21 April 2012

bugs hearts liars and friends

Been too busy to take more outfit photos from this week so here are some that have been sitting about, same situation as the past few outfits. You can get the dress and bag here. I have been getting some questions about the shoes, but I have no idea where you can buy them now, sorry.

16 April 2012

baby darling dollface honey

Lauren from Emerging Thoughts and I were emailing awhile ago and from those emails, she decided that it's be cool to have her clothes modeled by her favorite bloggers -- including me! I think it's because this collection by Dusen Dusen reminded her so much of me. I can see why. So if you're wondering why my last outfit post has some similar things to this one, that's why -- I took them all the same day, ahaha.

What I am wearing:
Dusen Dusen Bug Dress Emerging Thoughts
Dusen Dusen Paisey Skirt, Emerging Thoughts
Vivienne Westwood  Anglomania x Melissa Winged Sandals

Six, seven, all good girls go to heaven. 

15 April 2012

a love so fine

What I'm Wearing:
Rodarte for Target Sweater c/o
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania x Melissa Winged Shoes

Wore this yesterday to IMATS, came home and called up my friend Massiel (who just started her own blog) so we could take pictures. We planned to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival but it was getting too dark out because I get CONSUMED by makeup and came back later than I expected, so we just went to a local park. These are the first outfit photos she's ever taken!!! I ordered her around mercilessly and I think they turned out pretty excellent heh. I took full advantage of the situation and changed my outfit like 5 times into things I've been wearing recently because it's so rare I have someone help me with photos. She is the best for putting up with me. 

I hope your days are going well my friends. Stay fly.

09 April 2012

blah blah outfit blah

Blazer: Vintage Button Up: Thrifted, similar available here. Harness: Zana Bayne Pants: American Apparel Sneakers: Nine West (c/o)

Blah Blah outfit Blah. I tried changing the color (to green) but the pinkish undertone of this hair dye wouldn't leave my hair so I had no choice but to stay purple. Whatever. I'll change it up next time.

I don't know where my head is at the moment, I am incredibly happy some days but other days I can't be bothered. Today is one of those days. I am doing the best that I can though. It's funny -- every time I take photos sitting down in this room I can remember it being one of my off days. Maybe it is my off corner.

These pants are a source of contention in my head. I really dislike Dov Charney as a person and I think his practice at American Apparel totally sucks, but I love these pants. I can't even lie, I totally adore them and would buy a billion more if I had the money. The upside is that I got these for $40 at the AA Warehouse on 23rd St when it was open (is it still open? It was like a month ago). I'd never pay full price for these pants, god bless them. I felt so dirty when I purchased them, but there were really no other alternatives; I knew I'd wear these to death, there are no other pants I like right now, they go with everything, they are lazy pants for every occassion. I hate that I have to defend the purchase to myself though.

Sometimes it sux being so ~correct~, even though being 'P.C' isn't a bad thing and shouldn't be treated as such. I just get exhausted from thinking about politics and debating things sometimes. I'm always 'on', I am always critiquing, I am always dreaming of something better, I want more, all of the time, always. I am a perfectionist dreamer of the future more than anything else. I'm not a romantic about the past or even the present. I just want more. Everything. All of it. But working for it can strip me down to the marrow.