07 December 2008

insanity is like space.




don't be calm jump first ask questions later

something good comes from kinda being out of control

don't be so hard on yourself mistakes are good-i think they help use to see

it's so beautiful to see someone who has made something and didn't quite know what they were doing but did it anyway-when you can really see the fire was under their feet and they had to make it or else

I've been losing inspiration. So, I've decided I am going to close my eyes and pick up something at random in my room. I will spin around twice, walk two paces and do the same, and then reverse, and then do the same. Repeat until satisfactorily layered. I will do this until I want to bash my head in, and so find inspiration again.

*The very awesome words of Mr. Danny Mansmith. I came across him while looking up (what else?) Comme Des Garcons. I dig his work. I wish I had one of his brooches or necklaces or whatever. He had a necklace in his etsy store that was so epic. So. Epic.


Amelia said...

So true.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

sounds rather epic, your whole inspiration seeking thing. smart.

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Sounds like a good enough routine.

Thanks again, love!

aimée said...

hello ofcourse! hahaha, i'll definetly let you know, i'd love for you model in some photos too! or just lag behind, we'll keep both options open until closer dates.

diane said...

Your new getting dressed routine really made me laugh; great idea, kiddo.

Monica said...

Your blog is so fabulous
good inspiration !

Gururaj said...

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jemma said...

man whats with all the advertisers on blogs lately. o_o

Weezy said...

just added this blog to my 'blogs i constantly check up on' list. just wanted to let yew know just in case you somehow came across it later and got all like 'what the hell who is this pycho reader...'
but for real, this is a rad blog.

modern canvas art said...

Awesome this is, thanks a lot.