09 April 2012

blah blah outfit blah

Blazer: Vintage Button Up: Thrifted, similar available here. Harness: Zana Bayne Pants: American Apparel Sneakers: Nine West (c/o)

Blah Blah outfit Blah. I tried changing the color (to green) but the pinkish undertone of this hair dye wouldn't leave my hair so I had no choice but to stay purple. Whatever. I'll change it up next time.

I don't know where my head is at the moment, I am incredibly happy some days but other days I can't be bothered. Today is one of those days. I am doing the best that I can though. It's funny -- every time I take photos sitting down in this room I can remember it being one of my off days. Maybe it is my off corner.

These pants are a source of contention in my head. I really dislike Dov Charney as a person and I think his practice at American Apparel totally sucks, but I love these pants. I can't even lie, I totally adore them and would buy a billion more if I had the money. The upside is that I got these for $40 at the AA Warehouse on 23rd St when it was open (is it still open? It was like a month ago). I'd never pay full price for these pants, god bless them. I felt so dirty when I purchased them, but there were really no other alternatives; I knew I'd wear these to death, there are no other pants I like right now, they go with everything, they are lazy pants for every occassion. I hate that I have to defend the purchase to myself though.

Sometimes it sux being so ~correct~, even though being 'P.C' isn't a bad thing and shouldn't be treated as such. I just get exhausted from thinking about politics and debating things sometimes. I'm always 'on', I am always critiquing, I am always dreaming of something better, I want more, all of the time, always. I am a perfectionist dreamer of the future more than anything else. I'm not a romantic about the past or even the present. I just want more. Everything. All of it. But working for it can strip me down to the marrow.