30 December 2010

multiple shoe personality disorder

Although my shoe game is nowhere near Jane's, I have my own little comfy niche in the fashion blogging world when it comes to tacky stripper shoes. I am the guru of shady shoe situations and have amassed most of my favorite and well worn shoes through stripper shoe webstores, sex stores and actual stripper recommendations.

Shoes are usually the only thing I bother splurging on, mostly because I've had bad memories with vintage shoes at a cheap price so I'm forced to go for new shoes. I'm a really picky shoe person though. I don't like buying knockoffs, and it befuddles me when knockoffs cost almost as much as the actual shoe they're ripping off from (COUGH I CAN NAME A FEW POPULARBLOG!SHOEBRANDS THAT ARE KNOWN FOR THIS, COUGH) so usually I don't even bother. I do obsess over shoes on a daily basis though, and that one pair of Stella McCartney's Kate Lanphear wore?? Those were the first thing I ever saved up from fashion wise I think. I finally got like $550, JUST enough to buy a pair online, but they sold out of my size the day before. Those shoes are cursed I think because every time I have enough money for them some circumstance prevents me from getting them. OH WELL SO WHAT WHO CARES sobs I will die alone without those shoes and my life will be incomplete

new shoes: prim and proper

Anyway I got these in the mail (finally) a few hours ago. I've been wanting a pair of creepers for almost as long as I've wanted Rocking Horse shoes -- which I still don't have, sadly -- and at 4 in the morning two weeks ago I stumbled upon this shady sex store shoe warehouse outlet website with horrible design and questionable customer service and was like, "I don't care if the reviews for the website suck I want them give them to me I don't care if they are too small they are perfect and cheap give them NOW" and so I got them and immediately passed out on my keyboard.

Oh, did I mention they were 20 dollars including shipping????????? HAHAHAHA! And luckily they fit perfectly.


My gramma got me a pair of Dorothy slippers when I was about nine or so but they were too small so I never got to wear them. I'd spend a good hour trying to curl my feet enough to be able to put them on but it never happened. I've wanted a pair of ones that fit me for ages, and these are them. Got them at a costume store in the sexy costume section for like, $30? I've gotta spray them with gloss or something so the glitter doesn't fall off though.

schoolgirl marm

What I really dig about these is that they're clear. As in, CLEAR PLASTIC! It's great. I wanted a super versatile pair of creepers and these are it. One day you can be schoolgirl marmy like the above and the next you can wear cat socks and it gives off a whole 'nother vibe.


The heel is about four inches or so, I don't remember. I only like high heels... I've never been into kitten heels because they do nothing for me except make me trip a lot and make my calves look even shorter than they are. Not a good look because I'm barely 5 ft 2.

Necessary terrible gif of me clicking my heels together poorly is necessary. You can't tell but I am actually wearing knee high lace rights and a ruffly garter..... with my highschool sweatshirt because I'm the boss.

best ever.

DEVASTATINGLY AWESOME, AREN'T THEY? I am wearing them with some tights I got from Elizabeth awhile ago, they're from We Love Colors. I love We Love Colors, I need more stuff from them.


The quality of the shoes is definitely nothing to write home about, but I think I prefer them kind of funky and trashy looking than if they were high quality leather or something because I'd be afraid of ruining them. I have been waiting for these shoes to arrive so I can debut my amazeballs lolita dress I got in early December off of ebay. FUTURE OUTFIT POST FEATURING BOTH ITEMS IS IMMINENT, I PROMISE YOU.

Anyway thats it! I was feelin' chatty today as you can tell. Hopefully you enjoyed my ramblings anyway? Much love.


28 December 2010

kool kat meow

Hahaha woops haven't posted in awhile huh. I figured I'd show you guys some photos I took a few months ago in the Fall when I went to that vintage trunk show. College has sucked people wise so I haven't been in the mood to blog because I have been busy hating people but poor Fashion Pirates has been neglected for a bit too long. So super long post, here you are! These pictures were taken before I got purple hair again as you can tell.... this is Kat. I got bored with Picnik and got a little too carried away with the editing but I don't think I have the originals anymore so whelp. >_>


This is the only thing I got from the trunk show, this Pendleton cape. Kinda pricey too, it's the most expensive thing I've ever purchased ($150???) But it's wonderful so I don't regret it. 
It's kinda funny how style changes on a day to day basis. I would never wear this outfit now!!!  Bleh. I wasn't feeling very inspired that day to be honest. Lately I have sooo much new (read: new vintage) in my wardrobe from shopping therapy from being home from college I haven't worn any of these items since this outfit. I got new lambskin pants a la Charlotte Gainsbourg, and this amazing lolita dress... ughhh I need to show you guys I'm so excited ughgufhg

Creeper stare in Union Square Park with my hatershadezzz. Omg I'm so obnoxious why do I exist

There was this ridiculous video of me dancing and running around Union Square in my cape, but I have no idea where it went on the memory card. I think my dad deleted it, blargh. Oh well it's not like you guys haven't seen me dance a thousand times before.......... I am an internet dancer. And now I shall show you webcam pics of my new/old hair if you don't follow my tumblr (which you should, because I post there like a million times a day because I have no life)

 This has been my new vibe lately. Pigtails and big purple bows, barbie eyes and shiny and glittery situations. I wouldn't say I dress more girly though, because I still wear long black things and obnoxious awesome things that make me happy. 

Oh I guess you can see how I decorate my dorm. I'm trying to move out of my dorm because I hate everyone there though. Mostly I watch The Addams Family and Pushing Daises and The L Word in my dorm until 3AM so I don't end up throwing people out the window. But look! Pigtails!! Also how pale I am!!!

Now that I'm home for break until Jan 18th I'm soooo much happier. Here is a peek at some new stuff I've gotten lately... bunch of furs and my Yokoo scarf which is well worn and loved and my favorite thing ever. It comes in handy during the cold winter snowpocalypse in New York and Jersey City we have gotten. It's a pretty snowpocalypse though, see my backyard???? I took these pictures from my bedroom window. I was dying to go outside and have a little photoshoot but my backyard door is blocked because of the snow so I can't go out there yet. :( 




It's kind of gorgeous what wind can do to snow, isn't it?

And here is a video I did the other day reviewing some books I've gotten recently that have to do with fashion. I'll put some preview photos from RightyRightyRight in it's own post later this week, maybe like two photos because you really should go buy the magazine.

You can buy the Circus Bookazine from it's website if you are curious about it. I'm so proud of it!! It's something I've been working on my articles for for a long time (I suppose all of my senior year in High School! Jeez.)

Woah, long post. I would have broke it up but I didn't want to wait a couple of days to show you guys. Anyway since you guys now know the gist of my college situation so far (PEOPLE ANNOY ME UGH) what was your college life like?? Suggestions?? I mean I'm thinking of transferring but it'd be nice to hear some funny situations you got into during college or just advice you have for me. Leave a comment!


21 November 2010

sisterhood interrupted

Good vibes rollercoaster! It's like when I'm having an amazing week my best friends have terrible ones. I don't get it. It's hard struggling to keep everyone on the same level of contentment. Is that a word? Contentment? Contentedness? Kanyeshrug.

In any case my Thanksgiving break couldn't come sooner! I love my schoolwork but I could def use a break so I can catch up with non-college friends and get a break from this environment. Also, I prefer blogging at home and I have sooo much to show you guys. I always say that, don't I? Anyway. Here are pictures that have inspired me lately, in no particular order. I don't have credit for all of them (unfortunately) but their original sources can be found on my tumblr.


Lately when I look at photoshoots -- and I don't do that as often anymore, mostly because I am not particularly inspired by any photoshoots I've seen recently -- the model casting often incites more thought for me than the actual clothes. I wonder more and more what a look usually worn by a very skinny white girl would look like on a super curvy hispanic or black or asian girl. This isn't a new question by any means but it still remains to be seen in magazines, and I don't think it will be answered anytime soon in a non-gimmicky way. You know, something that lasts more than one issue of a magazine, a movement that lasts more than one season.

 For sure, VOGUE recently had that asian photoshoot, and also Terry Richardson (gag) did that photoshoot of Proenza on one plus sized and one 'regular' sized model, but if I have to count on my hands the time the fashion industry has played with the 'body barrier' then obviously it hasn't done a very progressive job breaking it. But then again, it's not really a top priority, is it. Fashion apparently just looks better and more convincing on skinny people with long hair, right? That's what we're told, that is the idea we end up perpetuating a lot of the time. We're also told that what makeup to wear, when, amongst other things, but of course if you wear too MUCH makeup then you are trying too hard and you're slutty and your pictures are handed out by the self proclaimed Ugly Police.

I dunno what I'm trying to say here, really, I'm just writing out things I've been thinking for a long while now. I have no manifesto written up about how to change all of this. I'm just saying, you know, that I'm very very glad I was never into magazines when I was a little girl, because even though I love them now for the fashion aspect if I were to have looked at them when I was like six or seven and thought everything they told me was right I would be a much different person now, I think. I don't think I'd have end up liking me as I am as much.

Anyway, that kind of talk is for another (longer, more thought out) blog post in the future. Or the zine I am making! Or both! Probably both. Until then, here is a wonderful video that is relevant to my life and probably yours. Lovelovelove! I hope you are happy and inspired and well. Belle.

07 November 2010

americas worst dancing fashion blogger

Heyheyhey!  If you've been a reader of FP for long (and bless you, /I/ don't even read my blog anymore, how do you people still REMEMBER ME????) you know I am love to bombard you with my terrible (read: awesome) dance moves. It has been awhile since I've done so, and Aldo and Elizabeth agree, which was why I happily danced with my some of my fav blog ladies for a video. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.

I am so bad. Get on my level.

No, seriously, you should dance for the contest Aldo is running though. You will get shoes if you win? Also, an internet fame-ish prize? Which we all know is what really matters in life!!!

I am feeling very inspired lately. Good vibes to wrap up the year. Love love joy and love and knowledge and all that jazz. Feeling good and lookin swell. Thats what it's all about. and I have so much I need to blog about!!! I've gotten a bunch of awesome stuff recently that have totally made me happy in my own skin again. It's been awhile since I've been inspired. So yay! *spirit fingers*

21 October 2010

purple day

As you probably know, Spirit Day was yesterday. Purple tights and purple undercut (is that what it's called? I have no idea. Kanyeshrug.)  I got into the spirit as much as I could with the limited wardrobe I've got  at my dorm. It difficult to adjust my wardrobe to be..... convenient or logical for something. Not into it. Not having all of my clothing with me has made me pare down my style a lot more than I'd like to. Building up all over again is frustrating but I'm doing it slowly.

 Walking around isn't good for high heels. I've been living in these heels for basically months now because of it. They're the most comfortable heels I own. Going back home over the weekend for some vintage sales and blow torching my college printer because it's the biggest piece of technological shit I have ever seen in my life. I am happily going to send it to Printer Hell on Saturday and I can't waitttttttttttttttttttttttt




Totally into how much like a troll I look like. Penis nose is so 2010, get into it.


Look how well I match dormitory carpeting!Okay I'm going to go back to my mid-term paper on Freud's two ideas of Ego now (read: stare blankly at The Ego and the Id for 4 hours, weep alone in library)

10 October 2010

pretty clothes pretty clothes this is an interesting title isn't it


Yesterday (or was it the day before? Time flies so fast I honestly haven't sat down for more than an hour this entire weekend) I went with Kat to the Manhattan Vintage Trunk Show. We originally had planned to also go to the FIT exhibit on Japan Fashion, but we spent so much time humping the pretty fabrics at the show there was no time to go to the exhibit before the museum closed. Ah well!

The Trunk Show was absolutely amazing -- I've never seen so much beautiful and well kept vintage all in one place. I'm taking a costume design and fashion history class so I spent a lot of time poring over the vintage pattern books and Vionnet and massive collections of old Chanel that were all around for research on a project I'm working on. Unfortch I couldn't take many pictures (it's bad etiquette at the show) but here are some that I did take.

DSC_0082 DSC_0083


There was literally more Chanel at this fair than I've ever seen at the Chanel in Uptown Manhattan. Walls of Chanel. Booths of all Chanel. Chanel Chanel Chanel. Chanel is, as you all know, not my thing -- I was making keening noises at the vintage Comme on display -- but it was pretty amazing to see so much Chanel from different decades all lined up next to each other.



Totally obsessed with the twenties, it's probably my favorite decade in fashion. Vionnet was just coming in, meaning everything was still not yet cut on the bias of fabric and hung on the body rather than form fit for it. Lots of creativity and innovations to make dresses different from each other.

DSC_0093 DSC_0092

It was a very long day full of camwhoring, so I've decided to break up the actual photosession I had with Kat from our visit at the show. More soon! We got pretty things that deserve their own posts, after all.

Note: you can click the last picture to be directed to the flickr lightbox, where you can see all the photos in better quality and larger dimensions. 

02 October 2010

we're not the same

LGBT Rally for Safe Space from Targum Editor on Vimeo.

I don't really know what to say that hasn't already been said by dozens of media outlets and hundreds of commenters. I didn't know Tyler or any of the kids -- only through friends. But it's still too close to home for me. I've never been in such a homophobic or judgmental environment such as Rutgers, and I mourn the death of a kid I could have gotten to know. It's frustrating and disheartening, this whole situation.
A lot of kids are like Tyler, and too many of them have decided the humility of being publicly outed and made fun of is a worse alternative than death. The world is incomprehensibly cruel. A lot of kids can't see it getting any better, and so it all falls into the deepest darkness. I wish I could help more, so I walked with my friends and queer family a few nights ago. We'll see how it goes.

13 September 2010

fashion week

Y-3 Show from Arabelle S on Vimeo.

Fashion Week.

Something about sitting around people who really understand what you like to do, watching a great runway show go by far too soon - it always feels right. Always. It goes by far too fast, sometimes everything leading up to the fashion show is a nightmare, but the show is always a dream. It's a rhythm, something scripted and practiced before I ever knew about fashion and will stay scripted long after I become irrelevant within it: the lights dim, the music starts, models walk in time: one look. Another look. Passed me, into some light at the end of the runway, gone from my reality into the computer screen for everyone else to see. But for a few seconds that look on the runway -- it belongs to my eyes, and it's a privilege to be able to witness it. This moment, it will never happen again. No one but me will be able to say I saw this, now. This is a little part of history.
I don't ever want to wake up from this.

Regardless of what people say about fashion with disdain and not just a little ignorance, this is what I love. I'm painfully aware of how much my obsession and my jobs within fashion alienate me from the people I'm becoming friends with in college -- when they're doing calculus, I'm scheduling my month around shows and praying I can make it back in time for class (probably not), when my friends visit my dorm I hardly pay attention to them because I'm answering emails and interviewing over the phone. Whenever I'm in one realm, I worry about whats happening in the other. I do homework on the way to fashion shows, I write drafts for articles to be published in magazines when I'm bored in class. I am never fully in one dimension. Sometimes it's aggravating.

But it's worth it. It's always worth it. Even if my favorite things are fleeting -- months of anticipation for just twenty minutes of a show and ten minutes of talking with my friends I haven't seen in a year -- the joy of being surrounded by clothes, by energy I can feel on my skin -- that's always worth it. It's a dream I stumbled into and I never want to wake up from. Never, ever, ever.

05 September 2010

hi im not dead

Dang, it's been 2 months since I've last updated huh??? That's... strange. I'm sorry! I've been busy with fashion stuff and college. I left my camera at home, I'm going back next week to prep for fashion week and then you'll get outfit photos from around my college campus I suppose. There are some amazing spots I've already got. Anyway, I guess I should show you whats happened to me so far...noticably, anyway:

I got tired of bleaching my hair roots so I had to go back to brunette for a bit. I miss purple so much right now kfjsdfksdf but I'll probably dye the blonde bits purple later this month when I'm more settled into my dorm room. I think purple was cooler than my current hair, but I need to let my hair rest a bit from the bleaching and ridiculousness that purple hair requires. Sigh.

Oh yes that is a wand and a chocolate frog from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, thakn you for noticing! 

I miss blogging. I miss you guys! College is a mixed bag. I'm not sure if I like it yet. I think it's mostly cause I'm homesick for my closet.