02 November 2008

would you like some boots with that gigantic needle

'Sup guys. I've been in and out of the hospitals for tests and stuff this month. It seems that I have like a seriously epic metabolism (I defeat you Zoe) and also they think I am insane and take drugs even though the drug test says otherwise. Yes, ask me if I take drugs in front of my parents. Of course I will tell you honestly. Of course! Why yes I have taken ecstasy, acid, angel dust and mushrooms. It's considered a dessert in my house. Here, have a snort. I just happen to keep cocaine and a cup of pee with me at all times as to thwart tests. Be prepared for anything, you know!

(Not really.)

In any case, whilst pondering the meaning of life in the brain scanner thing, I remembered coming across Gwendolyn Huskens some time ago. She is pretty epic. Note the epic below.

It's all made of medical supplies!
aiming to reveal the taboos associated with physical deformities, her collection of cream and skin-toned footwear for women is made from medical materials and supplies such as plaster bandages, steel and band-aids.
the result is a line of functional and oddly stylish shoes.
Screw the lollipops. I want footwear from the doctors office. Please and thank you.

P.S I'm featured in November French Glamour along with Jane from Sea of Shoes. If someone could scan me / send me the magazine, I'll reimburse you for shipping. Thanks guys!