11 October 2008

hey mr. dj please give me free money

So I went to the Givenchy Teen Vogue thing...

and passed out.

I don't know what happened, but I just kind of got really hot and dizzy and ended up being carried across the store by the staff! I feel bad for Chrystine.. she got all Lolita'd for nothing.

I ended up collapsing again at Goodwill and this very kind, very lost French guy ended up carrying me to the couch. This would be awesome if I were not FREAKED OUT and I COULDN'T FEEL MY LEGS. It makes me glad that there are so many genuinely nice people out there, though. Thank you, mystery people.

Anyway I'm going to the doctor for tests on Monday... and I'll try to post but I don't really know whats happening. Please bear with me!