09 October 2008

if you built it they will come (in pleathery heathertte)

My "Tentative" Schedule for the Weekend:
  • Teen Vogue + Givenchy + Sephora Event with my Lolita (not the awesome creepy book kind)
  • Williamsburg Swap & Barter with my Lolita and Jew
  • Goodwill & G'mas (I MISS YOU BITCHES)
  • Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show
  • Crying in front of H&M because of Rei. I don't forgive you Rei. NO.
I will probably only accomplish 3 of these things, because I am poor and don't have $15 for admission to the Show. Man it is sad when you cannot even afford used clothing. Also I will cry even more bitterly at H&M because apparently I am 3 months too young for the library job. I shun you, child labor laws!

Meanwhile, these blatant Prada* knockoffs amuse me greatly, but the pathetic photoshop job even more so. I think I'll give in and buy another pair of oxford heels soon, since my 3 PAIRS HAVE ALL BEEN RENDERED FAILURES. New shoe death total: 15.

Arabelle... the fashion pirate shoe killing ninja. Meet me at the TV event. I shall be in hammer pants and will be with my super awesome friend Chrystine. Look for the poofy poofy and the frilly frilly. Cheers

*prada. Thanks mimi!.