21 November 2010

sisterhood interrupted

Good vibes rollercoaster! It's like when I'm having an amazing week my best friends have terrible ones. I don't get it. It's hard struggling to keep everyone on the same level of contentment. Is that a word? Contentment? Contentedness? Kanyeshrug.

In any case my Thanksgiving break couldn't come sooner! I love my schoolwork but I could def use a break so I can catch up with non-college friends and get a break from this environment. Also, I prefer blogging at home and I have sooo much to show you guys. I always say that, don't I? Anyway. Here are pictures that have inspired me lately, in no particular order. I don't have credit for all of them (unfortunately) but their original sources can be found on my tumblr.


Lately when I look at photoshoots -- and I don't do that as often anymore, mostly because I am not particularly inspired by any photoshoots I've seen recently -- the model casting often incites more thought for me than the actual clothes. I wonder more and more what a look usually worn by a very skinny white girl would look like on a super curvy hispanic or black or asian girl. This isn't a new question by any means but it still remains to be seen in magazines, and I don't think it will be answered anytime soon in a non-gimmicky way. You know, something that lasts more than one issue of a magazine, a movement that lasts more than one season.

 For sure, VOGUE recently had that asian photoshoot, and also Terry Richardson (gag) did that photoshoot of Proenza on one plus sized and one 'regular' sized model, but if I have to count on my hands the time the fashion industry has played with the 'body barrier' then obviously it hasn't done a very progressive job breaking it. But then again, it's not really a top priority, is it. Fashion apparently just looks better and more convincing on skinny people with long hair, right? That's what we're told, that is the idea we end up perpetuating a lot of the time. We're also told that what makeup to wear, when, amongst other things, but of course if you wear too MUCH makeup then you are trying too hard and you're slutty and your pictures are handed out by the self proclaimed Ugly Police.

I dunno what I'm trying to say here, really, I'm just writing out things I've been thinking for a long while now. I have no manifesto written up about how to change all of this. I'm just saying, you know, that I'm very very glad I was never into magazines when I was a little girl, because even though I love them now for the fashion aspect if I were to have looked at them when I was like six or seven and thought everything they told me was right I would be a much different person now, I think. I don't think I'd have end up liking me as I am as much.

Anyway, that kind of talk is for another (longer, more thought out) blog post in the future. Or the zine I am making! Or both! Probably both. Until then, here is a wonderful video that is relevant to my life and probably yours. Lovelovelove! I hope you are happy and inspired and well. Belle.


Michal Kurtis said...

omg that first dress with the sheer skirt is amazing. Never seen anything like it. Loves.

supra shoes said...

Very characteristic.

Taj said...

Happy Thanksgiving Break!!!
who is that first dress by?

Tram said...

Awesome post, I love that you said you're glad you weren't into fashion magazines as a young child because I feel the same way that my self-esteem would've been shot through if I were aware of the industry's standards of beauty. But on a sidenote, I know I'm completely late but what campus of Rutgers do you live on? I'm not a creeper I swear lol I'm attending the New Brunswick one next fall so I was wondering if we could meet up one day and i don't know, talk fashion over an excessive amount of coffee or whatnot :)

Pashupati said...

I think the Comme des Garçon picture may come from The Lovely San: http://thelovelysan.blogspot.com/

Funny thing: most of the body issues I have came from repetitive bullying of people who weren't thin or "beauty-standardized". Some of the anti-issue, ie. the things that make me not care and think about something else, I have come from fashion mags.

Clea said...

I'm just saying, you know, that I'm very very glad I was never into magazines when I was a little girl, because even though I love them now for the fashion aspect if I were to have looked at them when I was like six or seven and thought everything they told me was right I would be a much different person now, I think. I don't think I'd have end up liking me as I am as much.

Boy do I ever hear this! I was just thinking the other day that I'm really glad I didn't get into fashion when I was a young teen, because I didn't have the sense of self or the knowledge that I do now, and all the bad messages about womens' bodies could have been really damaging to me. Hell, sometimes I wonder if it's damaging to me now, even though I'm all grown. It's really something I grapple with.

Also: 99% sure that "contentment" is a word :)

The Visual Jerbil said...

Welcome back! You've been away too long, I love your fashion pirating.

also these kinds of positive messages seem to find me at the exact time I need them, thank you SO MUCH for the video.

Yajaira said...

Love the first photo! Great dress!!!

Floz said...

all the photos work suprisingly well together, however i am into fashion magazines quite a lot, it's a bit obsessive.

diane said...

Good thought provoking post.
Still, I couldn't help thinking that the bird looks like he's humping her ear.
Have a nice Thanksgiving break. :) xo d

Ria said...

I was never into fashion magazines in a fashion way when I was younger. I just really liked collecting magazines strangely. I'd collect any kind haha. I played with Barbies for way too long XD

I'd think I'd definitely be insecure had I been reading the magazines as they were intended to be read.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comments about fashion's institutional racism which is hidden behind the constant preference /selection of skinny white women. Many of us have long argued about this industry's preference as well having trying to address this.

Nicole said...

I especially lust over that black and white pic with the prada eyebrow glasses. so damn cool.

http://pinkonthespot.blogspot.com/ please?

susie_bubble said...

I think you expressed your thoughts pretty well... I completely agree with you but can't seem to see any foreseeable changes... it's like everyone is too scared to change. I'll take the 'tokenism' (like that Vogue Asian model spread...) though... it's a positive step anyhow...

Cassandre said...

I love this post. It is so candid and intelligent and all together really inspirational. Maybe one this message will be more widely accepted and people can stop judging themselves according to other people's standards. Thank god people like you speak out.

Ania B said...

lovely blog. i just discovered it. following <3


Phoebe said...

I've been into fashion magazines since I was what, ten? Really young at any rate. I completely agree with what you've said here - magazines need to break out of that one body type and feature different types of model bodies.

Emma said...

Hi darling..
what a lovely blog you have here!
Lotts of beautiful pics and good inspiration!

Keep it up.
Wanna be followers?
Love from Stockholm.. xoxo

Ari said...

Lovely post!


Cara said...

WOOO riot not diet.

Gastón said...

Very Very cool indeed

Gastón said...
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Ms Fitz said...


P said...

Interesting post


Dimitri Zafiriou said...

Just fabulous....

jo said...

i was just feeling a little dowdy and disconnected from fashion because everyone really IS skinny and taut, even crystal renn - although she is purportedly plus-sized. this made me stop blogging for a little while, but luckily i have a blogging partner to back me up. happy to say that i'm back and freshly inspired by revisiting blogs for the past few weeks. and the video at the end made me feel a lot better too. thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that girl was comfortable enough with herself to make that video about body image. But if you were going to put a video of yourself in your underwear on the internet wouldn't you want them to match?

Anonymous said...

Love that diet sketch

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istarblog said...

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finkalixius said...

wow these so lovely and i likey the video

Romi said...

Very organic and thought- provoking post. The idea of aesthetics and beauty is well-defined in fashion. I only came to know fashion and art in the past 4 yrs, but growing up there were other forms of media that perpetrated the same image that I couldn't and didn't relate to. Anyway not the time for a long-winded discussion.

I don't particularly like that image with the girls in the headscarves kissing, but the others I can see why they've inspired you.

-romi- wonderlandcloset.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

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Ania Alonso said...

Nice photos!

Hanna said...

Love the pics , really inspiring and I think that movie was awsome!


mens personal shopper said...

The sheer skirt look really cute..
I need to have one of those.. Where can I get it? :)

Dahl said...

Thank you for posting this video. It's so incredibly true, and hearing it from the beautiful girl is amazing. Thank you. I love it.

Antonia Serio said...

Hahahaha what a strange pics :D
Come into my blog if you want, you're welcome :)


sojourned in style said...

the riot not diet pic was priceless. such an inspiring video, she said alot of thought provoking things not talked about as much as it should. I can't say I have a gorgeous bod but she made me feel a bit better about that and so did you.

Anonymous said...

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art said...

Great stuff as always!

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