29 November 2008

insert something amusing yet very offensive here

Yeah I dropped off the face of the blogging world for awhile, huh. I especially apologize to the lovely people who've emailed me, sorry for not answering; I needed a break from the internetz. I indulged in having a social life rather than internet friends, and it felt goooooodddd.

Me feeling good = pedo glasses.

I spent most of Black Friday buying things on free gift cards and dorking it out at the ITG machine with my boy fairies and intimidating young children. You know, the usual for someone of my high class and pedigree. Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

Yard sale cardigan ($3), Vintage Vest, Hanes T-Shirt ($3), Cheap Mondays ($10), Black Leather Lace Up Combat Boots (Marshalls Shoe Superstore)

I went to Goodwill with my parents today; we've gone to the same one since I was a baby. It's a religion, practically. Here are my buys.

Insane silk blazer. It's so pimp fabulous, y/y/y? It looks kinda asian on Ingrid (one of my dress forms) but of course you'd wear it with the sleeves scrunched up anyway. I want to wear it with my black jodhpurs and odd printed heels.

I am very excited to make people have seizures when I clash the crap out of this blazer. Or wear black lame leggings I wish I had with it and be all cool about it. Mostly the seizures.

And got these shoes this week too.

Nine West from Marshalls Shoe Megastore, Deadstock from Goodwill, Marshalls Shoe Megastore.

If you haven't gone to check out your local Marshalls for shoes you're definitely missing out; I have absolutely. terrible. luck with vintage shoes so I fulfill my craving at Marshalls. I can't stomach buying anything at full price so getting epic new shoes for an epic price difference is pretty sweet. I'll write more about them laterz.

The lady I dogsit for pays me in clothes now. I don't mind, because the clothes are awesome. Last time they were the Zara jodhpurs I wanted, and another time it was a beaten up vintage t-shirt, and now it's a lace paneled structured denim jacket. The bags she gave them in: Prada, Givenchy, and Hermes.

I love my neighbors.

15 November 2008

i am a reverse oreo and also, apparently, CLASSY

Two of my favorite things in the world EVER. It's okay if you're offended. My soul died long ago in a faraway place called internet memes.


14 November 2008

why i hate secrets

This is mostly for my own amusement. I can't even tell you how amusing this picture is. Andrew and Kristin probably could, though.

This is Aya. A much better picture of her (god I must hang my head in shame), taken, of course, by the Selby.

I will leave you to your own detective work now.

13 November 2008

it was coming like herpes from a long island girl and now...



12 November 2008

angst angst angst

Sheer black capelet worn as batwing shrug, F21 Lace Top, Vintage Black Harem Pants, Black Tights, Black Nine West Heels, Silver Thrifted Necklaces. I enjoy how this outfit cost $0. I don't enjoy how is is pretty much impossible to photograph black. Sadface.

Same sheer capelet, white tablecloth, pedo glasses.

[Insert hyperactive angst ridden comment here]

So yeah, CDG was called off. Turns out it isn't happening! Stay at home and send me your money!

............. >_>

10 November 2008

oh yes kamahaze-sama I am a ghost exterminator

Great weekend. Photoshoot with some awesome people (Hi Aya, Evonne, Kristin, Anthony, etc) and I have never seen so much Comme des Garcons in such a close vicinity. I die. I die. Bananas. I die. Thank you ten trillion fold guys.

Sorry for the shiteous pictures. It was like 8 p.m in crappy fluorescent lighting. Deal. P.S Kristin, I lost your email! *sends thank you mind waves*

Todays ok outfit. Nothing special, just comfy and warm. Also MY NEW REFRIDGERATOR. His name is Chaaaaarrrrles.

I am going to be attending this:

as V.I.P press and you're all welcome to come! Thanks to the amazing Katherine K., I will (fingers crossed!) be able to interview Jill and Sabine. I would love to see you guys there, but if you can't go, comment or email me with questions you'd like asked in my interviews with them!
I will be recording the interviews if I can so this is your chance to ask influential people in the Industry what ever you please. USE IT.

05 November 2008

because I can FEEL YOUR GLARES OF ACCUSATION for not outfit posting in like, decades

My wear: All from Goodwill. Word?

This is what I wore for Halloween. I hung out with my Jersey manbitches and my Jew. We ate authentic Mexican tacos obnoxiously and watched toddlers break dance for hugs. Keane "Manbitch" was a pirate (Jack Sparrow duh), Jaime was a pregnant Joe the Plumber, Jew was Joey Ramone, and I was like... a mime-bullfighter person with no real costume. I don't really like Halloween tbqh. To make this paragraph even remotely helpful and relevant to you, Magnolia cupcakes are predictably overpriced and too sugary. Not the first time I've gone there and I hope its the last simply because it's a tourist trap.

Jew wearing mah leathuh jacket which I have been wearing nonstop because I read Jen's blog too much

The mood of Halloween is decidedly more sinister in Jersey than in Manhattan though, which is why we all went into the city. Jersey is not all that bad and truly does not smell as bad as people say, but the gang violence you hear about is totez true.

Schools were dismissed early on Friday so people could avoid the streets. Gangs marked 31 women to kill last week, apparently. Mostly I would not believe this as it was set on Halloween, but police were out patrolling Newark and my house literally had no trick-or-treaters at all. Also, last Halloween I witnessed someone about half a mile from my house get a buck fifty.

On a happier note, I have a new refrigerator!

03 November 2008

the one exception to no politcal commentary on the blog

You still have 4 hours and 28 minutes to vote. Go.



02 November 2008

would you like some boots with that gigantic needle

'Sup guys. I've been in and out of the hospitals for tests and stuff this month. It seems that I have like a seriously epic metabolism (I defeat you Zoe) and also they think I am insane and take drugs even though the drug test says otherwise. Yes, ask me if I take drugs in front of my parents. Of course I will tell you honestly. Of course! Why yes I have taken ecstasy, acid, angel dust and mushrooms. It's considered a dessert in my house. Here, have a snort. I just happen to keep cocaine and a cup of pee with me at all times as to thwart tests. Be prepared for anything, you know!

(Not really.)

In any case, whilst pondering the meaning of life in the brain scanner thing, I remembered coming across Gwendolyn Huskens some time ago. She is pretty epic. Note the epic below.

It's all made of medical supplies!
aiming to reveal the taboos associated with physical deformities, her collection of cream and skin-toned footwear for women is made from medical materials and supplies such as plaster bandages, steel and band-aids.
the result is a line of functional and oddly stylish shoes.
Screw the lollipops. I want footwear from the doctors office. Please and thank you.

P.S I'm featured in November French Glamour along with Jane from Sea of Shoes. If someone could scan me / send me the magazine, I'll reimburse you for shipping. Thanks guys!