your face with my pancreas, mister

Vintage blazer, Goodwill shirt, Marshalls blouse as a skirt, vintage belt, Sock Drawer Opaque Floral Tights, Necklace from Wendy (<3)

Today sucked, cotton candy outfit did not particularly help. It is ok though, because I have Jew's deadpan antics and Tavi's text message advice.

For you! Me looking like a pirate complete with parrot was completely unintentional. Also, I could say Abigail and I aren't such douche-bags in real life..

but then I'd be lying.

p.s Caro from LA. Vintage chose me as her first blogger interview! I'm honored, hot stuff. Go check it out.

11 October 2008

hey mr. dj please give me free money

So I went to the Givenchy Teen Vogue thing...

and passed out.

I don't know what happened, but I just kind of got really hot and dizzy and ended up being carried across the store by the staff! I feel bad for Chrystine.. she got all Lolita'd for nothing.

I ended up collapsing again at Goodwill and this very kind, very lost French guy ended up carrying me to the couch. This would be awesome if I were not FREAKED OUT and I COULDN'T FEEL MY LEGS. It makes me glad that there are so many genuinely nice people out there, though. Thank you, mystery people.

Anyway I'm going to the doctor for tests on Monday... and I'll try to post but I don't really know whats happening. Please bear with me!


10 October 2008

a million things to know and love

So my outfits this week have sucked: mostly my prada skirt and chunky knits and black and black and pastel and shiny leggings. It sounds more interesting than it looks. I have been more interested in foaming at the mouth at these ridiculously fucking perfect outfits from KOS, Moohoop, and Susie to bother contemplating my own sartorial choice.

This is my inspiration board for my entire life. Yep.

  • PRETTY LEGS. And I do not mean their delicate gams, but rather the amazing designs adorning them. God damn I need more leggings. I bought Tavi some gold studded ones today. They're really stretchy so they fit me perfectly. So uh sorry Tavi. I'll be wearing them for awhile.
  • Layer layer layer color layer more layer texture = my philosophy for eternity. Every outfit executes it beyond perfection.
  • HOLY PATTERNS BATMAN, look at those patterns! I must mimic. must.
The current reasons I love fashion.

09 October 2008

if you built it they will come (in pleathery heathertte)

My "Tentative" Schedule for the Weekend:
  • Teen Vogue + Givenchy + Sephora Event with my Lolita (not the awesome creepy book kind)
  • Williamsburg Swap & Barter with my Lolita and Jew
  • Goodwill & G'mas (I MISS YOU BITCHES)
  • Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show
  • Crying in front of H&M because of Rei. I don't forgive you Rei. NO.
I will probably only accomplish 3 of these things, because I am poor and don't have $15 for admission to the Show. Man it is sad when you cannot even afford used clothing. Also I will cry even more bitterly at H&M because apparently I am 3 months too young for the library job. I shun you, child labor laws!

Meanwhile, these blatant Prada* knockoffs amuse me greatly, but the pathetic photoshop job even more so. I think I'll give in and buy another pair of oxford heels soon, since my 3 PAIRS HAVE ALL BEEN RENDERED FAILURES. New shoe death total: 15.

Arabelle... the fashion pirate shoe killing ninja. Meet me at the TV event. I shall be in hammer pants and will be with my super awesome friend Chrystine. Look for the poofy poofy and the frilly frilly. Cheers

*prada. Thanks mimi!.

07 October 2008

it's a psychedelic swastika, man

This is what I did Saturday.

After an intense game by myself at ITG in the mall (I am a nerd and typically play marathon sessions.), Abigail and I headed over to Meika & Warren's apartment for hair, makeup, and sweet live Vaudevillian music. Here are some snaps.

Zoe, being a true emo clown.

And now the pictures provided by Eric aka bearded lady.

Meika and Warren Franz, the most amazing and awesome and epic people you will ever meet. Coincidentally, they are the owners of Another Man's Treasure and organized this whole thing. This is their apartment. IS IT NOT AMAZING?

Me being a dork amongst beautiful people. Also I am the youngest. These do correlate.

Vaudevillian live soundtrack was provided through the entire day by Matt and Nathan. Also the originators of the swastika mirror joke. And Paul Smith shopping bags. And Where's Waldo jokes. Maybe the most down to earth people ever.

We have two videos of the show, but one of them sucks and the other hasn't yet been emailed to me. You will see it eventually, though. I'll be heading to AMT's perhaps next week for accessories and setting things aside for a secret project. Fingers crossed it goes through!

06 October 2008

decisions, decisions

So I am more than a little irritated at some people for some things. My wife knows what I'm talking about.... cough cough cough cough ONCOMING TRAIN FLASHING HEADLIGHTS SPARTAAAAAAA. It is kind of making me want to write really boring and thesis-like so when people decide that in order to be popular, they need to copy my writing style and layout and brain, they'll fall off a cliff and I will laugh at them piteously. Pit pit pit pit pit.

But I won't because I am a good person. And by that, I mean really passive aggressive-like. Like Rachel Zoe, only less grating and less blonde.

Not at all related to this, I am thinking of maybe applying for a job at the local library near my school. This would mean I would actually have MONEY (maybe even enough for THAT DRESS) but also, my life would mostly be consumed with schoolwork, the library, and more schoolwork.

I am not prepared to give up the blog completely (and also I have too much stuff in the works to drop it) but posting would definitely be sporadic. Maybe even more than it is now.

So. What do you think?

05 October 2008

As promised, lots of pictures. The goddamn tutorial video won't work at all; I've tried everything short of chicken sacrifice. Looks like I'll have to take it with a lo-fi camera. Stupid HD converter. Anyway, here is what I wore this week, going backwards from Friday...

My black sheer Capelet, tied up randomly and collar twisted. Wore with thrifted white sheer jacket, flower opaque tights from Sock Drawer, and my Betty's. Damn right I gave them a name.

I don't think it's obvious that I saw the Balmain and Helmut Lang collections right before I wore this, but I did. Originally I was going for the sci-fi fiction kind of thing I saw in some of the Balmain outfits (sorry guys, I thought the sparkly was tacky; wasn't my favorite collection by any means). I lost it with the tights and sheer capelet but I like it more now.

This jacket is so versatile it's ridic. I've worn it at least 7 ways in one day. Best $1 I ever spent.

I wore this around my neighborhood when I got home on Thursday. I found a handful of vintage silk dresses in my closet and one of them was this one. My mom made it, I think; she's been in a foul mood lately so I am too scared to ask her. I love it so much though. Walking in it is a dream.

This is what happen when you wake up two hours early two days straight for two hours of classes you don't understand.

I actually really despise this outfit because the skirt is a pain in the ass and always ends up crooked. I do love my Ralph Lauren vintage boots though. I need to get the soles fixed. New total of shoes to go to cobbler: 10. I AM DISPLEASED, SHOE GODS.

Everything in this outfit was a gift from someone. Shirt from helloagainvintage (I miss you guys) from Jew, Harem pant jumpsuit from Zoe, Steve Madden shoes from my dad for 8th grade graduation. I think I've worn them like 3 times.

I'm missing Monday's and another outfit but whatever son. I bet you've all gone to sleep by now anyway. This is a typical week for me, though. Hope you forgive me for not posting! Cheers.

edit: stupid photobucket!

Only busy as hell.

Pics later today, with shitty video and maybe a bearded lady. Dunno about the lady, but definitely video.

love you fools. x