10 November 2008

oh yes kamahaze-sama I am a ghost exterminator

Great weekend. Photoshoot with some awesome people (Hi Aya, Evonne, Kristin, Anthony, etc) and I have never seen so much Comme des Garcons in such a close vicinity. I die. I die. Bananas. I die. Thank you ten trillion fold guys.

Sorry for the shiteous pictures. It was like 8 p.m in crappy fluorescent lighting. Deal. P.S Kristin, I lost your email! *sends thank you mind waves*

Todays ok outfit. Nothing special, just comfy and warm. Also MY NEW REFRIDGERATOR. His name is Chaaaaarrrrles.

I am going to be attending this:

as V.I.P press and you're all welcome to come! Thanks to the amazing Katherine K., I will (fingers crossed!) be able to interview Jill and Sabine. I would love to see you guys there, but if you can't go, comment or email me with questions you'd like asked in my interviews with them!
I will be recording the interviews if I can so this is your chance to ask influential people in the Industry what ever you please. USE IT.