24 October 2008

just another reason to fling my hormones at your eyes, no bigz

Mmmm G-Dragon mmm. Mmmm thoughtful readers mmmmm.
Did I ever tell you about the second time I was in Taipei? We were staying at one of our apartments and I went out to the night market near the hospital. It's pretty amusing being the only white person in an city. Everyone says how PRETTY and GORGEOUS you are and then tries to add a zero to the price of every purchase. Hahaha So anyway, I went into one of the underground malls (god thinking about them make me drool) and at one of the shoe boutiques, there was this guy who was so FREAKISHLY beautiful and stylish and still I thought he was a mannequin. And then he blinked staring at me staring at him and I kind of died inside.

And then I bought a jacket from his girlfriend who owned the store and died inside some more.

This has nothing to do with these photos sent to me by Joo Jin (<3333 thank you dear) other than said hot man mannequin live person thing looked like G-Dragon. And then on the way after said humiliating event, I got lost on the subway there (which are by the way, glistening white with glowing lights, it's kind of like heaven) for 3 hours and ended up at the most expensive boutique in Taiwan, riding up and down the escalators and annoying the salespeople.

Man I am such an American sometimes.