10 October 2008

a million things to know and love

So my outfits this week have sucked: mostly my prada skirt and chunky knits and black and black and pastel and shiny leggings. It sounds more interesting than it looks. I have been more interested in foaming at the mouth at these ridiculously fucking perfect outfits from KOS, Moohoop, and Susie to bother contemplating my own sartorial choice.

This is my inspiration board for my entire life. Yep.

  • PRETTY LEGS. And I do not mean their delicate gams, but rather the amazing designs adorning them. God damn I need more leggings. I bought Tavi some gold studded ones today. They're really stretchy so they fit me perfectly. So uh sorry Tavi. I'll be wearing them for awhile.
  • Layer layer layer color layer more layer texture = my philosophy for eternity. Every outfit executes it beyond perfection.
  • HOLY PATTERNS BATMAN, look at those patterns! I must mimic. must.
The current reasons I love fashion.