28 October 2008

that new book from that guy from that fashion show

I've had it for like, three weeks? Thanks Mr. C. I heard it came out today. I don't remember most of it but it's got some handy dandy tricks like "Stylized Fashion Croquis" and "Setting Up Production" and and interview with "Tim Gunn". And yes I am "using" these "signs" too much but it makes me feel "powerful", so "shut up".

In all seriousness, here is a tiny excerpt from the book. From the great and wise Gunn, natch.

What elements do you think distinguish fashion from clothing?

Well, I say it all the time: We need clothes; we do not need fashion. We want fashion, we desire fashion, but we don't have to have it. We could navigate the world in really basic items of apparel, things that are just a front and back. Fashion for me is born out of content, and it's one that's societal, cultural, and historic, certainly, and it's economic and political -- and because it's born out of a context, it's constantly changing by definition. Clothes don't need to change-- they can just be the same season after season after season -- but fashion will change by definition. And there are people who are very good clothing designers, but they aren't fashion designers. Then there are people who really understand the pulse of fashion, and they're able to gauge it.

I think he's like the fashion Oprah. God, I love Oprah. Oprah and Korean Soap Operas and Chuck. Not the nerd chuck, the steaming loaf of SEX Chuck. Unlike Jenny. TV Jenny should just go away in her bubble of BAD SCRIPT and FAIL.

Also, this is mostly for Abigail. And for anyone who heartz Italian Vogue. Which by god, YOU SHOULD.

*mobile blogging from the doctors office. I did good, no?