30 December 2008

waiting for the new year.

new years.


sit right here next to me, okay?


cashmere cardigan from neighbors, necklaces all thrifted or gifts, goodwill blouse, cheap monday jeans, marshalls shoes, daddy's hat.

With my evil mastermind skills, I can make a relatively nice, sunny winter day into a depressing photo or five (as seen above). Today consisted of prancing about in a silk dress made of keffiyehs and then changing into this to go to the doctors. I've been reading To Kill a Mockingbird and The Sound and The Fury all day, watching Iolanthe on VHS, and eating health foods I got from an Indian store. I want to become an honorary Indian just for the food. Also, I have also come to the realization I am kind of, maybe, perhaps, a hipster. Uh.

28 December 2008


Oops, my social life made me actually forget about the blog for awhile. Forget! I mean gosh! Skating and bitching about how there are no cute gays in all of Jersey for Jaime to hit on (OK, kidding, he is far too anal to hit on anyone but the mirror) in the food court takes up a lot of my time. Also B&W2 is the most addicting shit ever. I quite enjoy being the center of the universe LITERALLY thank you very much.


I got tights and old old Helmut Lang boots from the neighbors. And more necklaces and gift cards. You?


Mmmm I also spent all the gift cards on foreign magazines. As in $70 bucks worth of mags. Oh, and Faulker. I love me some Faulkner!


Boring update, yayaya. You shall get much more soon! Also, that photoshoot I had sometime in November? Yeah, you'll see it soon. I'm so excited!

Love you x

20 December 2008

my life turned upside down and i'd like to take a minute

Man, Fresh Prince was ballin' when I was in middle school. Most of the kids in my class used to just plagiarize episodes of it for Language Arts class, while I wrote about Poe and incest (I was big on the Southern Culture theme in the textbook, also Kaori Yuki's Angel Sanctuary was the first manga I ever read. It is a perfect read if you would like to scar yourself as a 10 yr old for life. I loveloveloveit) and punching mirrors as a geisha. The angst, it burnssssssss.

So anyway, I'm not even on a topic eh? I need none. LOOK AT THE SHOES. That is how you roll with Uggs. I try not to be a snob about clothes, because the truth of the matter is if you style it nicely, even the most blase biece can be worn fabulously. As seen above.

It is a sad day when your granddaddy steals your heels and wears them better than you do. Also, when his beard entices everyone around you to him like white on rice. Mhmhmhm. He is a magical fashion djinni.

18 December 2008

hey do you know the song about the dude stabbing a pope with the rosary?

(i love that song)

Tornado outfit number whatever. Striped shirt worn wrong, thermal white shirt, tablecloth, sheer thrifted capelet, cutesygirl shoes. I wore it with a lot more accessories (ie: hello kitty decapitated head purse, my chains, a random felt brooch) but they were kinda strangling me back and forth using the self-timer.




Definitely in love with Hussein Chalayan and Rei at the moment. I want to suddenly make an intricate suit with origami pleated shoulders out of paper now.

17 December 2008

i would never have been fulfilled, baby~

This is what I have been reading in Gym.

deja vu.




comme des garcons.

I really hate hospitals. Actually I'm fine with hospitals, but the waiting rooms suck. Also, all little children should have either a mute button or amazingly adorable eyes such as this boy. I also hate hospital gowns, I think Gareth Pugh should design them and that will make me actually like to walk around with half my ass showing hospitals. At least it'll be fashion.

Moving away from that really...demode image (sorry dudes) I bought myself a pretty thing for the holidays. It's glittery and shiny and big. I like it.

14 December 2008

paper star and bitterness.

Old friends give me nightmares.

13 December 2008

god damn you i want to be a cupcake!

super quick post before i go to goodwill. Tornado outfit today. I made the tights, and the hair cap thing.

i wanna be a cupcake.

I cheated later on and wore a frock my mommy made, which it so CDG and ridiculous and perfect I cried when I saw it. I shall show you soon. In the meantime, tell me that Judy Garland is not the most precious thing EVER:

11 December 2008

the best of us find happiness in misery. good words, racoon eyes. good words.

Testing out the camera again. I can't find my tripods (i have 7, so this is pretty ridiculous) so i just put it on top of the printer. I quite like how it turned out. Also, this is "Tornado Outfit" #1 as deemed by one of my trusty commenters. Hi, trusty commenter!

crystal castles or something

testing out the camera

on purpose mistake picture

mistake picture o1

this is for jaime, who thinks i'm a hipster.

Glasses, Love is All Around in NYC when Maddy came to town. Shirt, gift.

The only bad thing about the camera is that it is sometimes too good. Obviously, my hair is pretty epic insane at the mo'. That is what 4 days, 13 hours of sleep and dry shampoo looks like. Also, don't forget the lucky packs on ebay! They are faaaahhhbulous.

07 December 2008

insanity is like space.




don't be calm jump first ask questions later

something good comes from kinda being out of control

don't be so hard on yourself mistakes are good-i think they help use to see

it's so beautiful to see someone who has made something and didn't quite know what they were doing but did it anyway-when you can really see the fire was under their feet and they had to make it or else

I've been losing inspiration. So, I've decided I am going to close my eyes and pick up something at random in my room. I will spin around twice, walk two paces and do the same, and then reverse, and then do the same. Repeat until satisfactorily layered. I will do this until I want to bash my head in, and so find inspiration again.

*The very awesome words of Mr. Danny Mansmith. I came across him while looking up (what else?) Comme Des Garcons. I dig his work. I wish I had one of his brooches or necklaces or whatever. He had a necklace in his etsy store that was so epic. So. Epic.

oh hai thar plaid blaza i didn't see you in the midst of awesome, you blend in quite well

Just two things I'm keeping for myself. I'm sorry guys, I don't love you enough to give these babies up. I found them while shopping for you all the other day.



And a sheer black jacket I also found (I have like 3, I am definitely subconsciously collecting them...) and a crinoline I scored off of ebay for $13 bucks! About damn time.



It's snow white and just the right amount of poof. I can't wait to do a Charles Anatase inspired outfit with it! Mmmmmmmm, girlyyyy.

And a random room shot. Finally you can see my wall collage! Say hi to Jane Birkin.


06 December 2008

technically i only inherited 1/2 of your weirdness, which might be recessive so HAH FATHER OF MINE

Oh hey there mere Earthlings. I'm just you know, sittin' in mah kitchen, playing with my camera. This was the first picture I took. I think we'll have a good friendship.


It's only a Nikon D90 DSLR. The best camera ever out there in the history of ever.

No bigs.

In any case, here is a lucky pack I put together. I don't think I'll stuff all of this into one lucky pack, but spread the love out a little bit more. The blouse is definitely going to stay in the pack though. I shall ponder the rest.


In any case, you can bid on them HERE!

01 December 2008

because i need to be able to afford a CDG sock before i turn 20

So I have way too many clothes. I counted my red blazers -- just my red ones -- and I have 8. This is after I donated 3 to Goodwill. So I figured I'd give them to you guys.

I will be making gift boxes for readers filled with vintage clothing from my closet and/or the local vintage stores I go to, jewelery, and inspiration. You can even tell me what you'd like the most in them; leather, pictures, etc. I'll try to make it work. For the most part however, they'll operate as my own version of lucky packs; you pay a set amount ($35 sound good, plus shipping?) for a box full of nice surprises.

An example lucky pack / pirates booty (not necessarily one I will be sending out);


vintage blazer, silk blouse, floral dress, vintage gloves, pearl headband, picture, vintage scarf

I do apologize for the "artsy" pictures, but in any case you get the idea right? If you have a blog, I'll arrange your pack to things I think you'd like so it's all good. Paypal only, durs. If you'd like one, email me with the following:

  • Shipping Address
  • Email I should send the payment request to
  • What You Like (schoolboy blazer, patterns, blah blah. Don't be too specific, because this is going to be from my personal closet most likely so I can't magically make a floral three buttoned reversible jacket with silver lining for you....)

I'll ship internationally as well, for a higher shipping cost of course. So how does that sound? I'll make like 5 packs originally, to see how it goes. This is just a test run but I hope you guys like it.