21 November 2010

sisterhood interrupted

Good vibes rollercoaster! It's like when I'm having an amazing week my best friends have terrible ones. I don't get it. It's hard struggling to keep everyone on the same level of contentment. Is that a word? Contentment? Contentedness? Kanyeshrug.

In any case my Thanksgiving break couldn't come sooner! I love my schoolwork but I could def use a break so I can catch up with non-college friends and get a break from this environment. Also, I prefer blogging at home and I have sooo much to show you guys. I always say that, don't I? Anyway. Here are pictures that have inspired me lately, in no particular order. I don't have credit for all of them (unfortunately) but their original sources can be found on my tumblr.


Lately when I look at photoshoots -- and I don't do that as often anymore, mostly because I am not particularly inspired by any photoshoots I've seen recently -- the model casting often incites more thought for me than the actual clothes. I wonder more and more what a look usually worn by a very skinny white girl would look like on a super curvy hispanic or black or asian girl. This isn't a new question by any means but it still remains to be seen in magazines, and I don't think it will be answered anytime soon in a non-gimmicky way. You know, something that lasts more than one issue of a magazine, a movement that lasts more than one season.

 For sure, VOGUE recently had that asian photoshoot, and also Terry Richardson (gag) did that photoshoot of Proenza on one plus sized and one 'regular' sized model, but if I have to count on my hands the time the fashion industry has played with the 'body barrier' then obviously it hasn't done a very progressive job breaking it. But then again, it's not really a top priority, is it. Fashion apparently just looks better and more convincing on skinny people with long hair, right? That's what we're told, that is the idea we end up perpetuating a lot of the time. We're also told that what makeup to wear, when, amongst other things, but of course if you wear too MUCH makeup then you are trying too hard and you're slutty and your pictures are handed out by the self proclaimed Ugly Police.

I dunno what I'm trying to say here, really, I'm just writing out things I've been thinking for a long while now. I have no manifesto written up about how to change all of this. I'm just saying, you know, that I'm very very glad I was never into magazines when I was a little girl, because even though I love them now for the fashion aspect if I were to have looked at them when I was like six or seven and thought everything they told me was right I would be a much different person now, I think. I don't think I'd have end up liking me as I am as much.

Anyway, that kind of talk is for another (longer, more thought out) blog post in the future. Or the zine I am making! Or both! Probably both. Until then, here is a wonderful video that is relevant to my life and probably yours. Lovelovelove! I hope you are happy and inspired and well. Belle.